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How To Use A Black And Decker Rice Cooker?

How To Use A Black And Decker Rice Cooker?

Rice is a beautiful dish, and it is eaten all around the world. Rice is easy to prepare, and do you know what makes it even easier?

A rice cooker! Rice cookers make rice perfect every time.

No more worry about burning the rice or creating a dry batch. Add the water and the rice, then set and cook. Walk away and relax while the machine cooks the rice for you.

Or not only rice but also lentils, pancakes, and beans.

The Black and Decker rice cooker is an easy machine to use and cooks rice the right way.

How To Use A Black And Decker Rice Cooker?

The rice cooker needs double the amount of water than rice added to the pot. You just need to set for a normal cook, and the rice cooker will cook your rice. Once the rice is cooked, the machine will switch over to the keep-warm function. This will keep the rice warm until you are ready.

How Do You Use The Black And Decker Rice Cooker

To make rice in the Black And Decker cooker, there are just a few steps to follow. Don’t worry; the steps are easy.

The Ratio Of Water To Rice

For two cups of rice, you add 2 cups of water and 1 cup of dry rice.

Make sure you use the measuring cup provided with your machine as they are different from normal measuring cups.

Adding more or less of the two can result in dry, mushy, or burnt rice.

Add the rice to the rice cooker’s bowl, then put in the correct amount of water to the rice.

Turn the cooker on and set it to the normal cook. 

The time can take anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes.

It will depend on how well done you like the rice cooked. Once the rice is cooked, the machine will turn off and transfer to the warm setting.

This ensures the rice doesn’t get too overdone and burn.

Trouble Shooting Your Rice Cooker

The rice cooker pot surface can scratch easily if you use different utensils. Use the rice spoon that came with the cooker to ensure the surface doesn’t become damaged.

Sometimes you might need to lift the steam vent located on the lid if you need

If you see bubbles appearing, you will need to open the cooker and give it a stir.

Alternatively, you can add oil and butter, which will stop this from occurring.

Avoid opening the lid unless you need to, as this can increase the cooking time

If the rice happens to be sticking to the bottom of the pot, you can add some oil or butter and mix in well before you cook the rice.

Rice Cooker Features

The Keep Warm Setting

Once the rice is cooked, the rice cooker will automatically switch over to the keep warm function, where the machine will keep the rice warm until you are ready to eat.

The Capacity

You can use the manufacturer guidelines for the individual cookers.

For example, the baby machine has a capacity of 1 cup of dry rice and will give you 3 cups of cooked rice.

That amount is enough for two people, which is plenty when you are serving with something else.

The largest Black and Decker cooker is able to handle 28 cups of dry rice which will give you 14 cups of cooked rice.

Nonstick Bowl

Inside the rice cooker is a non-stick bowl that you can take out and clean. The non-stick insert is dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean it.

Spoon And Measuring Cup

Your machine will come with a measuring cup, and it is a good idea to use that instead of a normal measuring cup you use for baking.

The measuring cup that comes with the machine is not a true size measuring cup. It is the perfect measurement for fluffy rice.

There’s More To The Rice Cooker

That’s right, you can use the rice cooker for so much more.


The rice cooker model that has a steam basket will allow you to steam the vegetables and fish quite easily.

You can steam other foods to like dim sums.

All you need to do is to fill the cooker with 4 inches of water, but the water shouldn’t touch the steaming basket.

Now just cover and cook. Check the booklet for individual cooking times. You can also steam when you are already cooking your rice.

Slow Cooking

You can also use your rice cooker as a slow cooker and cook meals that you would in the slow cooker like soups, oatmeal, and stews.


Black and Decker is a popular brand that has been reliable and standing strong for decades.

With the fantastic black and decker rice cooker, you are going to enjoy cooking rice, steaming vegetables, and creating plenty more dishes.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Rice Cooker

How Much Water Is Best For Rice Cookers?

The best thing to remember is to double the rice and water ratio. Get the measuring scoop that you got with the cooker.

How To Use A 3 Cup Cooker

For this, you need 3 cups of dry rice, then add your water.  The cooking time will take about 20 to 40 minutes. Cooking time will also depend on the type of rice you are using.