Microwave Oven vs Microwave for Cooking

Microwave Oven vs Microwave for Cooking

When it comes to easy cooking, both the microwave oven and the microwave can produce great results.

They each can have benefits when cooking certain types of food, but you shouldn’t look at them as interchangeable.

Depending on what you are heating, one method can produce better results.

Microwave Oven vs Microwave for Cooking

The biggest difference in using a microwave convection oven combination for cooking, rather than a microwave, is that you can successfully bake or roast in it. A microwave convection oven combination is ideal for reheating foods that are baked or fried, as it has the settings to produce a crispier texture, whereas when you are using just a microwave, oftentimes the result is soggy or chewy food. A microwave convection oven combination is also ideal for foods that you need to put in for longer times as it cooks your food more evenly.

Cooking in a Microwave

A microwave heats food from the inside out. This can be great for foods that you want to retain moisture in.

Or want to cook quickly from frozen. When it comes to the microwave, it is important to evenly space items out so that they do not touch.

Because a microwave cooks from the inside out, many foods benefit from being covered with a damp paper towel.

This prevents items like baked goods from becoming tough to chew mess.

Microwaves are not intended to be used as a method of cooking raw or unbaked foods.

A microwave only has a single fan that is designed to push the electromagnetic wavelengths evenly throughout the microwave as your food rotates on the turntable.

A microwave targets water molecules to heat the food up.

Because of this, it is very important to monitor the amount of time that you are putting your food in for, or you may get a less than desirable result.

Cooking in a Microwave Convection Oven Combination

A microwave convection oven combination has a leg up on the microwave when it comes to the texture of the food that you are reheating.

While they also heat from the inside out, there are a few differences that set them apart.

With a microwave convection oven combination, you can change the settings, allowing you to be able to bake or roast food.

A microwave convection oven can be used in the same way that you would use both a convection oven (with a reduction of space, of course) or as a microwave for a quick reheat.

What makes a microwave convection oven combination so different is that it is equipped with an extra heating element and fan.

This helps the air circulate properly and distribute the heat evenly. In addition to the turntable that you see in a regular microwave, it also has a wire rack around it.

This way you can fit more items, it also can be a great way to reheat or cook foods that should be crispy.

Like a microwave, a microwave convection oven combination also targets the water molecules in food with microwave technology.

The reason that you can use it as a substitute for a standard convection oven is due to those added heat features and fans.

Possibly one of the most interesting features of a microwave convection oven combination is that you can use it as a microwave and an oven at the same time.

Because of the way that the unit is heated, along with the fans, you can have something cooking in there and still pop in a food item to be reheated quickly on the microwave setting.

Similarities Between Microwave Convection Oven Combinations and Microwaves

Both products are similar in the sense that they allow you to reheat and make food in far less time than it would take to reheat on the stovetop or in a convection oven.

They are also great space savers. Some people find that they do not need a full convectional oven and opt to save kitchen space and just use a microwave convection oven combination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microwave Oven vs Microwave for Cooking

What is the difference between a microwave convection oven combination and a microwave?

A microwave convection oven combination is a way to heat foods as you would in a microwave, but you’re not just limited to that. You can treat it as an oven as well, opening up several different foods that you can cook in it.

Can you cook raw foods, like meat, safely in a microwave convection oven combination?

Unlike with a microwave, you can indeed cook raw foods, including meat and baked goods, safely. This is because of the way that the air is circulated throughout the microwave oven. With a simple microwave, you would run the risk of uneven cooking and food-borne illnesses. You should never attempt to cook raw foods in the microwave. They should be used for reheating and defrosting.

Which is more expensive to purchase a microwave or a microwave oven?

A microwave convection oven combination is more expensive than a regular microwave, but not by too much. You also need to factor into the price that you are getting essentially a second oven as well as a microwave as a bundle.

In Conclusion

Both your microwave convection oven combination and your microwave are great ways to heat food when you’re looking to make something quickly.

When deciding which to purchase, a microwave convection oven combination should be your choice if you would like to cook foods in addition to reheating them.

You can recreate the results that you would get from a convection oven at quicker speeds.

If you are simply looking to reheat foods, especially leftover foods that do not require crispiness, a microwave is a quick and easy way to reheat food.