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What Does Plain Yogurt Taste Like? The Honest Truth!

What Does Plain Yogurt Taste Like? The Honest Truth!

When browsing the dairy aisle at the grocery store, you will come across various choices of yogurt. Most of them have a significant amount of sugar. But if you want to avoid the overly sweetened flavors, then my recommendation is to go with plain yogurt.

Understandably, most people often wonder what plain yogurt tastes like and whether they will like it. So what can one expect from this healthy meal?

What Does Plain Yogurt Taste Like?

Plain yogurt has a pure, natural, airy, and light taste. It is tangy and subtly sour and sweet. The texture is smooth, hearty, and silky, and one can mix it with other ingredients and enjoy a yogurt-based meal.

What Does Plain Yogurt Taste Like?
What Does Plain Yogurt Taste Like?

Does Plain Yogurt Taste Good?

We all have different palates, which can make meals taste different to each of us. But nonetheless, I find plain yogurt to have a good taste. Here is a breakdown of what your tastebuds can expect from plain yogurt.


Plain yogurt will give your mouth this light sensation because it has not been weighed down by the many additives that we get from other types of yogurt.


It has a sour taste, but not like the one you get from sour cream. This is a bit subtle, giving the yogurt a distinct flavor.


As much as plain yogurt is light, it is also creamy, giving it some weight.


If made correctly, natural yogurt has a silky or smooth taste, allowing it to pass through your mouth pleasantly.

Plain yogurt is light, tangy, creamy and smooth.
Plain yogurt is light, tangy, creamy and smooth.

What is The Texture of Plain Yogurt?

Plain yogurt has a light, smooth, cultured, creamy, and runny texture. You will notice that it has a firm texture immediately after removing it from the fridge, but this is only temporary.

It feels light and airy on the tongue and melts immediately. Both store-bought and homemade yogurt have the same texture, which is smoothy and creamy, indicating that the yogurt is fresh and healthy.

Why Does Plain Yogurt Have a Sour Taste?

As mentioned earlier, plain yogurt has a sour taste. However, it is very subtle. The sour taste comes from lactic acid found in dairy products, which gives the yogurt a sour and tangy taste.

When milk ferments, it converts natural lactose to lactic acid. This is what gives yogurt the sour taste.

The sour taste in yogurt is due to the lactic acid that is formed when milk is fermented.
The sour taste in yogurt is due to the lactic acid that is formed when milk is fermented.

Does Plain Yogurt Taste Like Sour Cream?

Not really. Plain yogurt is a bit different from sour cream. I find the latter to be sour. You will notice this difference when you taste them as they are.

If you add them to food, you cannot tell the difference because they have the same texture and other properties.

Also, sour cream tends to have a firmer texture than homemade plain yogurt.

How Can I Make Plain Yogurt Taste Good?

As much as I do not like flavored yogurt because of the added sugars, I also do not enjoy eating plain yogurt all the time. As such, I have experimented with different ingredients to make it taste better. Here are my top suggestions on how to make it good.

Add Fruits

Whether frozen or fresh, fruits will make plain yogurt taste amazing. They are the most common topping that people use. Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries do not have too much sugar, yet they have a sweetness that will give your yogurt a good taste.

Other great options that are also low in sugar include kiwi, mangoes, pineapples, and cherries. These fruits are very juicy. When you mash them and add them to your yogurt, they add taste, sweetness, and texture.

Add Natural Sweeteners

Whenever I want to give my yogurt a sweet flavor, I opt for the natural sweeteners mentioned below.

1. Raw honey is natural and unrefined sugar that gives your yogurt just the perfect amount of taste. In a 3/4 cup of plain yogurt, add half a tablespoon of honey to eliminate the tangy taste. You can top up with the fruit of your choice if you like.

2. Pure maple syrup has an amazing taste that will transform your yogurt. Simply add half a tablespoon to a 3/4 cup of plain yogurt.

3. Coconut palm sugar is also a great addition made from coconut palm sap. It is low glycemic and goes well when combined with plain yogurt, cinnamon, and diced apples. Half a tablespoon of this natural sweetener goes well with 3/4 cup of plain yogurt.

4. Homemade chia jam or fruit-sweetened jams are good additions too. Fruit jam that has been sweetened with natural fruit juice does not have artificial sugars. You can also add homemade chia seed jam if you do not want jam from the grocery store.

5. If you only want sugar-free options, get liquid stevia for your plain yogurt.

Various sweeteners like raw honey can be used to sweeten plain yogurt.
Various sweeteners like raw honey can be used to sweeten plain yogurt.

Add Oats

Oats are not only delicious but can be eaten raw. This delicious topping will add some welcome flavor to your plain yogurt.

I prefer using granola because it has many health benefits. It also carries additional ingredients like dried fruits and nuts. While it is technically oats, it has more flavor.

Other Flavors

Besides the options mentioned above, here are some great ideas on what you can add to your plain yogurt to give it some flavor and texture.

  • Fresh mint
  • Cocoa nibs
  • Almond extract or pure vanilla extract
  • Cinnamon
  • Cocoa powder
Plain yogurt can be dressed up by adding fruits, nuts, herbs and oats, and other creative ingredients.
Plain yogurt can be dressed up by adding fruits, nuts, herbs, oats, cereal, and other creative ingredients.

What Are the Various Types of Plain Yogurt?

You will find different types of plain yogurt in the supermarket, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Take a look at these options.

1. Cow

The most common plain yogurt is made from cow’s milk. It is readily available and affordable. However, a few people say that their stomach does not hold this yogurt well.

2. Goat

Yogurt from goat milk has become popular of late. I would recommend this option if you have experienced stomach upsets from cow dairy. This type of yogurt tends to be tangier than cow yogurt.

3. Organic

If you strive to consume organic products only, then you should take organic yogurt. When a dairy product is referred to as organic, it means that the animal it comes from has not been given synthetic growth hormones.

Such animals graze freely and only feed on organic foods. While organic plain yogurt may be more costly than regular yogurt, it also has a better taste.

4. Vegan

Over the last few years, vegan plain yogurt has grown in popularity. You may not find it in a lot of stores, like regular plain yogurt.

It is ideal for anyone with trouble digesting dairy and does not want any harm done to animals. There are different versions of plain yogurt, but it generally has a pudding-like taste.

5. Sheep

Sheep plain yogurt is not easy to find. But if you find it hard to digest cow yogurt, I would suggest getting this type of plain yogurt if it is near you.

It has a tangier taste compared to cow yogurt.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Does Plain Yogurt Taste Like

Is Plain Yogurt Healthy?

Plain yogurt is healthy as it contains nutrients that can boost your health, and when consumed regularly, it can lower the risk of certain diseases. It can also help with weight control, and the best part is that you can add some other ingredients to enhance the taste.

What Does Plain Yogurt Smell Like?

It has a pleasant yet sour-like smell. However, this is only mild. If you notice that your plain yogurt has a weird smell, it may have gone bad.

Conclusion On What Does Plain Yogurt Taste Like

Plain yogurt is versatile, meaning you can add different flavors and get a new taste every time. Also, the lack of added sugars makes it a high-nutrient, low-calorie diet for everyone in the family to enjoy.