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Why Does String Cheese Taste Better When Peeled? 5 Reasons!

Why Does String Cheese Taste Better When Peeled? 5 Reasons!

String cheese can mean any of the different cheese types where proteins are aligned during processing, thus making it stringy. These types of cheese are made from mozzarella heated to a temperature of 140 °F.

The heated mozzarella is then stretched to line up the milk proteins. Again, that makes it possible to peel the strings from the bigger cheese.

Why Does String Cheese Taste Better When Peeled?

String cheese tastes better when peeled because it has an increased surface area. Again, it also last longer when eating the separated stripes than eating it bulky. Another reason why a peeled string cheese tastes better is that it’s well aerated or oxygenated. Peeled cheese has also been known to taste sweet because of its rough texture, and it’s fun eating it.

Why Does String Cheese Taste Better When Peeled?
Why Does String Cheese Taste Better When Peeled?

Why I Always Peel Off My String Cheese before Eating It

While peeling off string cheese while eating it may look childish, I do enjoy it and believe many people do too. It’s funny that when you peel off the straps, the cheese is more enjoyable than eating the bulky thing at once.

My reasons for eating the strings separately may probably be similar to yours, or they may be quite different altogether. But the truth is these make it tastier for me when peeled off than when eating the bulky cheese.

Here are five reasons that thrill me when eating peeled string cheese. I bet you too will find them applicable to you!

1. Increased surface area

It’s an interesting observation, but I have come to enjoy the feeling it gives. When having my string cheese strip-per-strip, I get to wrap my tongue around each of them easily. I guess this first sensual taste of the string cheese wins me over. I enjoy every bit of it.

Again, in most cases, the top layer of your cheese is the tastiest thing when having your cheese. I like calling the layer the cheese skin. It always feels saltier and spicy. For that reason, the more I get to taste every part of it, the tastier the string cheese becomes. Hence, peeling increases the surface area, which serves to escalate the excellent taste.

String Cheese Strip-per-Strip
String Cheese Strip-per-Strip

2. Lasts Longer

Like everyone else, I love a lasting taste of a snack or a meal. String cheese tastes good no matter how you choose to eat them.

However, when the stripes are peeled off, it gets even tastier. I guess that’s because I get to enjoy every bit at my speed. Sweetness doesn’t come in a rush, and removing stripes confirms it.

Further, by peeling it off, it doubles or almost triples the time I take eating the cheese. As noted earlier, if you prolong eating your strip cheese, you also prolong the trilling taste. Thus, making it tastier when peeled off than when eating it bulky.

Prolong Eating Your Strip Cheese through Peeling
Prolong Eating Your Strip Cheese through Peeling

3. It’s oxygenated

As is the case with wine and many other foods, the flavor becomes more noticeable when the cheese mixes with the air. Mixing with air always allows food surfaces to shed the miraculous ketones and aldehydes, making them tastier. As such, for the string cheese, peeling them off exposes more surfaces to the air, thus making them more delicious in the process.

Ensuring aeration to cheese by disentangling the stripes allows the tannins to smooth a bit. That removes any harsh edges you are likely to encounter. The tannic punch doesn’t overpower the cheese flavor. Hence giving a pleasant eating experience.

Wine and Cheese Mixes with the Air the Flavor Becomes Noticeable
When Wine and Cheese Mixes with Air The Flavor Becomes Noticeable

4. A Rough Texture

The bulky cheese is rubbery and smooth in its outer texture. However, with the peeled stripes, that is quite different. Imagine feeling every sensation of your cheese as you slowly chew it. It’s thrilling!

Peeling off the strings makes the texture rough, thus allowing me to enjoy its taste at every bite. With the rough surface of the skin, the stripes rejuvenate the sensory receptors in one’s mouth.

It becomes possible for the flavor to be felt well when that happens. The taste is quite different from what I have experienced anytime I have taken my string cheese in its bulky form.

I think feeling the roughness of your cheese as you chew it is something you should always look forward to at any time. Everyone feels it when eating the strip cheese.

The only difference is that some never know what it is.

Bulky Cheese is Rubbery and Smooth in its Outer Texture
Bulky Cheese is Rubbery and Smooth in its Outer Texture

5. It’s fun eating peeled cheese

Cheese is a snack, and eating it should be fun! The taste of any food, drink, or snack increases with the fun you have when eating it, and string cheese is no different. Untangling the string cheese is thrilling and makes the encounter more exciting.

Doing this boosts one’s mood. With the uplifted spirits, one will likely feel the string cheese taste even better when peeled off.

Besides, some people think peeling off the stripes is messy, which is not always the case. It depends on how well you’re able to do it.

However, some foods are just sweet when you choose to take them messily. I know I love the experience and would recommend it to anyone at any time. Nevertheless, it’s advisable you clean and dry your hands first. That will ensure proper hygiene as you enjoy your string cheese.

Cheese is a Snack
Cheese is a Snack

Frequently Asked Questions About Why Does String Cheese Taste Better When Peeled

1. Is eating string cheese before peeling it wrong?

Eating string cheese before peeling it is not wrong. However, it’s important to note that you will miss the best experience of eating string cheese as it’s tastier when peeled before eating it.

2. How do I peel my string cheese?

Peeling your cheese in the wrong manner can be messier, which you may dislike. However, it just requires you to move at the edge of your cheese and peel off the first string using your fingers.

3. Is string cheese healthy?

String cheese is healthy. Like any other cheese, String cheese contains vitamin C, calcium, fiber, and protein, thus making it one of the most nutritious snacks you can always enjoy.