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Is Fresh Oregano Meant To Be Pungent? – The Answer!

Is Fresh Oregano Meant To Be Pungent? – The Answer!

A lot of people don’t use or like oregano.

If you belong to this group, then there is a probability that the only time you had oregano is when there were a few sprinkles on your favorite pizza.

I personally love oregano and there is so much more to it than using it as a simple spice.

You can cook with oregano, but it is also very good for your health in more ways than one.

One thing you might notice when dealing with oregano is the pungent smell you get from it.

Is Fresh Oregano Meant To Be Pungent?

Oregano fresh or dried has a powerful, pungent taste and odor to it. There are a few varieties of oregano, and some have a stronger pungent smell than the others. Generally speaking, fresh Oregano is more pungent than dried Oregano.

What Is Oregano?

Oregano can also be referred to as wild marjoram, and it has both cooking and medicinal purposes.

People have been using oregano for thousands of years.

Oregano has a very earthy wood flavor and belongs to the mint category.

It is often used to flavor dishes like scrambled eggs and Italian pasta sauces.

Oregano is preferred dried as fresh is extra pungent, and people find the fresh oregano can overtake a dish.

This herb is often found in tomato-based dishes, poultry, and vegetable.

What Does Oregano Taste Like?

The oregano leaves can be described as having a peppery taste with a bitter after taste.

The thing to remember with this herb is not to add too much. A little goes a long way, and adding too much can ruin a dish.

The good thing about oregano is the fact that the taste isn’t so strong when it is cooked.

Oregano is very bold and able to hold the floor when used in dishes.

Types Or Oregano

Mexican Oregano

This type is strong and intense but has a slight citrus flavor. This type of oregano is best suited with fish or chicken, particularly the type that is barbecued.

Greek Oregano

This type will give you a very spicy flavor.

Greek oregano pairs well with recipes using eggs and tomatoes.

This is the herb that you see sprinkled on the juicy pizza slice.

It is the most commonly used type of oregano.

Fresh oregano can also just be washed and thrown into a salad for some strong flavor.

Italian Oregano

This oregano also has a pungent flavor with a sweet side. If you prefer to have a little sweetness with your oregano, this is the type to use.

What Is Oregano Used For?

Oregano can be used on bruises to help heal them, the same as cuts and skin off.

Just a few oregano leaves dried with some organic honey applied will do the trick.

If you have the flu or are very congested drinking, a tea made of oregano can help.

Oregano is a powerful herb that can take on bacteria that affect the trachea, throat and infections such as pneumonia.

Oregano can also help to fight staphylococcus infection.

Fresh oregano can also be added to pasta sauces and added into olive oil to create a marinade perfect for lamb, beef, or anything chicken.

If you want to add a few more herbs for extra kicks, thyme, onion, garlic, and basil all pair well.

Are you looking for a garnish to add to vegetables or a salad?

Fresh oregano leaves are perfect if you use them in moderation, of course.

Both fresh and dried oregano should be given a rough chop or crush first before they are put in a dish.

Doing so will ensure that the oils and flavors inside are released.


Adding oregano to dishes can offer a flavor kick.

A good suggestion is to add a little first and adjust the dosage until you find the desired amount that is just right.

Oregano is popular and one of the most used herb in homes around the world.

If you like, you can grow your own in a pot, container, or garden bed.

Oregano is easy to grow, and you can use it fresh or dried to spice up your food.

Frequently Asked Questions About Is Fresh Oregano Meant To Be Pungent

What is the difference between Basil and Oregano?

Basil has a minty flavor with a taste of pepper to be found. Basil is sweeter than oregano which has an earthy flavor that can come across to some as very bitter.

When Is The Best Time To Add Oregano To Cooking?

Oregano is best added in the last stage of cooking to allow for maximum flavor. Oregano will become less flavorsome the longer it cooks.