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Is it Normal to See Flames in a Gas Oven – The Answer!

Is it Normal to See Flames in a Gas Oven –  The Answer!

An oven uses an open flame to heat the inside of a gas oven, just as it does when heating items on the top of a gas range.

However, you can’t see the flames of some oven burners, yet there are often holes in the bottom of the oven in other ovens.

The holes allow heat circulation, as gas oven burners are under the bottom plate of the oven.

Therefore, they are not at the bottom of the inside of the range as electric oven elements are.

Another reason you may see a flame in your gas oven is that it has a pilot light that is on continuously.

Newer gas ovens use electronic pilot lights and turn off and on with the stove.

Follow along to learn about your gas oven, so you know when is it normal to see flames in a gas oven.

Is it normal to see flames in a gas oven?

It is normal to see flames in a gas oven. The gas oven uses a live flame under the bottom plate in the lower chamber of the oven to produce the heat. Often there are holes in the lower plate of the oven that allow you to see the burner’s flames. In addition, older ovens will have a pilot light that stays lit all of the time, and this flame is often visible.

What flames are typical of a gas oven?

Pilot lights that are aflame in an oven are normal.

However, flames shooting out the door or from underneath is not, and if your gas oven does this, shut the gas off, leave the room and call a professional.

There are many reasons your oven may have flames, and the gas burner at the bottom of your oven looks a bit like those on your top of range.

However, they are bigger and shaped differently.

If they rust through or become misadjusted, they may cause flames not contained within your oven.

A flame in your oven that pops and cracks could indicate a burner with improper airflow and may need adjusting.

Some pilot lights stay lit in a gas oven, while others do not

Pilot lights on gas range tops and gas ovens have been electronic for many years.

However, they don’t stay constantly lit but create a current that lights a small gas jet, igniting the gas burner.

Old-style pilot lights stay lit all the time.

Again, this is true of a pilot light in the oven or on the stovetop.

If they go out, they can be an aggravation to relight and may require help from a professional.

A gas oven that uses LP gas should have yellow-tipped flames. If the flame is entirely yellow or orange, you may have an airflow issue.

The burner on gas ranges has airflow adjustments.

If they are not adjusted properly, they can give you a flame that is not as efficient as it should be.

Bad gas and improper gas pressure can cause an entirely yellow or orange flame in your gas oven.

If you have this issue, your gas oven likely needs repair.

Are there supposed to be flames in the upper oven chamber?

There shouldn’t be unless your roast is on fire.

The fire from a gas oven burner should remain under the bottom plate on the inside of an oven.

A burner that is rusted out, misaligned, or installed improperly could cause flames in your oven.

The burners of a gas oven are made of thin steel, and over time it can rust, and if it does, it will not be able to keep the gas contained.

An oven that loads up with gas before it lights can get blowback into the oven chamber as it lights off.

If your oven does this, please call a professional because you have a problem.

How do I broil in a gas oven?

The broiler burner is located at the main oven’s top on an electric oven.

The broiler on a gas oven is under the stove.

The drawer used for storage in an electric oven is the actual broiler in a gas oven.

The lower drawer is used to position food under the flame on top of a deep, heavy pan, slotted for drainage of fat and juices.

It works the same way an electric broiler does, and when broiling under a gas flame, you need to watch your food carefully.

There is little room for height adjustment, and items too close to the flame could catch fire.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whether is it Normal to see Flames in a Gas Oven

What do I do if the pilot light goes out?

Call a professional if you are uncomfortable lighting it yourself or cannot get to it because it will be near the floor. You access it via the broiler drawer.

Why does my gas oven make a clicking sound when I turn it on?

Gas ovens with an electronic ignition make a clicking sound when you turn them on and are the igniter lighting fuel to start the burner.

Now you know when is it normal to see flames in a gas oven

The use of a gas oven should be as seamlessly simple as using one powered with electricity.

However, many people fear them because they have an open flame when in operation.

As with any appliance, maintenance is the best way to ensure your gas oven is aflame where it is supposed to be.

Gas ranges are relatively simple appliances and require little maintenance.

When they fail to work, it is usually due to a faulty valve that will not let gas through.

However, there are some instances where an oven may shoot flames, where they should not be.

In that case, call a professional.