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What Can I Substitute for Eggs in a Pancake Recipe?

Don’t despair if you can’t (or don’t) eat eggs for any reason, you can also enjoy pancakes.

Simply use a natural (and quite common) ingredient as a substitute for the eggs and you’ll be enjoying pancakes along with everyone else.

What can I substitute for eggs in a pancake recipe?

The main function of eggs in a pancake recipe is to bind the ingredients, particularly the milk and flour which are the basis of the cooked pancakes. In the case of an allergy to eggs or dietary preferences, eggs can be replaced by using applesauce, mashed banana, carbonated water, buttermilk and oil, water and baking powder.

Why may you need to substitute eggs in a recipe?

You may need to avoid eggs for a number of reasons and look for something to act as a substitute.


Having an allergy to eggs is quite common, especially amongst children. Unfortunately, loving pancakes is also common, especially amongst children! This makes it important to understand the allergy and why you need to replace eggs in pancake batter.

An allergy to eggs can result in mild symptoms, such as rashes, a blocked nose or vomiting. There are also more severe possible symptoms, such as an anaphylactic attack, which must be avoided.

Before making pancakes for any group, such as for a party or a fair, make sure there are no patrons with an egg allergy. To be really sure, you should use an egg substitute.


A person can also have an aversion to eggs and avoid anything that contains them. Or someone may follow a vegan diet, which means not eating eggs at all.

In these cases, using a substitute for eggs in pancake batter means that anyone following an egg-free diet means they can enjoy pancakes just like everyone else.


Eggs are a very healthy food, providing a whole lot of nutrients, as well as energy.

They are also a source of cholesterol, though, which can pose a health risk to some people, especially mature adults or anyone with a propensity for heart issues.

Substituting eggs in pancake batter means that this is a healthier option for anyone whose health is affected, or even threatened, by consuming eggs.

What do I need to look for in an egg substitute?

Every ingredient in a baking recipe is necessary to play a role. Eggs play a few different roles: binding the mixture, acting as a raising agent and adding richness.

When making pancakes, the main role of eggs is to bind the batter, because they thicken as they heat.

It’s the balance between the eggs and the flour that is important. . When you substitute the eggs, you should make sure that the new ingredient does the same thing.

What can be used to substitute eggs?

There are a number of ingredients that can be used as a substitute for eggs, but there are some that suit a pancake batter best.

Mashed banana

Mashed banana is smooth and quite thick and can be used to bind pancake batter quite effectively, but does have some inconsistencies in the ‘flow’ of the mash. You should use one medium banana for each egg in the recipe.

To keep this a bit smoother, I suggest adding a teaspoon (5ml) of oil to each banana you use. Mash the banana thoroughly, add the oil and beat the two together before adding to the batter.


Applesauce is a popular substitute for eggs, which has a smooth, slightly thicker constituency. Because of the sweetness of the apples, it makes the pancakes slightly sweet. This means it may be better for dessert pancakes than savoury pancakes.


Milk is one of the basic ingredients of a pancake batter, which is thin so that it runs easily over the pan. 

Buttermilk has a thicker consistency than plain milk and can be used to substitute eggs quite easily.

I do suggest using a tablespoon (15ml) of oil for every pint (500ml) of buttermilk that is used, to add a little more thickness to the batter.

Use half a cup of buttermilk to replace each egg in the pancake batter. Reduce the milk that is required for the batter by half a cup for each half cup of buttermilk you use.

Carbonated water

Simply adding carbonated water to your pancake batter seems to be way too easy. Think about it, though: pancake batter is thin, so you need to use quite a lot of milk in the recipe.

Carbonated water is just added to the liquid, then. It also helps to bind the batter when it is cooked. The bubbles also help the pancakes to rise slightly.

You should replace each egg in the recipe with ¼ C (125 ml) carbonated water. However, remember that this means you are adding extra liquid to the recipe, so reduce the amount of milk by ¼ C (125 ml) for each ¼ C (125 ml) you use in the recipe.

Oil, water and baking soda

Sometimes it is the most basic ingredient that you can use as a substitute in a recipe. It is also really convenient when those ingredients are part of the original recipe.

So, to substitute eggs in a pancake batter, you simply need to look at the recipe and add a little extra oil, water and baking powder (or baking soda).

For each egg called for in the recipe, mix together to tablespoons (30 ml) of water, one teaspoon (5 ml) oil and 1 ½ (7.5 ml) teaspoons of baking powder, or 1 teaspoon (5 ml) baking soda. This will not add liquid to the recipe, so you won’t need to reduce the amount of milk.

If the recipe you are using already calls for oil, then don’t reduce this, as the additional oil is replacing the liquid and texture the eggs would normally give to the batter.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Can You Substitute for Eggs in a Pancake Recipe

What do eggs actually do in a pancake batter?

Eggs bind the ingredients together in a pancake batter. This keeps the whole batter smooth when it is swirled around the pan and means the pancakes are held together.

Can I eat pancakes if I am allergic to eggs?

An egg allergy is quite common, but many people still enjoy pancakes. By substituting the eggs in a pancake batter, you can also enjoy both sweet and savoury pancakes.


Don’t let an allergy or your diet mean you can’t enjoy pancakes. You can easily substitute the eggs, without changing the nature of the batter and which may even give the pancakes a better flavour.