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How to Store White Rum – You Need to Know This!

How to Store White Rum – You Need to Know This!

How to store white rum and how long can it be stored?

According to some, rum can remain fine for a long period as it is a base spirit with trusted longevity.

It is a fact that properly stored rum can last for many years without turning bad.

However, if rum is not sealed, it may turn bad within a few days.

So how to store white rum?

How to Store White Rum

To store white rum store it in a cool and dry place far away from any heat source and sunlight. White Rum can be either stored in a pantry or cellar. A cellar is often considered to be the best place to store rum.

How to chill white rum using a refrigerator

You can freeze white rum for a few minutes before drinking
You can freeze white rum for a few minutes before drinking

If you prefer to consume white rum chilled, it is better to freeze it for a few minutes before its consumption than to keep it in the fridge for an extended time.

Alternatively, you can add ice cubes to it.

No matter where and how you store white rum, ensure that it is sealed at all times.

If you prefer to store your Rum in a refrigerator, avoid storing it in a standard refrigerator.

Opt for a household freezer that can be regulated to -18 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, avoid storing white rum while the pourer is on.

Benefits of sealing white rum after use 

Seal white rum after drinking it
Seal white rum after drinking it

There are two main benefits of sealing white rum.

Firstly, when you seal a rum bottle after use, you prevent contaminants from having access to the inside of the bottle.

This could result in spoiling or damaging the rum.

The second benefit of sealing your rum bottle after drinking is that it reduces the effect of evaporation.

If you do not cover the bottle after use, it easily becomes milder with time as evaporation quickly takes place in alcoholic drinks.

Leaving the pourer on while storing the white rum bottle, this process will even be faster.

Once your white rum fills less than half a bottle, it is suggested to move it to a smaller bottle.

The more space your rum has, the more likely will it become tasteless and lose its quality.

If you will finish the white rum within a few days or weeks, there may be no need to pour it into a smaller bottle.

Tips to improve a white rum’s shelf-life

Store white rum in a cellar if possible
Store white rum in a cellar if possible
  • Store white rum in a dry and cold place
  • A cellar or a pantry are optimal place to store white rum
  • Avoid any sunrays reaching your white rum bottle
  • Place the white rum bottle far away from any heat source
  • Seal the white rum bottle after using it

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Store White Rum

Can white rum be stored in the freezer?

If the freezer is regulated to -18 degrees Fahrenheit, white rum can be stored in the freezer.

How long can white rum be stored?

White rum can be stored for more than 20 years if it is unopened and the seal remains unbroken.

Should white rum be refrigerated?

Spirits such as whiskey, vodka, and rum should not be refrigerated. This is because the high alcohol content keeps their integrity. If the alcohol content is below 15 percent, it should go into the fridge once sealed.


Keep white rum in a well-sealed bottle in a dark, cool, and dry place, whether it is opened or not.

White rum may last for 20 years and beyond this way.