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Himalayan Salt Taste? Read This!

Himalayan Salt Taste? Read This!

If all you use is iodized table salt for cooking and dining, you are doing yourself a disservice.

There is a whole wide range of salts available that enhance what you are making- and that bring out the flavor of the food.

One of your options is pink salt from the Himalayas, which is usually sold in coarser chunks for use in a grinder.

There are also reported benefits and health perks of using, eating, and absorbing pink salt- though not a lot of scientific studies to support the claims.

Himalayan Salt Taste?

Himalayan pink rock salt tastes smooth and salty, less metallic than iodized salt that you buy in the grocery store. Himalayan salt does not have the processing and artificial additives that iodine-enriched salts do. Himalayan black salt has a smell and tastes like hard-boiled eggs due to the sulfur in the salt.

Himalayan Salt Taste
Himalayan Salt Taste

Have you had Himalayan salt? Keep reading to learn more!

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is mined from salt mines in Pakistan. Himalayan pink salt has a familiar hue due to the minerals found in the mined rock salt.

Himalayan salt has no metallic taste
Himalayan salt has no metallic taste

There are also some black and off-white varieties of salt found in Punjab that have their own distinctive characteristics and flavor.

The Himalayan black salt- for instance- is impacted by sulfur and smells quite off-putting.

Food is not the only use of Himalayan salt, however.

It is often displayed in chunks or made into lamps.

Himalayan salt is said to improve health
Himalayan salt is said to improve health

It is said that these salt lamps promote healthy air and reduce respiratory issues through producing negative ions according to Jerusalem Post.

Whether you buy into these claims or not, there is no denying that Himalayan Salt is more natural than process salts with more healthful minerals- 84 in fact- than any other salts found.

Himalayan salt tastes smooth and salty
Himalayan salt tastes smooth and salty

The Taste of Himalayan Salt

So, what does Himalayan salt taste like? After all, salt is salt- right?

All salt is not the same and the taste of Himalayan pink salt is head and shoulders above the rest.

Sure, there are some imported specialty salts, like Hawaiian sea salt, that come highly acclaimed, but for the most part, none tout the benefits of Himalayan pink rock salt.

Himalayan salt is well rounded
Himalayan salt is well rounded

This particular salt has a softer, more muted- but not less salty- than sea salt or regular table salt.

There is no weird metallic taste like in iodized salt and it is not quite as intense as sea salt is.

Himalayan pink salt can best be described as well-rounded and complementary of whatever you season with it.

Himalayan salt is said to be complementary to the dish you are using it for
Himalayan salt is said to be complementary to the dish you are using it for

It enhances the taste of meats and dishes, bringing a depth of flavor that is far beyond a mere seasoning or spice. Try it for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions About Himalayan Salt Taste

There are advantages to both Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt, including that they both are derived naturally.

Of the two, Himalayan Salt may offer more holistic benefits than sea salt does.

What is Sea Salt?

Sea salt is a form of salt that is extracted from the ocean. A process of evaporation makes it possible to harvest the sea salt from the ocean, saltwater lake, or other bodies of water.

Is Himalayan salt the same as kosher salt?

Kosher salt is not the same as Himalayan salt. Kosher salt is white, while Himalayan salt is pink, off-white, and sometimes black. The two salts look different, but they also taste different, too, to a discerning palate.

Why is Himalayan salt so special?

Some of the reported benefits of Himalayan salt- both eating it and using it around the home- make it so special and worthy of attention. Some of the perks of Himalayan salt include:
Lowers blood pressure
Improved vascular health
Hydrates body and organs, including skin
Enhanced respiratory and lung function
Balances pH in the body
Strengthens bones
Reduces leg cramps
Curbs the signs of aging
Promotes healthy sleep hygiene

Where can you buy Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt and salt lamps can be purchased online from a number of vendors, including Amazon. Some regional grocery stores also carry Himalayan rock salt in grinders for consumers, like Walmart.

Do Himalayan salt lamps have health benefits?

Himalayan salt lamps are touted for improving the air quality in the home or environment that you place them in. They are also lauded for improving mood and respiratory sleep, as well as helping to provide a better night’s sleep- which makes them the perfect accent for the bedroom.

What’s A Good Hawaiian Sea Salt Substitute?

Pink Himalayan salt is an excellent substitute for Hawaiian sea salt, which may not be readily available everywhere. If you don’t have Himalayan salt, French Fleur de sel is another viable option.

Is kosher salt better than table salt?

Whether kosher salt is better than table salt largely depends on who you ask. Many people appreciate the coarse grind and texture of kosher salt, which makes it better for cooking. It is easier to distribute it in the dish. Sea salt is another good choice, but it usually costs more than kosher salt.

Conclusion About Himalayan Salt Taste

Do yourself a favor and try Himalayan pink salt on your table.

For that matter, try a wide range of salts that can enhance and complement what you are serving or preparing.

Himalayan salt has a distinctly smooth taste that flavors food subtly, but perfectly.

Plus, there are reported health perks of simply being around chunks of pink rock salt- try it yourself today!