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How To Hull A Strawberry – Is It Necessary?

How To Hull A Strawberry – Is It Necessary?

How to hull a strawberry?

Because there are many different ways to enjoy strawberries, there are also a lot of techniques present to prepare the strawberries accordingly.

Fancy a creamy, strawberry thick shake on a hot day? Or delicious, sweet candied strawberries?

Maybe you prefer to make some homemade strawberry ice cream or add them to some baking for some lovely decoration.

Just like pitting cherries hulling strawberries is also another painstaking job that we all hate doing.

There are several ways to hull a strawberry and I will highlight each technique in this article.

How To Hull A Strawberry

To hull a strawberry, grab a straw and push it into the berry, pushing it right through to the other side. As you do this, the green stem will pop out, which you can pop into the trash. You can use a knife to hull a strawberry or even a strawberry hulling machine which is easy to use.

Why Would You Hull Strawberries?

You can hull strawberries to get rid of the bad parts, minimize waste (so slices will be better tasting), and make sure the berries are as tasty as possible.

Wash and dry strawberries before you chop them up with a paring knife.

Using A Paring Knife

The paring knife is useful for quickly hulling strawberries.

The simplest way to cut strawberries is to lay them out on a cutting board and cut off the top.

That’s all there is to it!

A method such as this allows you to prepare large quantities of berries for jam-making or pie-making in a short amount of time.

With this technique, however, some fruit is wasted.

Using A Straw

Strawberry hulling can be done at home with a drinking straw.

All you need to do is center the straw in the middle of the berry and push it through to the bottom. 

As you push the straw through the berry, it will push the leaves and the core through and out the end.

You can use either metal or plastic straws for this.

This is a simple method that isn’t messy and requires no special tools. 

Use A Strawberry Huller

The tool for hulling strawberries is made especially for this purpose.

Using metal claws, it separates the berry hulls and stems in one motion.

If you love strawberries, you’ll appreciate this easy-to-use strawberry huller tool.

The fruit is wasted less this way.

Our seasonal favorites won’t last long, so don’t waste an ounce!

Save the hulls for later.

Strawberry tops: A Reason To Save Them

Strawberry tips are traditionally lopped off prior to baking or eating the berries.

However, all parts of the strawberry, including the leaves, stems, and flesh, can be eaten.

Even though most people (including myself) do not find the green tops appetizing, that does not mean you should throw them away.

The sweet berry flavor can also be used in other ways to get the most out of it.

If you’re not going to use them right away, store them in the fridge or freezer for a few months, then pull them out when you’re ready.

Sweet Ways to Use Strawberry Tops

A sliced strawberry leaves plenty of red and white flesh to enjoy, along with a tuft of leafy greens and the sweet taste of berries.

Water, vinegar, kombucha, and booze are some of my favorite ways to use strawberry tops.

Make your favorite vinegar a little more fancy with strawberry tops infused in it.

You can tip red wine vinegar, balsamic or white wine vinegar over the strawberry tops and let them sit for about an hour to soak.

Remove the tops and use the vinegar how you wish.

Give booze a pink hue and the delicious smell of strawberries by infusing vodka, rum, or gin with strawberry tops.

Cover the strawberries with your favorite liquor for a summertime cocktail, let them sit for a day, then strain them and shake.

When you use strawberries to flavor kombucha, don’t ignore the tops.

Those ripe berry tops still retain plenty of flavors.


When you’re like me, you are slicing off the fruit’s top and tossing it in the garbage is something you do without thinking twice.

One major change needs to be made to this plan:

Stop throwing away strawberry tops so quickly. Their lives are not over yet!

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Hull Strawberries

Can I Dehull Strawberries The Day Before Using?

You can dehull strawberries a day before using. Ensure you store them in the fridge without them touching one another and keep them covered.

Can I Add Hulled Strawberries To A Smoothie?

You can add hulled strawberries to a smoothie. Adding strawberries to a smoothie accounts for another great source of nutrition in a smoothie.