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How To Crush Peanuts – 3 Ways!

How To Crush Peanuts – 3 Ways!

Crushed peanuts work well for cooking and baking. The good thing about crushed peanuts is the fact they are easy for you to prepare in the kitchen.

Crushed peanuts work in salads and sprinkled on top of ice cream or chocolate mousse.

But how to crush peanuts?

Unfortunately, not everyone owns a food processor.

Luckily enough, there are plenty of other ways you can crush peanuts without a processor, so you to can add them to whatever you like.

It doesn’t matter which technique you choose to use just ensure you don’t over crush them; otherwise, you may end up with peanut butter!

How To Crush Peanuts

There are several ways to crush peanuts, such as using a food processor, a blender, or by using your hands. You can also buy already crushed peanuts if you prefer to avoid the hard work.

How To Crush Peanuts
How To Crush Peanuts

Using A Food Processor                  

To use a food processor first, you will need to shell some peanuts then pop them in the freezer for a few hours.

Make sure they are cold, which will make it easier to crush them in the processor.

Once the peanuts are cold, pour one cup of them into your food processor.

It is best to crush 1 cup at a time so you can avoid getting unevenly sized pieces. Place the lid on your processor, then pulse it for a few seconds.

It is best to crush the nuts in short times, not all at once.

After it has been a few seconds, you can release the button and let the peanuts rest for 10 seconds.

You need to alternate between resting and pulsating until you have all the nuts crushed. If you find they are not crushed enough for your personal preference, you can pulsate for longer.

Try not to over-process as the peanuts will end up oily.

You can empty the crushed nuts into a clean bowl and keep going until you have reached the desired amount.

Crushing The Peanuts By Hand

To crush the peanuts by hand, fill a plastic bag with unshelled peanuts.

Aim for about 1 cup anymore, and they will burst the bag or fall out when you are crushing them.

Ensure the bag is sealed tightly, and then bang a rolling bin on it like a hammer.

Beat the bag until the peanuts have all been crushed into a single layer.

Using both hands will add more power and press down as you push the rolling pin over the bag of nuts.

Once they are crushed, you can tip them out onto a chopping board in a single layer.

Find any bigger lumps that need more crushing and do so until all the nuts have been crushed.

Using A Nut Chopper

A nut chopper works great to chop peanuts, and it takes the hard work out of the job.

Some models will allow you to choose how finely crushed you would like the nuts.

It will depend on what you are using the nuts for as to how crushed you would like them.

How To Store Crushed Peanuts

Storing the nuts in their shell is quite an easy process.

Ensure you wash the nuts to get rid of any dirt and dust.

After washing, make sure the peanuts are completely dry before they are stored.

If just one nut is still moist, it can grow mold, spread onto each nut, and turn them all rotten.

If you want to store your crushed peanuts for a few weeks or months, then storing them in the pantry is the best.

Glass containers are better for nuts than plastic. Some food can sweat in plastic containers, and some can also leech chemicals.

Crushed-up nuts can be stored in the fridge.

Just ensure that you keep the nuts away from any strong-smelling food in the fridge, such as garlic.

Crushed nuts will absorb certain odors, which will end up causing your nuts to taste like the odor.

If you want to keep your nuts for longer than 6 months, then the freezer is the last option.

They can be frozen for up to 12 months. To retain the freshness, it is best to freeze the nuts the same day you buy them.

What Can I Use Crushed Peanuts For?

Crushed peanuts can be used in Sadudana Khichdi. They are the star of the dish.

Peanuts work well in vegetable curries too. You just need to throw in a few spoons of crushed nuts in vegetable-based curries such as ridge gourd curry and eggplant- potato.

If you like Thai you can add crushed peanuts as a crunchy topping. The peanuts pair well with coconut milk and the added peanut butter.

Chutneys feature peanuts often. Peanuts can be added to chutneys either in crushed, paste, or powder variety.

Add peanuts to salads which give a nice flavor and texture to the salad.


There are a few different ways to crush peanuts, and it doesn’t matter which one you choose; the result will still be the same.

Crushed peanuts can be added to whatever you like; even eat a spoonful out of the container if you have peanut cravings.

Seeing as it is already crushed, it is easy to add to whatever you want. Keep some on hand, so you never run out.

Peanuts are healthy, so there is no reason not to add them to your main meals, side dishes, or even your desserts.

What are you going to use crushed peanuts on?

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Crush Peanuts

Does The Crushed Peanuts Last Longer Than The Whole Nuts?

Whole nuts actually last longer than the crushed nuts. This is because the shell protects them from oxygen. Once they are crushed, they are exposed to the elements and no longer protected.

Can I Roast Crushed Peanuts?

You can roast crushed peanuts in fact, this is preferred as it adds more flavor. Roasted nuts are better for peanut butter and making satay sauces.