How To Slice Strawberries

How To Slice Strawberries – Creating Beautiful Slices

How to slice strawberries? Making strawberries look gorgeous is not difficult at all. It’s just a matter of buying red ripe strawberries and cutting them into pretty slices.

But how do you do that correctly?

How To Slice Strawberries

To cut strawberries set a strawberry top down on the cutting board. Use a paring knife and slice through the middle straight down from the tip. Using the other side of the berry, slice down once more to separate the berry into 4 quarters after turning it 90 degrees. You can also slice strawberries this way before freezing them.

Cutting The Tops Off The Strawberries

Strawberries are pretty easy to cut at the top!

With a paring knife, you can simply cut off the tops, but be aware that you may remove a lot of the ripe red fruit in the process.

The straw method of removing the green tops from strawberries is also a nice life hack.

For this method, you simply take a straw and drill it through the strawberry starting at the bottom.

This will push out the stem, without removing too much of the pulp. However, this method comes with two disadvantages:

To line up, the straw exactly right, so that no green is left behind, requires some practice.

And the bigger disadvantage: you destroy the bottom of the berry which first does not look so nice and second the bottom is often the juiciest and best part of the berry.

Cutting Heart Shaped Berries

Pretty strawberry cutouts! Put love into your dishes by giving berries a heart-shaped appearance.

In addition to putting strawberries on pancakes or waffles, into fruit salad, or on top of a cake, you can use strawberries in a number of simple ways to make your dishes more interesting.

Choosing strawberries with hearts already on them is the best way to begin. The heart shape can be created more easily this way.

Using the natural shape of the strawberry is the goal of cutting heart-shaped strawberries.

You might consider putting them aside to use in another arrangement or putting them in a more undisturbed location on your cake if you have others that don’t resemble hearts.

Even organic strawberries must be washed.

To ensure that the strawberries are pesticide-free, remove any traces of substances, such as pesticides.

Pesticides are often the greatest threat to strawberries since they are on the list of the Dirty Dozen.

You don’t remove the skin on the berries so these fruits and vegetables will have pesticides on them directly, so always wash them before eating. 

Cutting Strawberries With An Egg Slicer

Strawberry slices can be easily sliced with an egg slicer.

The strawberry should be washed, drained, have the hull removed and then, positioned in the egg slicer, and pressed down firmly.

The contents of the slicer should be emptied into a bowl. Your work is done! Congratulations!

There’s no need for the juice to run down your arm anymore! I love the results.

Further, younger children are able to participate without having to use a sharp knife.

Cutting Strawberry Quarters

Cut the strawberries in half and then in half again, after removing the stems.

Whenever you want a fruit tray with smaller chunks of large strawberries, quartering is useful.

The excess core should also be removed in order to improve its appearance.

Whole Strawberries

On a fruit platter, whole strawberries are a simple addition.

Melon and pineapple are excellent companions, as well as any other large chunk of fruit.

By using a corer or paring knife, it is relatively easy to remove the stems from the berries.

To make the strawberry look clean, slice the top off.

Cutting Strawberry Halves

Using a corer or paring knife remove the stems. Just halve each strawberry lengthwise.

Trimming off the excess white core from large strawberries may improve their appearance if they are large.

Storing Strawberries

Put the strawberry wholes in a colander.

Under running water, you should rinse your hands briefly. Remove all excess moisture from the surface by patting it dry with a towel.

The leaves at the base of the strawberry stem, or hull, should be cut off and discarded.

Make sure that the strawberries are sliced into the desired sizes before serving.

The refrigerator won’t be able to store strawberries that have bruises or soft spots overnight, so you should discard them right away.

Plastic storage bags or containers should be used to package strawberries loosely. If you are sealing the container, ensure that all the air has been removed.

It is important to refrigerate strawberry slices within two hours after they are sliced. Strawberries keep up to 24 hours in a refrigerator and up to 12 months in a freezer.


It’s hard to tell what the inside of a strawberry will look like even though it may look perfect on the outside.

Setting aside the best slices is the best thing you can do. They should be positioned on top, while the others should be under them.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Slice Strawberries

Do Cut Strawberries Last Longer?

When you cut strawberries it shortens their lifespan. If you package the berries properly, most of the texture and flavor can be retained.

Can Strawberries Be Sliced Using A Food Processor?

You can slice strawberries using a food processor. ssor just connect this, and you can certainly slice berries with a food processor.  Sometimes the berries can become a little disfigured, but for quick slicing, this will work out.