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How Many Calories And How Many Carbs In Fried Okra? – The Nutritional Facts

How Many Calories And How Many Carbs In Fried Okra? – The Nutritional Facts

What sounds better than a fresh and tender vegetable thrown around in cornmeal and fried until it has brown peaks?

Fried okra is an easy and enjoyable way to enjoy fresh produce.

But how many calories and how many carbs are in fried okra?

While many think fried foods are bad. As long as you eat in moderation, use a healthy oil and ensure what you are frying is overall healthy, then you can go ahead and enjoy fried okra every now and again.

How Many Calories And How Many Carbs Are in Fried Okra?

When it comes to fried okra, the calorie count is 173 calories for every cup of fried okra that has been coated in batter. The calorie breakdown is 5% protein, 29% carbs with 65% fat. Carbohydrates are essential for leading a healthy life, but they must be complex carbs such as pasta, whole grains, beans, lentils, fruits, and vegetables, which are perfect for maintaining a healthy diet. The total carb amount found in battered fried okra is 13.12 g which comes down to 4% of your daily intake.

How many carbohydrates are In Fried Okra?

One cup of battered okra that has been fried sits at 13.12g carbohydrates.

Raw okra has about the same carbohydrate content.

Half of the carbohydrate content is naturally occurring sugar, and the other half is fiber. With most starchy food’s okra has a low glycemic index.

Is Fried Okra Good For You?

Okra is a seeded green vegetable that is enjoyed in many ways, and one popular way to eat okra is fried.

Now we all know that frying vegetables such as okra is not the best way to prepare and eat them for your health, but okra has many nutritional benefits.

Fried foods like fast food chicken and French fries are unhealthy for sure but did you know that fried okra isn’t all that bad for you.

If you ensure you prepare the fried okra properly and ensure everything is organic, and you use a healthy oil like sesame seed oil, coconut oil, and olive oil, the meal isn’t so bad.

Once you have fried your okra, let all the oil drain off and then pat with some paper towel to ensure that you get as much oil off as you can.

Even though deep frying isn’t considered healthy, the fact you are frying okra and not mars bars or french fries means there is some nutritional value coming from the okra.

Frying vegetables is better than frying dessert.

There is no need to steer clear of fried okra. As long as you eat in moderation and cook it in a healthier way, there is no problem.

If you hate the slime of okra, then frying it is a good way to avoid it.

Fried okra is a Southern treat that is a great way to entice kids to eat healthily and get some good carbs and calories, plus the nutritional benefits of the fresh okra.


Now that you know how many calories and carbs are in fried okra, it isn’t as scary as you might have thought.

So head to your local store, buy some fresh okra, then batter it, and enjoy something different. You might just like it.

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