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What Happens When I Eat Bananas With A Cup of Coffee?

So you slept in, and now you’re in a hurry to leave because you’re late for work. You shouldn’t skip breakfast, but there’s no time to make anything except a cup of coffee.

You see some bananas on the counter and wonder, can I get away with bananas and coffee for breakfast?

What happens when I eat bananas with a cup of coffee?

What Happens When I Eat Bananas With A Cup of Coffee?

There are no known adverse effects brought about by eating a banana and drinking coffee simultaneously. Bananas are an effective pre-workout and post-workout or morning snack because it gives the body a boost of energy, and coffee is a known stimulant that jumpstarts our energy levels. Bananas and a cup of coffee will give you the energy boost you need any time of the day.  

What Happens When I Eat Bananas With A Cup of Coffee?
What Happens When I Eat Bananas With A Cup of Coffee?

Bananas and Coffee: Do they Go Well Together?

Bananas and coffee may seem like an odd combination at first glance, but the two flavors actually complement each other very well.

Banana Milk Cold Brew Coffee, Coffee Banana Bread (Read about: How Ripe is Too Ripe for Banana Bread), Coffee Banana Mousse, and Vegan Coffee Ice Cream with bananas as a base are just some of the more innovative desserts that make use of the delectable combination of coffee and bananas.

Bananas are mild, naturally sweet, and creamy and pair very well with a strong flavor like coffee. It’s actually not a bad thing if those are the only things you can grab in the morning.

Both bananas and coffee have tons of health benefits, and their flavors go well together.
Bananas and coffee have many health benefits, and their flavors go well together.

Why Are Bananas Good for You?

Bananas are a great addition to a healthy diet and have a ton of health benefits which include:

  • Good source of Potassium, which promotes heart health and regulates blood pressure
  • Contains significant amounts of Soluble Fiber, which helps fight inflammation, manage cholesterol levels and maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Contains Prebiotics, which are the food for the probiotics you consume, leading to better digestion and an overall happier tummy
  • Contains Vitamins A, B, C, and Magnesium, which are all important in regulating important processes in the body.
  • Good pre-workout snack and post-workout recovery snack as it boosts energy and helps your body restore itself after a strenuous workout
  • It also has compounds that help regulate sleep and help with relaxation, stress, and anxiety

Bananas have many wonderful health benefits and have many applications in baking too.

They can be used to replace eggs and can be used in place of oil in a lot of baking recipes. No wonder then that this is a fruit that’s beloved by many.

Mashed bananas can replace eggs in baking.
Mashed bananas can replace eggs in baking.

The Benefits of Coffee

So bananas have tons of health benefits. What about coffee?

Consumed black and in the right amounts, coffee can be part of a healthy diet with these amazing benefits:

  • Contains antioxidants that reduce inflammation
  • Contains caffeine, which has been found to play a role in protecting the brain against the progression of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Boosts energy
  • Protects against liver disease and cancer

And the best benefit of all, in my opinion, is that it tastes amazing! Just the smell of coffee that’s freshly brewed immediately makes me happy.

What Happens When I Eat Bananas with a Cup of Coffee?

So what happens then if you combine these two wonderful things?

There are no known ill effects brought about by the specific combination of bananas and coffee on digestion. The human digestive system is designed to be able to consume and digest different types of food all at once. 

Granted, some combinations are better than others, and some people can digest certain food more compared to others, especially in the case of those with food intolerances or food sensitivities. But in general, we are well-equipped to handle eating different types of food simultaneously. 

It should be noted, however, that while we share common characteristics and capabilities about our digestive systems, there are still individual differences we should consider and pay attention to.

As I mentioned earlier, many people have food sensitivities and intolerances and may have trouble digesting certain food combinations compared to other people.

In my case, for example, I am sensitive to dairy and gluten, and so I’ll have more trouble digesting that Four Cheese Pizza compared to others who do not have that sensitivity. There will be more struggle in my digestion of that food combination, and I may not feel good after I eat it. 

