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How to Slice a Pear – Cut!

How to Slice a Pear – Cut!

Slicing fruit is an incredibly personal thing.

It seems that everyone has their way of cutting fruit, and they’ll stick to it unless someone can show them a method that works better than their own. 

Pears are undeniably oddly shaped, and they’re not exactly a fruit you can slice without thinking about it for a moment or two.

Some people peel pears before they slice them, while others leave the skin.

If you’re wondering how to slice a pear, trust me, you are not alone.

People cut pears in various ways, and your preference doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

However, while it may not be the right way to cut a pear, there is definitely a way to cut a pear that makes the process easier!

How to Slice a Pear

Slicing a pear successfully is about cutting all four sides off the pit and seeds and then slicing those individual pieces into wedges. This method ensures that you get the most amount of fruit off of the pit as possible, which cuts down on waste. It’s also one of the simplest ways to cut a pear without scoring tools. If you’d like to dice the pear, you can do so by chopping the wedges in a straightforward and effective process. Also, if it’s easier, you can slice your pear straight down the middle.

The Many Ways to Slice a Pear

Though stripping the fruit from the pit and cutting it into wedges is the easiest way to slice a pear and ensures the most significant amount of fruit, there are other ways to make it happen.

Pears are more like an apple than a peach in that they’ve got seeds at the core, but there is still a hard pit in the middle.

How much you eat a pear is entirely up to you.

In a similar fashion to apples, many people eat right down to the seeds of a pair, while others avoid the middle and the seeds.

How you eat your pears will reflect in how you slice them.

If you don’t want to score around the seeds in wedges, you can take a sharp knife and cut your pear directly down the middle!

Though few in number, some folks cut a pear down the middle horizontally, slicing the thinner top part of the larger bottom part.

While I personally think this is an odd way to cut a pear, there are plenty of people out there in which this method makes complete sense.

In short, you should slice your pear however you want, but to preserve the greatest amount of flesh, you should cut it into wedges or straight down the middle.

How to Slice a Pear for Specific Snacks

Pears work wonderfully with many foods, and they bring flavor and freshness to any appetizer table or a charcuterie board.

If you’re going to use pears to serve your guests, you’ll want to ensure that you cut them and pair them with the right foods.


While it might sound extreme, pears taste wonderful on pizza. A light, crispy crust is what you’ll need, along with some goat cheese, thinly sliced pear wedges, and olive oil!

A little bit of basil on top is fantastic too.


Pears, much like apples, go really well with cheese.

Sliced pears fit perfectly on a cheese and cracker tray, matching beautifully with various cheeses, ranging from mild cheddar to gouda and brie.

I love to put out a log of goat cheese and sliced pears, adding a dash of creamy cheese to each pear slice.


Pears go well in a savory pie. Think of pairing them with flavors like rosemary or basil.

You can dice them up or keep them in large wedges to cook in the oven. Guests rarely expect a pear pie, and it’s sure to delight them every time!

No matter what you choose to do with your pears, chopping them shouldn’t be too time-consuming.

They’re a relatively easy fruit to cut, primarily when they’re ripe and sliced the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Slice a Pear

Slicing pears isn’t a mystery, but understanding the best ways to do so will help your time in the kitchen, whether you’re meal or snack prepping, will go by much faster.

How should I cut my pears?

You can cut your pears by slicing the flesh off of the middle seeds/pit or cutting them in half and slicing from there. There is no right way, but both of these methods will preserve the fruit. One of the goals of cutting any fruit, other than easier consumption, is to eat as much of it as possible.

Is there a wrong way to cut a pear?

There is no wrong way to cut a pear per se, but there are plenty of ways to lose out on yielding more fruit because you’ve used an odd-cutting method. Pears aren’t perfectly round, so keep in mind that slicing one may not always look the same each time.

Slicing the Perfect Pear

Pears are one of the most underrated fruits on the planet.

They are so versatile, juicy, and delicious, and they go well in a summer fruit salad or thinly sliced on a pizza.

Not many foods are capable of as much as the pear.

With that said, the way you slice your pear will affect the dish’s balance when you’re cooking or baking with them.

Always consider the plate you’re constructing when your slice your pears, and when it doubt, wedges are the answer!