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How Much Does A Whole Duck Cost? [Answered]

How Much Does A Whole Duck Cost? [Answered]

How Much Does A Whole Duck Cost?

In the USA, duck meat is usually sold by the pound, and more often than not, the duck comes in various stages of preparation; boneless cuts, such as breast of duck, or boned, whole, but de-feathered and all its offal removed.

The more the duck meat has been processed, the more expensive it is, which is to be expected.

For the purposes of this article, I will concentrate on whole, uncut duck. However, I will look at both cooked and uncooked duck.

How much does a whole duck cost?

Whole, uncooked duck costs around $24. Cooked duck in the famous Peking Duck Cantonese cooking style costs around $70 for a takeaway meal. Cooked whole duck will cost more for a sit-down dinner, even if it is only with the addition of a service charge. Some restaurants also charge an entry fee.

How much does a whole duck cost?
How much does a whole duck cost?

What the heck is ‘halal’ duck?

Before I get started, let me explain a term you will be meeting shortly. ‘Halal’ duck results from slaughtering following the correct Islamic ritual.

The word halal means ‘permissible’ and its usage is extensive.

Halal is not the same as the word haram, which means prohibited.’ Many items within Islamic life are categorized according to the two categories; however, food seems to attract the most rules. 

It has been ruled that properly slaughtered duck is halal.

What the heck is ‘kosher’ duck?

Another term you will meet below is ‘kosher.’

Kosher duck is basically duck that is in compliance with Jewish laws. See What does kosher mean? for more information.

Uncooked, whole duck prices. US and UK compared.

Prices given below are for ducks that weigh an average of 3.3 lbs, which is approximately 1.5 kg.

USA – $24
US Kosher $62

UK – £24 (about $34)
UK Halal – £25 (about $36)

Roast duck in-restaurant dining, the US and UK compared.

USA – $70

UK – £38 (about $54)

Uncooked duck costs around $24
Uncooked duck costs around $24

Why duck meat is expensive

Here are the top reasons duck meat is so expensive.

Old duck is tough

Ducks become tougher as they age, so most farmers collect the meat at the first chance.

Farmers prefer to pick ducks right away when they cannot feel pin feathers.

(Pin feathers are growing feathers that form in ducklings or just after the molting process. As the name implies, they are razor-sharp and pin-like. They may also harm birds if they are broken.)

When considering the tenderness of the meat, farmers harvest ducks thus:

  • (tenderest) 7 – 8 weeks
  • (tender) 12 weeks
  • (less tender) 18 – 19 weeks

It costs more to raise ducks

The cost of raising ducks is higher than other animals like chickens.

Since raising young ducks costs more money, the expense is included in the final price.

This starts with the cost of ducks when farmers buy ducklings.

Another thing, it’s quite challenging to identify the gender of ducklings. Pekin ducklings will cost $3.86 per order for 1,300 ducklings.

Cornish chicks will cost $1.85 for 100 chicks. Ducklings are approximately two times the price of chicks.

And that’s not even considering the discounts on bigger orders of chicks.

Once purchased, ducks must be moved to have a suitable home.

It can take about three times the amount of space to house ducks compared to chickens.

A major reason why ducks require more space concerns their toileting habits. They need plenty of room to dump their waste.

Duck meat is more expensive than chicken meat
Duck meat is more expensive than chicken meat

Duck isn’t all that in modern America

Americans haven’t yet discovered the delights of duck compared to other regions of the world.

There is only a small market for duck products in America.

Because there is lower demand for ducks, the production of ducks is less, and therefore, duck meat is more expensive.

The consumption of ducks in America is decreasing as time passes.

We consume 0.34 lbs. of duck per individual per year in America, which is down from 0.44 lbs. in 1986.

An average American consumes nearly 100 pounds of chicken each year, for example.

Because the demand is low in America, this increases the cost of production because farmers cannot cut costs by operating in large quantities as they could by using chicken.

A whole Peking duck costs around $70
A whole Peking duck costs around $70

It’s the dish of well-heeled expensive restaurant patrons

Most of the time in America, duck is usually only on menus at top-of-the-line eateries.

If you walk into one of these eateries and there is already a tacit agreement, your meal will cost more than usual due to the restaurant’s reputation.

The majority of the money is used to create a gorgeous atmosphere for guests by offering a beautiful table setting and décor.

Quality ingredients are much of the price of meals served in these establishments.

They will only purchase the finest portions of meat and serve the duck with other top-quality ingredients.

Duck actually delivers more nutrients than does chicken

Duck is rich in calories and fats, which can benefit a wide range of needs.

However, many Americans would have to reduce the quantity of duck they consume to ensure a higher intake of duck doesn’t lead to a gain in weight.

Duck is much more nutritious than chicken, which means you don’t need to consume the same amount to be satisfied.

Duck is also richer in ferrous and magnesium as compared to chicken. Iron is crucial to human development because it helps grow and develop red blood cells. Healthy blood provides more energy.

In the end, eating duck provides the body with plenty of protein, which is what it needs to stay healthy and active.

A single portion of duck could provide 50% of the protein needed throughout the day.

The more the duck is process the more expensive it gets
The more the duck is process the more expensive it gets

Duck tastes so dang good!

Peking duck is renowned for its wonderful flavor.

Traditionally, after long and laborious preparation, Peking duck is cut before the guests.

The crisp skin is removed and served with a specially prepared sauce.

The skin is exceptionally delicious and crispy. People who like even the blander skin of chicken and turkey will absolutely enjoy the duck’s skin.

The chef will then slice the meat to serve it on the table.

Most of the time, people favor the breast of the duck over other cuts of meat.

But, some prefer the more savory flavor of other parts of the duck, like the rump or thigh.

The taste of duck is a strong one and is often called liver due to the rich fat and iron levels.

The flavor is derived from fat, so cooks mustn’t eliminate any fat like they do when cooking other meat.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Does A Whole Duck Cost

Which is the more expensive, free-range or caged duck?

Free-range ducks are more expensive than caged ducks. It is much easier to raise ducks in cages using intensive farming techniques, which is pretty crummy for the ducks, but great for the farmer’s bottom line. Free-range ducks are raised in barns with full climate control. ‘Raised in a barn isn’t most people’s idea of ‘free-range,’ but it is what it is.

Do hormones unfairly raise the price of ducks?

I suppose there’s an argument to be had that it would-except, it is illegal in the United States to give poultry of any kind hormones. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has banned hormone use in ducks, chickens, turkeys, and other fowl as long ago as the 1960s.

Afterword: How much does a whole duck cost?

Duck is costlier than chicken, and for good reason.

For example, duck meat is undeniably tastier and more distinctive than chicken when harvested at the right age.

At a whopping $750 per whole duck, Mott 32’s whole duck is basically ten times more expensive than an equivalent meal in the majority of other restaurants.

This article shows that uncooked duck remains priced relatively equally across the USA and Great Britain, but cooked duck is more expensive in the US than in the UK.