This is why it is crucial to listen to our bodies and how it reacts to food and food combinations. Our bodies are intelligent and always self-balancing.

It often sends us signals through certain physiological symptoms that we may want to pay attention to if we want to feel good and make the most of the benefits of what we eat. 

Eating bananas with a cup of coffee should not produce any unwanted symptoms, but if it does make us feel bad after or if we experience something out of the ordinary, then it is best to change our approach and find a food combination that will better sustain us and our health.

The human digestive system is designed to be able to consume and digest different types of food at the same time.
The human digestive system is designed to be able to consume and digest different types of food at the same time.

Are There Bad Food Combinations?

From the perspective of taste, there are a lot of foods we can think of that should not go together, or at least food combinations we might feel that we’re not inclined to try.

For example, Curry Donuts or Soy Sauce Ice Cream or Chocolate Potato Chips, or even something like French Fries and Ice Cream (I do this all the time- it’s delicious!), or the highly polarizing pineapples on pizza.

There are flavor combinations we are averse to trying but actually are pretty good if we give them a shot.

Exploring flavor combinations and tweaking traditional tastes and textures is one of the joys of cooking (and eating), and is the reason we get to enjoy so much good stuff today.

If people didn’t experiment and venture out to try new things and think of out-of-the-box ideas, food wouldn’t be as diverse and interesting as it is today.

However, there is a food philosophy rooted in Ayurveda that says that certain food combinations are not advised as it hampers proper digestion. Because the root of all sickness is in the gut, which I really believe is true, it is necessary to keep our digestive systems healthy.

Some tenets of this Ayurvedic philosophy include:

  • Fruit should be eaten alone because it may disrupt the digestion of other foods you are consuming
  • Raw food like salads should not be eaten together with cooked food
  • Fats and Proteins should not be eaten together because the digestive juices required are different
  • Nightshades and Cheese should not be combined as both are difficult to digest and may tax the digestive system
  • Bananas and Milk are not a good combination as they kill the digestive fire, and may cause an accumulation of toxins and congestion in the body

These principles have to do with the specific nature of the food, whether they are cooling or heating, and their effect in combination with the body.

As we mentioned earlier, it is always best to listen to our bodies and notice any ill or adverse effects from the foods we eat and their specific combinations. 

Eating mindfully will allow us to connect with what it is that our bodies are telling us and allow us to make better decisions about our health.

It is important to listen to our bodies to see if any specific food combinations do not make us feel good.
It is important to listen to our bodies to see if any specific food combinations do not make us feel good.

Frequently Asked Questions to What Happens When I Eat Bananas with A Cup of Coffee?

What Happens When I Eat Bananas with a Cup of Coffee?

There are no known adverse effects to the body from eating bananas and drinking coffee simultaneously. However, it is important to pay attention to how your body reacts to any food combination to ensure you are making the best decision for your health. 

Will Consuming Bananas with Coffee Help Me Lose Weight?

Bananas can be a healthy addition to any diet and can provide the energy needed to boost workouts. Coffee, when prepared properly, has benefits that promote health, too. However, it can be a bit too simplistic to say that any one food or combination of food will directly help with weight loss. It is important to eat a varied, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and good quality fat and protein, and combine that with an active lifestyle in order to promote weight loss.

Conclusion to What Happens When I Eat Bananas with a Cup of Coffee?

Bananas are the perfect snack and breakfast food, and most of us enjoy the energy boost that coffee provides.

While it is important to get a more substantial breakfast to allow you to complete your tasks for the day, eating a banana with a cup of coffee is not likely to cause any harm. 

Both are boosts of energy, and the flavor combination just works. It is important, though, to listen to your body and notice even subtle things that your body might be telling you in response to what you are eating. 

It may spell the difference between a life lived with health and vitality, and one lived in perpetual discomfort and lethargy.