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How To Store Leftover Beer – Didn’t Know That!

How To Store Leftover Beer – Didn’t Know That!

Many people cherish the musty feel of beer as it soothes and calms the nerves. 

However, not all beer bottles are downed at a go. There must be that one special bottle that escaped the thirst of the mouth. 

Then, how do you store a leftover beer? This question has plagued and destroyed many leftover beers.

In this article, an answer will be provided on how best to store leftover beer.

How Do You Store a Leftover Beer? 

The best way to store an open beer is by keeping it refrigerated after opening. This will prevent micro-bacteria from contaminating the opened beer bottle. Keeping the beer upright will prevent oxygenated air to get into it. Make use of bottle locks to keep the air out. 

What you need to know regarding storing beer

How do you store an unopened beer and still enjoy that perfect taste?

There is a lot of misinformation about how to store leftover beer correctly.

Let’s have a look at how storing leftover beer is done correctly.

How to tell if a beer has gone bad

There’s a traditional signature in opening a beer bottle and if it’s not noticed while opening a beer bottle, we then consider it to be a bad beer.

That familiar “psst!” sound and the usual foam that pops up while opening the bottle is that signature.

However, that is not the only scenario to know if a beer has gone bad.

Sometimes, the taste of the beer already gave out its viability. 

When a beer tastes all skunky or flat then that beer has all gone bad. 

How light, oxygen and bacteria make a beer go bad

Light beams generate a chemical reaction in the beer. 

These reactions caused by the chemical cause the beer to lose its natural flavor and this leads to the spoilage of the beer.

Also, when an open beer is exposed to oxygen, it leads to the deterioration of the beer compositions.

When the chemicals have deteriorated, it leads to the bad taste of the beer.

Storing beer in a bottle paves way for the exposure to oxygen.

Last but not least is bacteria infestation. 

Although bacteria is an unlikely source to cause the spoilage of beer, it is still possible for it to be the factor behind the spoilage.

Since beers are highly concentrated in alcohol, bacteria can’t survive.

Somehow, bacteria can still find their way into the beer and contaminate the beer.

This also causes the beer to taste flat and skunky. 

However, beer can go bad after opening a bottle of beer but for how long does it stay consumable?

Best Ways To Store a Beer

It is important to note that there are factors to consider before storing a beer.

The type of beer you want to store is very important to note before attempting to store a beer.

Aside from that, the required temperature is also a crucial factor to note when trying to store a beer.

Storage of Beer With The Use of Kegs

Storing beers in kegs is a good storage method.

However, it is necessary to know the rules of storing beer in kegs. 

Keep the beer kegs in a cool, dry place and also away from everything that is consumable. 

The beer kegs should not be frozen since it will lead to an alteration in the taste of the beer. 

Frequent movement of the kegs is not advised because this will lead to an increase of foam which will eventually lead to pouring out when the keg is finally opened.

Storing Beer Using Cans and Bottles

There are also necessary guidelines to follow while storing beer in a bottle. 

To prolong the viability of a bottled beer, it should be stored at a temperature of 45°-55° Fahrenheit (7°-13° Celsius).

Keep a bottled beer vertically as this will keep the bottle airtight.

Canned and bottled beer should be in a place slightly above its temperature.

The use of Growlers

Storing beers using growlers is the best way to store a beer.

Especially when it’s stored in a cool and dry place.

These storage options are good for storing unopened beer.

To actually enjoy a good beer after opening, and later storing it, it must be properly stored first.

How To Store Opened Beer

After opening that chilled bottle of beer, and you are left with no option but to abandon it for a while, how then do you store it? 

Since one of the factors that lead to beer spoilage is the introduction of oxygen, it is important to keep it airtight immediately after opening.

In addition, an opened beer should be refrigerated.

Keeping an opened beer in the refrigerator reduces the reaction of microbes in the beer.

Keep it in an upright position.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Store Leftover Beer

What makes beer go bad?

Beer is an organic substance, it contains chemicals that prevent spoilage if stored properly. There are three main causes for beer spoilage, and they are bacteria, light, and oxygen.

How Long Does Open Beer Last?

Once a lager has been opened, the probability of it staying viable for consumption for a long period is very low. If you leave a beer it is exposed to air. This will result in the deterioration of carbon dioxide in the beer.

Why do you store a beer?

The goal of storing a beer is to prolong the expiration date and more importantly to enjoy that smooth taste of the beer further down the road. Proper storage of a beer will guarantee a longer life span.


To enjoy the smooth, sultry, and soothing taste of beer to the maximum, it must be properly stored according to its temperature, type of beer, and vertical position.

Once opened, beer deteriorates quickly once it comes in contact with oxygen. Keep beer in the refrigerator in an upright position and use bottle locks to keep the air out.

If these criteria are met, you are surely able to get that awesome larger taste you desire.