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What Is A Chicken Frittata? Looks And Tastes Good!

What Is A Chicken Frittata? Looks And Tastes Good!

Chicken frittata is an egg-based dish that comes from Italy.

The frittata is a savory dish that you can add whatever you like to it, from potato to corn and broccoli.

The frittata is easy to make but ends up being a very nutritious meal.

A frittata can sometimes be mistaken for an omelet, but the two are actually very different.  

An omelet must be cooked fast over high heat, and the frittata is cooked slowly on low heat.

The frittata is often enjoyed at room temperature while the omelet is eaten straight from the pan.

Do you know the characteristic of a chicken frittata? Let’s go through each one.

What Is A Chicken Frittata?

Chicken frittata is a recipe where beaten eggs are the main feature. The dish can be cooked in the oven or on the stovetop. It becomes a chicken frittata when you add either leftover or freshly cooked chicken in. It is quite a light meal that can be enjoyed with a variety of foods like vegetables and salads. The dish can be eaten both warm or cold and suits all seasons.

A Chicken Frittata Is Circular In Shape

Some people will argue the point here! A frittata doesn’t have to be cooked from a round-over dish or pan.

They do happen to turn out great from rectangular pans that are quite deep. If you are cooking a chicken frittata for the family, then you are going to get more serves from a rectangular pan than a circle one.

I find that cooking in a rectangle casserole dish means you cannot just heat the dish on your stovetop.

This means you will need to cook whatever ingredients such as vegetables in another pan first before you add them to the egg mixture

This is especially true if you are using extra water foods like onions, watercress, and tomatoes.

These contain large amounts of water. Cooking these from raw will cause the water to seep out in the egg mixture and become watery.

This is why the ingredients need to be cooked first, such as vegetables and your chicken.

Using a round cast iron skillet means you can cook everything else in the same pan you are cooking your eggs in.

Most times, I will finish the chicken frittata under the broiler or in the oven.

This is why using a cast iron skillet works well as it is safe for these methods.

Now, of course, using a skillet means that your chicken frittata is actually round. On the off chance your cast iron skillet is square; you can argue the point here.

Just like pizza, it doesn’t have to be cooked in a round pan, but we have always done so every time, so we refer to pizzas as round.

Frittas Are Made For More Than Two People

If you like leftovers, then sure, a frittata can be cooked for one or two people. These actually work so well for an easy meal to feed several people.

You will need plenty of eggs if cooking for a number of people, and a dozen eggs are normally what I choose to use in a 12.inch skillet.

This will still allow plenty of room to add other ingredients like mushrooms, spinach, your chicken.

You even add potato to help bulk the meal up. Frittata is not just left for dinner time.

They can be eaten for breakfast and even brunch if you have some leftovers to use up. You can get 8 slices from a 12 egg frittata if you cut just like a pizza.

A Frittata Isn’t Shallow It’s Quite Deep

Another difference here from the omelet is the fact that omelets are quite flat or folded in half to make it look more filling.

Whereas the frittata is going to be about 7 times thicker than your omelet.

Most skillets are around two inches deep, which allows for sausage, chicken, potatoes, spinach, and whatever else to fill up these two inches.

What Can I Serve With Chicken Frittata 

There are so many things you can serve with frittatas, and personally, my favorite is red onion, cucumber, and a nice couscous salad with a few herbs for a tastier accomplishment.

Garlic And Olive Oil With Fiery Kale

Another one that just pairs with chicken frittata so well. Kale is light and adds flavor, especially when it is loaded with garlic, some mild salami, and some red pepper flakes to add that extra kick.

Beans And Swiss Chard

This is a more Italian take on greens and beans that work well either added into the frittata or enjoy it as a side dish.

Garlic Red Potatoes

I don’t think there is a yummier way to eat red potatoes than to have them fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. They work well with chicken and whatever else you add to the frittata.

Green Salad With Red Onion, Orange, and Avocado

This is a salad that has beautiful buttery avocado, a kick with the red onion, and mild-flavored orange segments just to finish the side dish off.

Chicken fritats just work so well as they are adaptable and work with so many side dishes and fresh ingredients.

I enjoy squash, pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, and chard. It is a good way to get those extra nutrients in.

How To Make Chicken Fritatas

Grab all your ingredients, such as your eggs, chicken, and other ingredients. Whether they are fresh or leftover from last night’s tea, they will work well.

Slice up the peppers or onion and fry until they resemble golden ringlets. When whisking the eggs, you should only do this.

Briefly, you only want to break the eggs and mix them in; that’s it. Now you can add your other ingredients such as the peppers, potatoes if you choose this vegetable and the chicken.

If you prefer a keto version just remove any starchy veggies like potato and add non-starchy ingredients.

Mix it all together and add your seasonings.

Pour into a warmed skillet or frying pan, and using a spatula, you want to push the food down.

This ensures they are well covered by the egg.

Time to cook the eggs on low just for a couple of minutes until the sides and bottom appear cooked.

Now go and turn on the grill as when the frittata is cooked, you can place the frying pan under your grill, which will cook the top and fluff it up.

Don’t become distracted as they tend to overcook and can burn easily. Test with a knife to check if it is dome all the way through.

Can Chicken Frittatas Be Cooked In The Fridge?

Frittatas work great when you have leftovers to use up. They also store well in the fridge to enjoy snacks or as a main meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

All you need to do is slice up the chicken frittatas and then place them into a container with a lid.

You can place parchment paper in between the slices if you need to stack them. The chicken frittata will last in the fridge for 3-4 days.

Read about how to make scrambled eggs next.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chicken Frittata

Can You Freeze Roast Chicken Frittata?

Chicken Frittata can be frozen but it is not recommended. They could come out quite soggy especially if you used watery vegetables. The cooked egg doesn’t freeze well.

Do You Eat Frittata Hot Or Cold?

Chicken frittata can be eaten hot or cold. When it is cooled, it is best eaten at room temperature. They can also be heated in the oven on a tray or in the microwave for a few minutes to heat.