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What Goes With Biscuits? The Choice Is Yours!

What Goes With Biscuits? The Choice Is Yours!

Biscuits can be varied from savory types that go well with main meals like scrambled eggs or even chicken.

I like to opt for a sweeter version with jam, cream, and a hot cup of tea. 

The biscuits are flaky, buttery, soft, and can be eaten with just about anything.

The biscuits are filling but feel quite light on the stomach.

So, when you feel like enjoying some biscuits either for a meal or a snack, just what goes with biscuits?

Let’s check out some yummy ideas. Beware, after reading these ideas, there’s a chance you might devour your pantry looking for ingredients!

What Goes With Biscuits?

You can serve biscuits with anything from savory toppings to sweet strawberry and whipped cream or fresh scrambled eggs and a slice of bacon on top. Nothing goes down better than a hot cup of tea for breakfast or a nice wine if enjoyed as a snack.

Fruit Compotes Or Basic Fresh Fruit

When the best fruit happens to be in season, it’s time to enjoy it. Depending on how you use the fruit, it can take a while to prepare.

They add a beautiful texture and flavor when you just want something light to go with your biscuits. Sliced fruits are the easiest.

You just need to wash your fruit and slice it.

Sliced apple and stone fruits drizzled with some lemon juice are a match to enjoy.

Small berries like blueberries and raspberries can be left whole.

If you want a fruit spread, these can take a few hours to cook, but it makes a lot so you can jar up and preserve the spreads to use on-demand.

Good Old Fashioned Honey

The types of honey vary and where they come from does as well. You can get whipped honey that is creamy and thick, or you can go for natural, raw honey as it is.

There are different flavors, from nutty, wood flavors to bold ones.  You can spread or just drizzle plain old honey over the biscuits while they are warm.

There is truly nothing better than honey that’s from local farmers or beekeepers rather than store brought.

Spicy Honey Butter With Chicken

Biscuits are good when they are spread with butter, hot sauce, and honey with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

This works well for the main meal for dinner when you just don’t know what to have.

Peanut Butter And Jelly

Ah, the good old jelly and peanut butter.

Time to head back down memory lane and enjoy some jelly and peanut butter with your biscuits.

The nutty and sweet taste is best served while the biscuits are warm, so the peanut butter and the jelly have time to become soft and gooey.

Fresh Lobster

An uncommon one for some people, but lobster is lovely as a topping on biscuits.

A buttery and cheesy biscuit with fresh lobster sounds good to me.

All I do here is cook simple lobster in a basic butter and chives mix, then combine it with your freshly warm cooked cheddar biscuits.

Cheese And Chicken Salad

For those who enjoy a good salad like myself, this is one that has pimientos, white cheddar, bacon, and arugula.

Chuck it on a honey-flavored biscuit with little pickles on the side.

Now you have beautiful creamy, flaky, sweet, crunchy, and salty combinations altogether. Your taste buds will have a ball.

Strawberries And Whipped Cream

This is a classic but a popular one. Mix up some fluffy buttered biscuits and top with homemade strawberry jam and freshly whipped cream and enjoy the beautiful flavors.

These biscuits with a hot cup of tea go down nicely for brunch or afternoon tea.

Eggs, Bacon, And Cheese

This is a breakfast favorite of mine, but I often go with the egg casserole with some good quality heavy cream and some fresh herbs.

You can place the biscuits on the bottom of your tray, add the ingredients on top, then pop them into the oven.

Once done, you can slice into squares and enjoy. These can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a light lunch.

The good thing about these is you can freeze them to enjoy all week.

Honey And Ham

This is another favorite for a cold day.

It is a Pillsbury favorite using typical ingredients like deli ham and cheese laid over biscuit dough, then drizzle fresh honey over it and bake. It makes for a meal or a tasty snack for everyone.

Honey And Cinnamon Butter

Using powdered sugar with sugar, honey, butter, and cinnamon, you create a lovely spread that goes well over your biscuits.

They will be oozing with beautiful cinnamon and sugar flavors. Best served on warm biscuits.

Tomato, Lettuce, Bacon, And Pimiento Cheese

A beautiful combination that goes a step further than your classic BLT.

With cheddar biscuits, you can enjoy the creaminess of the cheese, the tang of the tomato, and the flakiness of the biscuit.

Different textures and flavors go well together.

Yummy Peach Pie Filling

Peach pie is an old favorite, and you can make it cheesy with some added creamy brie.

Unfortunately, you will need to make a lot as these won’t last long—small hand-held peach pies when the mixture is added to biscuit dough.

What Wine Goes Nicely With Biscuits?

If you are eating fresh biscuits with jam and cream or a berry mix sauce, then you want to aim for a pink-tinted sparkling rose to match with the strawberry biscuits.

Some good choices are Pinot Noir Rose or Camel Valley, or even Hush Heath Balfour rose, as it has hints of vanilla, raspberry, and a palate of spice.

For a savory scone, you want to go with a nice white wine such as Californian Chardonnay. Most reds are a little too bold for basic savory biscuits.

For buttery scones, a good hot cup of tea goes down well. Best enjoyed on a cold day as morning or afternoon tea.


Now you know exactly what to pair with your biscuits, you can try them all. From savory to sweet and buttery, there is bound to be one type that you like best.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Goes With Biscuits

Can Biscuits Be Enjoyed For Any Meal?

What you add to the biscuits will determine when they are enjoyed. Strawberry and cream are for morning or afternoon tea. Eggs, bacon, and meat are for when you want to enjoy the biscuits as a main.

Can Biscuits Be Enjoyed Both Warm Or Cold?

While the biscuits are better eaten fresh and warm, they are nice cold too. The biscuits tend to dry out a little when reheated.