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What Goes With Quiche? Read This!

What Goes With Quiche? Read This!

Quiche is a meal that is very light and it doesn’t need a great deal to make it a decent meal.

But what goes with quiche?

You can get creative when it comes to making something to go on the side of your quiche dish.

If you are not just serving your quiche for breakfast, then the possibilities for a good side dish are endless.

Quiche can be eaten for any meal of the day. Just change what ingredients are put in.

Egg, bacon, and chives work well for breakfast or mushrooms, chicken, and sausages for dinner.

No matter what you decide to put into your quiche dish, always ensure you have something on the side that isn’t overwhelming. Try my suggestions below.

What Goes With Quiche?

What goes well with quiche are salads, warm focaccia bread with butter, or a side of potatoes. Either mashed or baked. A salad is good when you want something easy and super light.  Fresh, warm focaccia bread with butter or a side of potatoes, either mashed or baked. Even a cold, iced tea goes down a treat with quiche.

Going With A Salad

Not everyone likes salad as a side dish, but if you add the right ingredients, it makes a good side dish for quiche.

Salads are good with quiche in summer when you don’t want a big hot meal or add more flavor if the quiche is bland.

The best thing about salads is you can add what you want when you want. If you don’t feel like lettuce, don’t add it.

If you prefer more tomatoes, sure chuck them in. If you feel something is missing from your quiche, then a salad is another way you can add saltiness, sweetness, or savory flavors whatever you like.

When you are using a salad as a side dish for quiche, you need to ensure that you use a light dressing.

You don’t want the dressing of the salad to take over the flavors in your quiche.

Warm Tomato Soup

The thing with tomato soup is the fact it is simple yet so delicious. There is nothing much to tomato soup, so the flavor will work with pretty much any type of quiche that you make.

If your quiche has cheese in it, then it is going to be a win-win!  If your quiche is very light without other ingredients, then it is ideal to go with a chunkier-styled soup.

Focaccia bread

You cannot go wrong with a good quality focaccia bread. If people have scrambled eggs, they have it on toast.

So it makes sense to eat egg quiche with fresh focaccia bread and some melted butter on top.

There are several different types of focaccia bread that have different flavors you can experiment with.

If you have a cheese quiche, then you might find that a sourdough works better. Use the focaccia for a more bulkier quiche.

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea

It doesn’t matter what time you are eating your quiche, but when you do, consider serving with fresh iced tea. I find that iced tea really compliments the flavors in the quiche really well.

If you are serving several people, add an iced tea station next to the quiche so people can add what they like to the iced tea, such as sugar or ice.

You can home make it by brewing your own tea bags or buying it from the store already made.

Adding Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit can be a great side dish for quiche. Fruit is easy to prepare, readily available, and it can be prepared earlier.

If you are serving a meaty quiche, then you might want to go with something that will cut down the grease.

If you are heading towards a cheese quiche, then you need to aim for fruit that will complement the cheese.

When serving meaty quiche, go for oranges, pineapple, and kiwi fruit. For the cheesy quiche, aim for fresh grapes and berries.

Different Kinds Of Potatoes

How do you like your potatoes? The good thing about potatoes is you can do so much with them.

You can have quiche and French fries or mash up some potato with chives mixed in.

You can even have tater tots with quiche. Work with the texture of your quiche and make your potatoes soft or crunchy to match in.               

Mimosas For Brunch

There is nothing else that yells brunch as much as mimosas do. Some people don’t need a side dish, and the quiche is enough, especially if it’s a hearty one.

You can have fancy drinks as a side served with quiches such as mimosas.

These are made with quality orange juice and champagne. The thing with mimosas is the orange juice.

You should only use freshly squeezed orange juice and ensure the drink is chilled.


Quiche is such a good dish to work with. You can add many different types of meat and vegetables or as little as you would like.

You don’t really need to have a recipe just throw what vegetables and meat in you like.

Work your side dish with your meal. If your quiche is light and bland, add the flavor through your side dish.

Read through a few recipes and see what other people are adding to their quiches which can help you to decide on the types of ingredients you can add to your side dish.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Goes With Quiche

Does Quiche Need A Side Dish?

Quiche doesn’t need a side dish at all. Some prefer it because you can add flavors and textures with it.  Others prefer to put the effort of a side dish into a nice drink instead.

Can I Use Meat As A Side Dish For Quiche?

If you love a meal with meat and you don’t add it to the quiche, then add it to your side. Bacon and sausage work well for a basic cheese quiche. Chicken works well warm with a green salad.