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How to Store 25 lbs of Rice? Best Tips

How to Store 25 lbs of Rice? Best Tips

How to Store 25 lbs of Rice? Rice is a food staple that’s used in a variety of dishes. If you cook with rice regularly, buying rice in bulk could save you time and money.

Of course, that rice could wind up going to waste if it’s not properly stored. Using the right storage methods can keep your rice fresh for as long as possible.

How Do You Store 25 Pounds of Rice

To store 25 pounds of rice, the container should have a minimum storage capacity of 11 quarts. Rice should be kept in an airtight sealed container stored in a cool, dry location. Any container used to store food products should be made from a food-safe material.

How to Store 25 lbs of Rice
How to Store 25 lbs of Rice

Store 25 Pounds of Rice

Ideally, the container you use should be made from food-grade plastic or glass. Avoid putting rice in a container that wasn’t designed for food storage.

The container should be sealed and should be kept out of direct sunlight.

High levels of humidity can cause the rice to spoil, which is why you may want to consider using a dehumidifier if you live in a humid location.

Store rice in an airtight sealed container
Store rice in an airtight sealed container

Does Rice Spoil?

Uncooked rice can last for a very long time if it’s stored properly. However, rice can and will spoil eventually.

Signs of spoilage include mold, an oily texture, and a rancid smell. Eating spoiled rice can be dangerous, which is why it’s best to toss out rice that may have expired.

While white rice can keep for as long as two years, brown rice tends to spoil more quickly. Rice can also spoil more quickly if it’s exposed to contaminants.

A cool dry location is best to store rice
A cool dry location is best to store rice

What Can Contaminate Rice?

Air, direct sunlight and water all have the potential to contaminate rice. When the air gets into a storage container, it can cause bacteria spores to form, which can cause the rice to spoil.

Keeping rice in an airtight sealed container will be sufficient in most cases. However, if you’re storing 25 pounds of rice or more, you may want to consider placing oxygen absorbers in the storage container to minimize airflow.

Both water and direct sunlight can cause mold to form. Once mold forms, it can spread quickly, which is why you should immediately remove wet or damp rice from your container.

The rice weevil is another major threat. This pest feeds off rice and can bite its way through thin plastic containers and paper packaging.

To keep weevils away from your rice, you should keep it stored in a container made from glass or thick plastic. Make sure the container is airtight so that weevils don’t have a way to get in.

You can also deter weevils by placing bay leaves in and around your storage containers. Other aromatic herbs, such as cloves and peppercorn, can also help repel this pest.

Rice can spoil
Rice can spoil

How to Store Uncooked Rice

After you purchase a 25-pound bag of rice, you should immediately transfer the rice to a suitable container. Rice can develop mold when it’s exposed to water, which is why it shouldn’t be washed before it’s stored.

When you’re storing larger quantities of rice, it should be kept in a location that’s dry, dark, and very cool.

In fact, the ideal temperature to store rice at is 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

While rice can be kept cool in the refrigerator, not all fridges will have the space for a 25 pound of rice.

You can keep rice stable at higher temperatures by placing oxygen absorbers in the storage container the rice is kept in.

The storage container you’re using should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before the rice is stored. For long-term storage, a food-grade storage bucket can be ideal for a 25-pound bag of rice.

Keep rice sealed air tight
Keep rice sealed airtight

White Rice vs. Brown Rice

White rice goes through more processing than brown rice. While this means that it’s lacking in some of the nutrients you can find in brown rice, it also means it has a longer shelf life.

Brown rice isn’t milled before it’s sold, which means it contains more oil than white rice.

These oils put the rice at risk of spoiling, which is why you’ll have to pay especially close attention to brown rice.

While brown rice does have a shorter shelf life than white rice does, both types of rice are considered to be shelf-stable foods.

This means you can store any type of rice in your pantry as long as it’s kept in an airtight food storage container.

How to Store Cooked Rice

Leftover rice can be stored in the fridge for about three to four days. Rice can be safely stored in the freezer for one to two months, but it should be thawed before it’s cooked.

Bacteria can start to form on cooked rice after just a few hours, which is why it should be stored as quickly as possible. It’s best to let rice cool before you transfer it to the fridge.

You can quickly cool hot rice by placing it on a tray or a baking sheet. Once it’s cool, it should be transferred to an airtight storage container.

If rice is being stored in the freezer, it should be kept in a freezer-safe bag. Make sure that the rice is spread in an even layer.

Since the shelf life of cooked rice is more limited than the shelf life for uncooked rice, it can be helpful to mark the storage container with the date the rice was stored. That way, you can make sure the rice is used before it’s spoiled.

How to Avoid Problems When Storing Rice

It can be frustrating to have to throw out large quantities of rice. Thankfully, if you take a few extra precautions when you’re storing your rice, you can buy in bulk without letting food go to waste.

Storage containers should always be dated so that you can see the date the rice was originally stored. This can be especially helpful for brown rice, which expires more quickly than white rice.

The storage container used for the rice should be completely airtight. It’s best to invest in a high-grade storage container, and you may want to consider using tools like oxygen absorbers to keep the rice fresh.

Lastly, make sure you inspect your rice from time to time, even when it’s not being used. Regular inspections will help you find and identify threats like weevils before these pests contaminate your rice stores.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Store 25 Pounds of Rice

Can You Store Rice In the Fridge?

Both cooked and dry, uncooked rice can be stored in the refrigerator. Rice can also be stored in the freezer to prolong its shelf life.

What Is the Shelf Life of Rice?

If properly stored, white rice can last up to 2 years. Brown rice has a much shorter shelf life and typically lasts about six months.

Conclusion On How to Store 25 lbs of Rice

Since uncooked rice can keep for a long time, it’s an excellent food to buy in bulk. With these suggestions, you’ll be able to safely store 25 pound bags of rice.