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What Do Brazil Nuts Taste Like – I Like it!

What Do Brazil Nuts Taste Like – I Like it!

Brazil nuts hail from a tree in South America and have found their way into many homes and dishes across American tables.

These nuts are the largest nut found widely in nut mixes and snacks- and are very high in fat.

The Brazil nut is the fruit of the Brazil nut tree, which is lauded and prized for its beautiful wood and lumber.

What do Brazil nuts taste like?

Brazil nuts are often compared to macadamia nuts in terms of flavor- they are oily, but a bit tougher, perhaps due to their larger size. The taste is mild, and the Brazil nut is a very fatty nut that has the propensity to go rancid if not stored properly. Typically, you find a few Brazil nuts in mixed, in-the-shell varieties, so popular around the holidays- Brazil nuts are the largest in the mix with a dark brown shell.

Have you ever tried Brazil nuts? Keep reading to find out more!

The Taste Experience of Brazil Nuts

A lot of people’s only experience with Brazil nuts comes from the mixed nuts that they see and enjoy during the holidays- you know, the kind that you crack yourself.

The Brazil nuts stand out as they are the largest nuts in the mix, and quite likely the ones with the highest fat content.

Brazil nuts have a thick, dark-brown shell that is shaped almost like an orange segment, which makes them easy to grasp and crack with the nutcracker.

As for the taste, the nut is quite oily and dense. The texture is quite reminiscent of a macadamia nut- tasty and rich in fat.

The flavor may be a bit stronger than a macadamia- but perhaps not as strong as a hazelnut. Did you know that Brazil nuts are good for you?

In fact, experts suggest that you eat two Brazil nuts per day for optimal benefits of the selenium contained in these nuts- but more on that later!

Brazil nuts seem to have been lost in the crowd during recent years but are making a comeback- due in part to their many health perks.

Plus, many culinary celebs and chefs are highlighting these unique and tasty nuts which are gaining new popularity.

Unfortunately, as with anything, this increase in demand may also correlate with a price hike for Brazil nuts in the near future.

Enjoying and Storing Brazil Nuts

As mentioned, Brazil nuts are rich in fats and oils. This sets the stage for rancidity unless you store your nuts with care.

Keep the nuts in a cool, dry spot- like a pantry- but keep them airtight and in the shell until use or serving.

Think of the shell as a means of protecting the Brazil nut meats inside.

As for cooking with Brazil nuts, many cooks like to grind the nuts into a flour-like almond flour- for use in recipes for cakes, breads, and sweets.

Brazil nuts also make a nice component with a lot of flavor depth for savory preparations, including appetizers and salty sides.

Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

While Brazil nuts are most certainly tasty, it is likely the numerous health benefits that keep people coming back for more.

Brazil nuts are the best source of selenium in food that you can eat- and it is asserted that eating a mere two nuts each day can provide a healthy dose of selenium into your diet.

So, what are the health benefits of all this selenium? The perks are quite compelling.

Also, Brazil nuts are high in fiber, protein, magnesium, and copper- so incorporating them into your diet simply makes good sense.

Some reasons to eat Brazil nuts for selenium include the following.

  • Selenium reduces mercury levels, which can help fight and curb certain types of cancer.
  • Selenium improves mood by reducing depression, anxiety, and improving sleep. Who doesn’t feel better when they are getting good rest?
  • Selenium contributes to good heart health.
  • Selenium helps control healthy thyroid function.

Plus, the natural fiber in Brazil nuts can contribute to weight management and control, and the healthy fats in Brazil nuts also help glucose levels, too.

Combined, these may help combat diabetes and obesity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brazil Nuts

What are the benefits of eating Brazil nuts?

Brazil nuts offer skin benefits that include reducing the risks of skin cancers- due to the selenium- and helping the skin to glow. The anti-inflammatory features of Brazil nuts can also reduce the appearance and frequency of acne.

What is the nutritional value of Brazil nuts?

Brazil nuts are high in calories and fat, with lots of antioxidants and Vitamin E. These nuts offer high amounts of selenium, which is a necessary nutrient for good health.

How many Brazil nuts should you eat per day?

Many health industry experts recommend eating one or two Brazil nuts each day for optimal health benefits.

What happens if you eat too many Brazil nuts?

Eating too many Brazil nuts too often may result in selenium toxicity. Enjoy Brazil nuts in moderation.

Are Brazil nuts good for a keto diet?

Nuts, in general, may be a slippery slope when it comes to a keto lifestyle and diet. If you are going to eat nuts, Brazil nuts are a good option due to their high fat content, but eat them in moderation.


Do you eat and enjoy Brazil nuts? There are a lot of compelling health reasons why you should.

Brazil nuts are not a strongly flavored nut, so they make a fine substitute for many different nuts in your favorite recipes, but make sure to store nuts properly to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage, which can happen quickly with these rich, fatty nuts.