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What Blended Honey is – Do You Know?

Blended honey is what you get when you put together different kinds of honey, either from the same source or different sources.

This is not to be confused with mixed honey, which is composed of honey extracted from various flower clusters.

If you empty several containers of honey into one container, then it’s blended honey.

Keep reading to learn more about blended honey.

What is Blended Honey?

If honey is combined with anything else, including more honey, it’s considered to be blended. Technically speaking and according to the FDA, honey with corn syrup, added sugar, or other sweeteners is called blended honey. However, this may also refer to hybrid honey.

How does blended honey taste?

What Blended Honey is - It is honey that is combined with something else
What Blended Honey is – It is honey that is combined with something else

With blended honey, you get a bunch of different flavors that almost cancel each other out, so you don’t get one note overpowering the other.

Different tastes meet on common ground and you end up with a balanced flavor that people with different preferences can enjoy.

Say you’ve got honey that isn’t so flavorful and aromatic and you blend it with honey that is.

The bad qualities of one honey will be canceled out by the good qualities of the other honey and you’ll get a decent product in the end.

Basically, there aren’t any major differences between different types of blended honey, so if you don’t want your palate to catch a shock, then blended honey is the way to go.

Blended honey stays the same from one season to the next

Blended Honey goes well with almost anything
Blended Honey goes well with almost anything

As long as you get it from the same region, it’s easy to come up with the same flavor experience by blending the same kinds of honey as before.

With mixed honey, that isn’t the case.

Every batch will be different and there’s no telling what you’ll get by the time the mixing process is complete.

What’s more, blended honey is usually more cost-effective because it’s affordable to produce.

There’s less admin to deal with and manufacturers don’t spend as much money labeling and individually packing the honey because it’s all dealt with as one thing.

It saves time and energy too, and it’s a more sustainable way of doing things.

Blended honey goes well with nearly anything. You can have it with pancakes, you can put it on fruit salads and even on tarts.

Thinking of making a cup of tea? It goes well with that too! Blended honey is the ultimate way to bring out the natural tastiness of food.

And because it’s mild and consistent in flavor, it’s perfect for picky eaters as well.

Blended Honey and Honey Fraud

Honey is Nr.6 on the Top 10 of food products that are at risk of food fraud
Honey is Nr.6 on the Top 10 of food products that are at risk of food fraud

According to the European Parliament honey is Nr.6 on the Top 10 list of products that are most likely at risk of food fraud.

Foreign sugars are frequently found in honey samples.

1.4 times in every 10 samples to be concrete.

In addition, honey declared as being from a specific geographic region often contains traces from other regions.

Or single-source honey is actually multifloral honey.

Honey fraud is common as honey is big business.

The University of Melbourne Australia found that half of the 28 honey samples they tested Down Under were adultered.

Among them were major retail brands such as the Allowrie brand from Capilano’s.

The Making of Blended Honey

Different honey are usually mixed together to achieve blended honey
Different honey are usually mixed together to achieve blended honey

When making honey, producers usually start with a specific look or taste in mind.

To achieve that, they need to blend specific kinds of honey together.

The different varieties will be harvested separately and united in a stable concoction that will even out certain extremities.

This way, they don’t run the risk of coming out with a product that will disappoint in one way or the other.

While producers can’t tell bees where to forage or know exactly how each batch will taste, they use this method to control how the final product turns out and guarantee the same quality and taste every time.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Blended Honey is

How Much Honey Can I Eat a Day?

While honey is a natural product, you know what they say about too much of a good thing. The average person should take no more than a small spoon of honey a day. Any more than that, and you run the risk of experiencing some serious health issues. What’s more, if you take a lot of sugar every day and have certain medical or dietary issues, you’ll want to talk to your general practitioner before taking that daily spoon.

How Do You Know Your Honey is Real?

In order to distinguish fake honey from real honey, you’re going to have to conduct a test. Squeeze a drop of honey into the water and if it sinks straight to the bottom, it’s the real deal. Fake honey will dissolve in the water and spread out all over the glass.

Does Honey Go Bad?

Honey is known for being one of the only foods that don’t expire. You could literally keep it for a thousand years and it’ll still be good to eat after all that time. It does have a ‘best before date’ though, but that depends on how well it’s stored. For the best results, keep your blended honey in a dark and cold place away from direct sunlight.


Honey blends have all the goodness of honey for a fraction of the price.

You get the same texture and color, with natural ingredients and the kind of aroma you’d expect from a real-life beehive.

However, the question of what’s in the blend will always come up when talking about blended honey.

That’s where the list of ingredients on the packaging will come in.

As long as you can tell that it’s pure honey with no added sugar or artificial ingredients, then you’re good to go.

Blended honey is a great way of making sure lesser quality honey doesn’t go to waste. It gives the not-so-good honey a new lease on life.

What might have been thrown out is given a chance to become part of something greater than itself.

If you own a beehive, then this means that everything you harvest can be useful and is worth taking to market.

Plus, blended honey is incredibly delicious. So what’s not to like?