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How To Thaw Frozen Strawberries – Which Way Do You Prefer?

One thing is to freeze strawberries but how to thaw frozen strawberries?

You can enjoy frozen strawberries at any time of the year, whether you eat them straight from the bag or thaw them first before cooking.

Berries have to be thawed a certain way otherwise, they can end up water blobs.

Do you know the right way to thaw strawberries?

How To Thaw Frozen Strawberries

To thaw frozen strawberries take them out of the freezer and put them in the refrigerator for eight hours. Strawberries can also be defrosted by sitting them in cold water. This can take around one hour. You can also use the microwave, however, the berries should then be used immediately after the thawing process.

Freezing Strawberries

It is important to know that frozen fruits, such as strawberries won’t go bad.

The grocery store sells bags of frozen strawberries that you can keep in the freezer until needed.

Using the right freezing techniques will preserve fruit’s nutrients, flavor and prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from growing.

But frozen fruit can’t be used exactly like fresh fruit.

This is because these fruits contain a high amount of water.

Water expands when it is frozen.

Strawberry cells are ruptured by this, causing them to become soft and lose their shape when they defrost.

Even if you don’t cook frozen fruit, you can eat it straight out of the bag or with yogurt if you defrost it.

The strawberries are still somewhat shapely if they are served partially frozen.

Partially thawed strawberries are likely to maintain their softness as long as they still contain enough ice crystals to make up for their loss of volume.

Baking with frozen berries does not require thawing before use.

Make muffins, cobblers, or pies as you usually would, adding frozen berries as you go.

The following method can be used to thaw berries perfectly so they can be added to salads, used to garnish food, and even added to pies and cakes.

Just as they would be if they were fresh.

Fresh berries will provide a good result, but they will not end up quite the same; using a frozen alternative, though, will bring you close.

Instructions For Thawing In The Microwave

1.    As the berries are arranged, put them on paper toweling on a plate suitable for the microwave.

2.    Defrost them in the microwave for 30 seconds. The berries should be defrosted within 2 minutes.

3.    Stop any cooking of the berries by removing them from the microwave immediately. Fruit should retain its natural shape and appear lightly frosted.

4.   Gently remove the berries from the towel and go ahead and use them as you wish.

Is Thawing Important?

Defrosting berries is usually not necessary until they are needed for use.

It is not necessary to defrost berries prior to baking or cooking them, including making jam or sauce from them.

That will be taken care of by the cooking or baking process.

Using frozen berries even makes smoothies thicker, especially for those who wouldn’t want to use bananas for their smoothies.

Did you know that frozen fruit happens to be the secret ingredient in commercially bought smoothies? 

Frosted berries behave the same when cooked as fresh berries when frozen quickly and in prime condition.

This fact has been confirmed through extensive comparisons of different types of baked food and smoothie drinks.

You’ll thank yourself once the strawberry season has ended if you buy some extra berries at the market when they’re ripe and lush.

And in case you don’t have ice cubes at hand, use the frozen strawberries.

They look stunning in a glass of champagne!

All you need to do is take them out of the freezer and place them into your drink.

They will keep your beverage cold but will also release a nice hint of strawberry as they defrost.

If you just want to enjoy some coolness on a hot summer’s day, you can take the strawberries out of the freezer and suck on them while they are still frozen like you would and ice cream.

Perfect for those days when you have a sore throat.

The coldness of the frozen berry and the vitamin c it contains can soothe a sore and dry throat.

What Happens To Berries When Thawed?

You Will Get A Different Texture

The strawberry’s firmness will decrease after it has thawed.

They’ll be runny, soft, and mushy in texture. Strawberry turgor is lost once they are frozen, which is why they lose their juiciness.

Frost breaks off ice crystals from the strawberry, causing the cell walls to be punctured.

From this, you are going to get mushy soft strawberries that are not like the fresh ones.

Don’t Thaw The Berries Fully

To avoid thawed strawberries becoming soft and mushy, do not fully defrost the fruit.

When strawberries are left with some ice, they still remain firm, but they will be soft and able to be eaten.


The facts listed above make it a good idea for any family to keep frozen strawberries on hand, ready to use in yogurt, pancakes, and smoothies.

A freezer full of frozen strawberries lets you enjoy frozen fruit at any time, whether you eat them straight from the bag or cook the strawberries once thawed.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Thaw Strawberries

How Long Are Frozen Strawberries Good For Once Thawed?

Once thawed it’s best to use the strawberries as soon as possible, since freezing does not kill any bacteria. If during the thawing process the temperatures reach over 40F, the bacteria can begin to multiply. If you have leftover thawed strawberries, the safest way is to cook them first before you can either refreeze them or keep them for another couple of days.