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What Subgum Fried Rice is – I Didn’t Know Before!

Most of us know what fried rice is, and in its basic form, it is made with white rice fried in hot peanut oil.

However, fried rice has offshoots that tell its heritage from that basic form.

For example, fried rice ingredients can go two ways, and what is, subgum-fried rice can have slightly different recipes.

Whether your fried rice has vegetables or vegetables and meat does not matter because it’s an excellent dish either way.

Fried rice does not need either ingredient. However, adding them to your fried rice transforms it into a meal instead of a side dish.

Read on to learn what subgum-fried rice is.

What is subgum fried rice?

Subgum fried rice begins with white rice, hot oil and goes in two different directions, depending on the recipe. One style of subgum-fried rice includes rice and pieces of pork, chicken, fish, or shrimp, and vegetables. However, on other menus, the subgum-fried rice relates to the vegetables included in a dish made with rice, green onions, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, rice noodles, or fried rice, and no meat.

What is subgum?

Simply put, subgum means “ten brocades” in Cantonese, which is a metaphor for “varied and numerous,” and that is what you get with subgum fried rice.

You get a dish of rice that is fried with vegetables and meat.

Traditional subgum is served with noodles.

However, the word translates to the many items added to Asian dishes.

The term ‘subgum’ refers to the meat and vegetables added to rice and noodle recipes.

Fried rice can have a variety of vegetables added and bits of pork, shrimp, and chicken to make it subgum.

Fried rice can be basic or packed with veggies, meat, and eggs.

Once many vegetables and meat are added to the fried rice or noodles, they become a subgum dish.

Subgum fried rice, or any Asian dish using the word, has vegetables and maybe meat as ingredients in the recipe.

Variations of subgum fried rice

Subgum means one thing in some Chinese restaurants and something else in others.

If you have spent a lot of time in Asian restaurants, you will see culinary styles blended with many cultures.

The Chinese food in most of today’s restaurants in the United States has an American influence.

This influence affects a restaurant’s subgum fried rice recipe, its noodle recipes, and how they make their spring rolls and eggrolls.

You can make subgum-fried rice and all fried rice recipes, from short or long-grained white rice or brown rice.

It works best for making fried rice if you cook it a day ahead.

Using freshly made rice for fried rice can lead to a sticky, starchy, pasty-filled gooey mess in your pan, which is not good.

The beauty of most great foods is that every recipe can be adjusted based on the ingredients you have in your kitchen.

For example, rice of any kind is a perfect base for stir-fries, as a side dish, or as an addition to the main dish.

The History of Fried Rice

Fried rice is a dish enjoyed around the globe. Everywhere it is served, the variations reflect the cook’s cultural origins.

The fried rice you are served can have notes of recipes from kitchens worldwide.

In the Sui dynasty, fried rice was discovered from about 589 to 618 AD. Then, from 1368 AD to 1644 AD, it became a favorite dish of China’s Ming dynasty.

Still prevalent today in Asia and worldwide, the variations of fried rice are numbered by those who cook it for their families, friends, or customers.

Chinese fried rice is typically served as a meal, but smaller servings are often offered as a side dish to other courses.

When fried rice becomes subgum, it is filled with vegetables and meat. At this point, it becomes a very nutritious meal.

Subgum fried rice is packed with nutrients, yet it does not have the calories of many foods.

Those who own Asian restaurants can add the influence of their native Vietnam, or they might have apprenticed in Beijing or Tokyo.

Wherever they learn their skill, the heritage of the past is part of their recipes.

This influence is why subgum may be one thing in this recipe and something different in another.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Subgum Fried Rice is

Is all subgum-fried rice the same?

Asian dishes have similarities from one restaurant to the next. However, recipes can depend on the availability of products. A creative chef will use what they have, even when making subgum.

What is in plain fried rice?

Basic fried rice is cooked in hot peanut oil, in a wok or skillet, with green onions and green peas. It is easier to make with leftover rice and is a great way to create a quick meal. To make it subgum-fried rice, add a few green peas, green onion, shrimp, crab, lobster, pork, chicken, eggs, rice, and a few bean sprouts to your basic fried rice. This creation will give you a notorious meal and is easy to prepare.

Subgum fried rice can be a meal or a side dish

Rice is easy to cook and can be used as a side dish with a meal, or it can be transformed into a main dish by adding meat and vegetables.

Subgum fried rice is such a rice recipe, and you will find that fried rice is easy to make, and by adding a few things from your fridge, you can make a nutritious meal very quickly.

So, now that you know what subgum fried rice is, cook up a rice batch and create your subgum-fried rice variation.