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What’s the Size of the Plastic Cup that Came With my Rice Cooker?

What’s the Size of the Plastic Cup that Came With my Rice Cooker?

If you own a rice cooker, you are familiar with the tiny plastic cup that accompanies the machine.

This is the cup used to measure the rice and then the water to add to the cooker for the perfectly timed grains of rice.

Whether you choose brown rice or jasmine, white or basmati, the little cup is an integral part of the process.

What’s the size of the plastic cup that came with my rice cooker?

The standard cup that comes with most rice cookers measures around 3/4 cup, about 180 milliliters. Generally, to cook white rice you would add one part rice to one and a half parts water and for brown rice, you combine one part rice with two parts of water. The cooker does the rest for you.

Got a rice cooker? Keep reading to learn more about using it to make rice!

Rice in a Rice Cooker

Do you have or have you used a rice cooker before?

These devices do not take up much counter space and make the most perfectly cooked rice every single time you use them.

The beauty of a rice cooker is that you can set them- and basically forget about them until it is time to fluff the rice with a fork and eat!

Most of the newer rice cookers on the market are very simple to use and understand, complete with their own small plastic measuring cup that you use for both the rice and the water.

It would be easy to assume that this plastic cup is a US cup and that you would use a cup of uncooked rice in the machine.

This plastic measuring cup is only about ¾ cup, actually 0.76 of a cup or 180 milliliters for those that prefer metric measure.

Always use the cup that is included with your cooker. Can you substitute the cup?

Sure, but it makes the most sense and you will get the best rice by following manufacturer recommendations for use- which includes using this cup in rice preparation.

When preparing rice, there are distinctions between the different types of rice that you are cooking.

For instance, brown rice requires a longer cooking time and more water.

White rice is faster and uses about half the water of brown.

Take care to read the directions and take heed of instructions to ensure you get the perfectly cooked rice previously mentioned.

Also, keep an eye on the waterline inside your cooker to ensure all goes well.

Cooking Time for Rice

Cooking white rice in a rice cooker usually takes around 35 minutes.

The beauty of using a rice cooker is that the time is usually pre-set through some kind of digital display and you are given options that account for the type of rice and the amount of rice that you are cooking.

A rice cooker takes a lot of the guesswork out of cooking rice- and produces perfectly cooked rice each and every time!

So, when cooking white rice, combine one plastic cup of uncooked white rice and one and a half cup of water- plus a dash of salt- to the cooker.

Set according to factory recommendations, typically the cycle will last around 35 minutes in most standard rice cookers.

Again, cook time will vary depending on the kind of rice you are making- remember that brown rice takes longer- and the amount of rice that you prepare.

Remember too that it always makes the most sense to use the plastic measuring cup that comes standard with your rice cooker- that is what it is there for!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rice Cooker and Plastic Cup

What size rice cup do I need for a rice cooker?

Use the plastic cup that comes with your rice cooker, ideally. Since each one is different, it makes sense to refer to the owner’s manual or guide for specific recommendations, though it is standard for the cup to measure around ¾ cup.

What is the size of the plastic cup that comes with rice cookers?

Most standard-size cups measure around ¾ cup, or 180 milliliters. This is a common size among rice cookers.

How do you measure 180ml of rice for steaming?

Remember that 180ml equals 0.76 of a cup- or approximately ¾. Always measure precisely to the lines indicated on the cup that is included with your rice cooker. The general guideline is to cook white rice, combine one part rice to one and a half parts water, while brown rice is one part rice to two parts water in the cooker.

How do you measure brown rice in a rice cooker?

Use the plastic cup that comes with your cooker and combine one cup of brown rice with two parts of water. Proceed as you normally would but follow the cooker’s guidelines and settings for brown rice as it tends to take longer to cook than white rice.


Do you have a rice cooker?

Hopefully, you held on to the little plastic cup that came with the rice cooker when new though you can substitute a ¾ cup measuring cup for a very close replacement.

Use this as a guide for cooking rice and know that one cup of uncooked rice produces over two cups of cooked rice, which can feed four as a side dish.

Use these tips for measuring and figuring the right amount of rice for your family!

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