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Why Do Some People Put Salt in Their Beer?

I remember eating at a sports bar with my dad and brothers when I noticed a man start to sprinkle salt in his beer.

I was confused and didn’t think to ask why.

But, if you have had a similar experience and never found the answer, there are many different theories for why some people put salt in their beer.

Why do some people put salt in their beer?

The most common reason to put salt into beer is simply to add flavor. Salt amplifies the taste of whatever it is added to. So, some people like to add a little bit of salt to a somewhat bland beer to give it a boost and make it more enjoyable.

Why Do Some People Put Salt in Their Beer

Other Reasons to Add Salt to a Beer

Some have said that the tradition of adding salt to beer dates back to the Great Depression.

As the economy worsened, the beers became watered down and flavorless. So, to try to add some flavor, patrons would sprinkle in some salt.

Whether today people sprinkle salt into their beers do so for the same reasons as those of the 1930s, perhaps they are.

Some people do remark that they like the taste. However, there are other reasons to add salt to your beer.

Beyond adding flavor to a bland beer, people who add salt to their beer may have other reasons for doing so.

One of the other reasons people salt their beers is that salt will add foam to the beer. If you would like some more foam initially when you drink, adding salt will do that.

However, adding salt to create more foam will actually flatten out the beer.

So, while you may get more foam right when you add the salt, the beer will be flatter after the foam is gone. In fact, some add salt, intending to make the beer flatter.

Salt also helps reduce the bitter flavor of the beer.

Some people like the accentuated flavor and dulled bitterness that they get when adding salt to the beer.

If beer’s bitterness has always turned you off, you may like it with some added salt.

Another added benefit to flattening the beer with salt is that the lack of carbonation will not fill you up with as much gas.

Therefore, you will feel less need to burp between sips. Some individuals may salt their beers for this specific advantage.

If you acquire a taste for adding salt to your beer, you must be careful because salt can make it so that your body absorbs the alcohol into your bloodstream faster.

Also, you must be careful of salty foods if you are salting your drink.

Too much salt could make it so more alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream than you are used to.

Some people have been known to add salt with the intention of getting drunker.

But adding a sprinkle of salt to your drink should be reasonably safe.

But, it is essential to know that too much salt with your beer could produce this effect.

Beer Salts

There is an actual product called beer salts for those who don’t know.

These salts are flavored and designed to sprinkle into a beer to pep it up and add some flavor. However, you must be careful because adding salt to beer could cause a foam overflow.

Most people who add salt to their beer understand that they must drink the beer down in a way to ensure that the foam won’t make a mess.

If you are new to adding salt to your beer, engage in this practice so you won’t look like a rookie.

Beer salts are generally citrus flavored, and most commonly, lime. However, sometimes some hot flavors mixed in with the citrus are added.

This is the modern-day continuation of a Mexican tradition of adding salt and lime to beer.

People who use these beer salts carry them to the bar and add a pinch of flavored salt to their beers.

However, they must be careful again because, like table salt, the flavored salt can cause a geyser of foam to come out of the cup.

Others have even found recipes and ways to make beer salts at home. Some people swear by these recipes for making homemade beer salts.

So, if you are curious about how these beer salts taste, you could make your own batch to try at home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why Do Some People Put Salt in Their Beer

How much salt should I add to my beer?

In many ways, this is a preference thing. If you have never done it, I would start with a pinch or a sprinkle of salt. Taste it, and then add more if you would like. If it is too salty, add a little less on the next round.

Will adding salt to my beer make me dangerously drunk?

It depends on how much salt you add and how many drinks you indulge in. If you are sprinkling just a little bit of salt into a couple of drinks, you should be fine. However, be mindful that salt can help your body absorb alcohol into the bloodstream.

Conclusion About Why Do Some People Put Salt in Their Beer

Well, now you will understand some of an individual’s motivations for salting their beer.

And, perhaps if you are brave enough to ask the individual, they may teach you something new.

But many individuals who were asked simply stated that they like how it tastes.

But the tradition dates back decades and has been done in multiple nations. If you try it yourself, you might just like it.