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What Does the “Bagel” Setting on Toasters Do? I Didn’t Know That!

What does the “bagel” setting on toasters do? For some, it is a mystery.

For others, it is just something that they always use and don’t even think about what’s going on inside their toaster.

Well, for those of you who want to know more about the bagel setting, I’ve got your back! In this article, I’ll talk all about what exactly happens when you set your toaster for the “bagel” setting and how different brands might change the way the settings work.

What Does the “Bagel” Setting Do on Toasters?

The process is different for every brand of toaster but generally, the “bagel” setting will either increase the cooking time on your toaster or it will change the heating settings for the different coils inside.As the coils change heating temperatures, your bagel will toast differently than if you were to put a slice of bread inside.

How the “Bagel” Setting Actually Works

Again, what the “bagel” setting does will depend on the brand of toaster you have.

Some toasters make it pretty simple and just extend the length of time your toaster cooks for. Most toasters already allow you to adjust the time but the specific “bagel” setting overrides the previously set time.

Because a bagel is thicker than a slice of toast, it usually requires more time for it to taste compared to bread slices.

The extended cooking time ensures you have a nice and toasty bagel instead of a semi-warm bagel.

Other brands, though, will make the “bagel” setting completely different than all the other settings on your toaster.

For example, some toasters will change the temperatures of the inner coils to make them hotter and the outer coils will remain off or slightly warm.

This helps toast the inside of your bagel without getting the outside. The manufacturers do this to make sure you have a bagel that isn’t too hard and completely crunchy but still has some nice give when you bite into it.

It also helps keep the outer layer from burning since it will often be much closer to the coils than the inner layer.

This can be great for everything bagels because the seeds tend to get extremely hot when toasted, whereas the inside may not be toasted enough.

What’s the Difference Between “Toast” and “Bagel” settings?

As referenced earlier, the “bagel” setting will mess with the coil temperatures and the “toast” setting keeps all the coils the same.

This helps the toast get a nice golden brown color on both sides and helps produce a better overall experience than if one side of the bread was just warm and not toasted.

Some brands even extend the time for bagels so using the regular “toast” setting keeps the timing at exactly what you have previously set. Most modern toasters have a time adjustment you can make.

If you are using thicker slices of toast like Texas Toast then you may want to adjust the timer or use the “bagel” setting so you do not compromise one of the sides of the toast.

How Do You Properly Insert a Bagel Into the Toaster?

Some toasters that have a “bagel” setting will actually have little icons that show you how to insert your bagel into the toaster.

The way you insert your bagel is important because, since the coils are at different temperatures, you want to make sure you’re toasting the right side.

The icon might look like the letter D because this is how a bagel will look from the side when you cut it in half. The flat side is the open, cut side of the bagel.

If your toaster doesn’t have any icons apparent on the machine itself, your next bet is to check the owner’s manual.

There should be a section on the “bagel” setting and it should list the proper way to insert the bagel into your toaster.

If there isn’t any mention at all, either on the machine or the manual, then there’s a chance all the “bagel” setting does is extend the cooking time.

Your manual should let you know this but you can also reach out to the manufacturer for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Does the “Bagel” Setting on Toasters Do?

What Do I Do If My Bagel Is Too Big for the Toaster?

There’s a chance you’ve bought some homemade bagels that are huge and even when you cut them in half, they don’t fit inside the toaster. Don’t just jam them in there because if the bagel is sticking out past the metal bars it fits in, it has a chance of burning and even catching on fire. The closer the bagel is to the heating coils, the bigger the chance of burning your bagel. This is true even if you feel you have the perfect temperature on your toaster. Instead, you’ll want to place one-half of the bagel flat on a surface and then slowly slice a smaller layer off from the bottom. This will help shorten your bagel so it fits in the toaster.

Are Bagels Toasted On Both Sides?

This will depend on personal preferences but at restaurants, all bagels are toasted on both sides. Unless that restaurant is using a specific bagel toaster that is only meant to toast the inner layer. “Bagel” settings on a toaster may only toast one side of the bagel so it’s important to turn the bagel around inside the toaster if you want both sides toasted.

The “Bagel” Setting on Toasters

The “bagel” setting on your toaster can do several things depending on the type of brand you purchased.

It will either increase the cooking time or it will change up the temperature on the coils inside the toaster to only cook one side of the bagel.