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How To Tell If Frozen Lobster Is Bad – Better Safe Than Sorry!

How To Tell If Frozen Lobster Is Bad – Better Safe Than Sorry!

Lobster tails are a luxury and enjoyed by many.

Serving lobster tails to dinner guests is surely going to give you the golden crown.

Before doing so, it is important that you know how to tell if frozen lobster is bad.

You might have bought the lobster frozen, or you may have frozen it yourself in hopes of using it at a time like this.

Always look for the signs that can help you to tell if the lobster is good to eat or worth throwing out.

Eating lobster that has gone bad, whether frozen or fresh, can make you very sick, so it’s important to ensure it is safe to eat.

How To Tell If Frozen Lobster Is Bad?

Signs that a lobster is bad are signs of bad meat such as ammonia odor, slimy meat, discoloration, meat is falling apart easily, and consistency like cottage cheese. These are all signs that your frozen lobster is bad and should not be eaten. Lobster can go bad if it wasn’t frozen correctly, wasn’t prepared properly, or was stored in the freezer for too long. Always thaw your lobster completely to check for signs that the meat has gone bad.

Why Does My Lobster Smell Like Ammonia?

Lobster is very tender meat that can spoil fast if proper care has not been taken when the lobster has died.

If you remove the lobster from the freezer and when thawed, it gives off an ammonia smell, then this means the lobster is no good to consume.

If you can detect an ammonia smell in frozen lobster, it was either frozen too long after dying, or it was frozen improper.

When the meat starts to break down, it will create a strong ammonia smell.

This smell isn’t usually detected when the meat is frozen. This is why you need to ensure the meat is completely thawed so you can see if any ammonia smells exist.

When lobster is sourced commercially, it is often frozen before the freshness can be determined.

This is the downfall of buying frozen seafood. You won’t know it is spoiled until it is completely thawed.

Even if the lobster is completely cooked, there will still be spoilage signs present like texture, smell, and taste.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking lobster is safe to eat given it has been cooked under high temps. This isn’t the case with lobster.

How To Prevent Lobster From Becoming Spoiled

Lobsters are often served at seafood markets and restaurants straight from the tank alive.

This is often due to the fact that lobster can spoil very fast after it has died.

It makes it easier to keep the lobster breathing until it is ready to cook and eat. This is also the same reason why many will boil the lobsters alive.

When the lobsters are cooked alive, they don’t have the chance to decompose quickly.

This makes them safe to eat, and the meat quality is then retained.

Live lobsters and boiling alive is not the best idea for some people, which is why other safe methods need to be carried out to prevent the lobster from spoiling.

Whether you buy the lobster fresh or caught it on your own, the important thing is to limit the amount of time that lobsters spend in room temps. 

The moment the lobster dies, you need to clean the meat or cook it.

This means right away. It is bad to let lobsters that are already dead sit in room temps for more than half an hour.

As soon as it dies, cook the meat right away to be safe. If you cannot do this, take off the tail and freeze it after you have properly cleaned it.

Frozen lobster won’t spoil too fast, but the quality will suffer when it has been kept frozen for a long time.

Using frozen lobster in either 4-6 months is best. If you leave the lobster frozen for any longer than that, you run the risk of the meat developing a weird consistency and texture.

If you have cooked lobster meat, it will last in the fridge for up to 4 days. Any longer, you risk getting sick.

Safest Way To Thaw Frozen Lobster

It is best to thaw the lobster in the fridge for 24 hours. If you cook the meat when it hasn’t completely thawed, then you are going to get tough meat.

The lobster will thaw faster if you put it in a sealed food bag and sit it in water in the fridge.

If you are in a big rush, you can thaw the lobster in a microwave on a defrost setting, but this can lower the quality of the meat.

If you do it this way, ensure you don’t let the tails start to cook.

Once completely thawed, you can cook as you wish, baking, grilling, broiled, steamed however you like.


Now you know exactly what to look for when it comes to bad lobster, you should be able to determine quickly whether it is safe to eat.

It really isn’t worth the risk of eating spoiled seafood given how sick it can make you.

If you are freezing lobster yourself, ensure you understand the right things to do to ensure the lobster is safely frozen without any risk to your health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frozen Lobster

Why Is My Frozen Lobster Pink?

You might notice your frozen lobster is pink. This is just a protein that comes from the tissues and blood of the lobster. It won’t hurt you and simply means your lobster is fresh. The pink tinges will rinse off if you prefer to do so.

Do I Have To Thaw The Lobster Completely Before Cooking?

This is the best way to notice odors, coloring, or dark spots on the lobster. Bad lobster smells may not be present when frozen but will be noticeable once it has thawed.