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How to Open a Bag of Rice – That’s it!

How to Open a Bag of Rice – That’s it!

If you buy grains in bulk, you likely know the struggle that can ensue when you want to open a bag of rice.

It seems that one wrong move and you will have a mess of rice grains on your hands, and even more worrisome, is how you will store the rice bag to preserve freshness and accommodate convenience the next time you need some rice.

How to open a bag of rice?

Handle the bag of rice according to the weight of it- that is, support it as needed. If you open a bulk sized bag of rice by pulling on the string at the top and undoing the knots that secure it to the bag, you can open the bag of rice and also preserve the bag to store the rice for the future. If you end up cutting the bag open, you will have quick access but potentially lose out on future utility for the rice bag.

Do you know how to open a bag of rice? Keep reading to learn how!

A Bag of Rice

A bulk-sized bag of rice is a sack and it can be daunting.

First of all, who needs this much rice? Where and how will you store it?

If you eat rice, it makes sense to buy your grains in bulk-sized bags that also preserve the grain by keeping out moisture.

Rice should always be kept in a cool, dry place, and keeping it in the rice sack that you bought it in will help protect it from mold and moisture.

Buy a bag of rice and examine it before you hurry to open it up. These rice sacks are different than typical packaging and bags- plus, the bag is likely heavy.

Before you resort to opening the bag with scissors or a knife, use the following tips to open it gently, and in one piece.

Opening Bags of Rice

Do you see the strings near the top of the bag?

This is the key to opening the bag with ease. If you find the string with a single row of stitching, this is the string to follow until you see the knot.

The knot is what holds the bag closed and it can be undone to open and access the bag.

It may be tough to undo and untangle the tiny knots, but it is feasible. You could use something pointed to help out, like a knife, but be careful not to cut the strings.

After doing this once, you will know what to look for and how to properly open a bag of rice!

Tips to Open a Bag of Rice

Pay heed to these tips for opening bulk sized bags of rice easily and efficiently- while also preserving the bag for storing the rest of the rice, too.

  • If you need help untangling the knots on the string that closes the rice bag, you can use a knife but be careful not to cut the bag.
  • Try to save the bag without cutting the top so that you can reuse the bag for dry veggies later-on, when the rice is gone.
  • Secure the bag between your knees when attempting to open so that you don’t accidentally spill and lose your rice.

Now that your bag of rice has been opened, be thoughtful about where and how to store the remaining rice. Rice is a grain that likes a cool, dry storage place. If it is exposed to moisture, it can become moldy or mildewed. The beauty of the rice bag that the rice came in is that it is made from a breathable material that helps with preserving the rice, so if you can salvage and reuse the bag, do it!

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Open a Bag of Rice

How long do you heat a rice bag in the microwave?

Typically, you heat a rice bag for two minutes, in 30-second intervals ideally. This will prevent you from overheating your rice bag.

Can you wash a rice bag?

You cannot wash a rice bag that you have made and filled with rice. If you make a removable cover for your re-heatable rice bag, you could wash the cover periodically. Rice bags are so easy and inexpensive to make that it makes sense to simply replace the bag when it becomes dirty.

How many grains of rice are in a bag?

There are approximately 21,000 to 25,000 individual grains of rice in a one-pound bag of long-grain white rice.

How do you dry out your phone in rice?

Rice acts as a desiccant, so bury your phone in rice if the phone happens to get wet or becomes damp. Make sure that the rice is uncooked and dry, as well. Leave the phone in the bowl of rice overnight if possible, to allow the rice to fully absorb the moisture from the phone.


When you buy rice in bulk, it comes in an interesting and useful grain sack that can be reused as a protective way to preserve and store the remaining rice.

The issue with these rice bags is it may be challenging to open them sometimes- the key lies in the string near the top of the bag.

If you carefully examine and pull the string in the right direction, you will not only open your bag of rice but preserve the bag for proper storage later on!