How to Microwave Hot Dogs

How to Microwave Hot Dogs – A Complete Guide!

One of the greatest tools ever invented, a microwave oven is a joy for the busy mom or dad, the too-lazy-to-cook student or bachelor.

Regardless of the cooking method you use, food safety remains essential.

Even though hot dogs are pre-cooked, there is still a risk of them developing harmful bacteria such as Listeria.

To avoid the chance of a serious bout of food poisoning, hot dogs must be heated all the way through before eating.

But how to microwave hot dogs?

How to microwave hot dogs

To microwave hot dogs put the hot dogs on the microwave plate, choose the right cooking time setting, and press start. Within 2 to 3 minutes, the hot dogs will be ready to be eaten. Take them out from the microwave, put them on the buns and enjoy.

How to microwave hot dogs

As a microwave cooks hot dogs in super quick time, it is an ideal method to choose if only 1 or 2 hot dogs are to be cooked.

More than 2 hot dogs at a time will need a slightly longer cooking time in the microwave, but not by much.

Put your hot dogs onto the plate in the microwave. Some experts suggest using a paper towel placed under the hot dogs.

This is to absorb any oil or moisture that could seep out during the cooking process. 

It isn’t necessary to prick the hot dogs with a fork before cooking as they are in the cooking process for such a short time.

Slitting the hot dogs might also result in them drying out more than necessary. 

Another paper towel can be placed over the hot dogs. Doing this will keep the moisture next to them while they cook, resulting in a juicy and plump hot dog. 

How long to microwave the hot dogs

Different microwave ovens have different wattages. The suggested cooking times as mentioned below are suitable for an 800-1,000 watt microwave. 

As a general guide to microwave 3 to 4 hot dogs at a time, it’ll take about 1 and a half to 2 minutes to cook them through. For more hot dogs in one batch, say 7 to 8 hot dogs, it’ll need 4 to 5 minutes to cook them.

If the microwave has a higher wattage than mentioned here, use a shorter cooking time. For a microwave with a lower wattage, then use a long cooking time. 

Check up on the hot dogs

Gauge the middle of the cooking time and have a peek at the hot dogs. As different microwaves have different cooking times, it is a good idea to check on them halfway through. 

If the hot dogs are still a little cold when you touch them, they’ll need a longer cooking time.

When the hot dogs are warm or hot to the touch, they are either ready to remove from the microwave as they are finished, or need a few more seconds to finish cooking. 

Ready when you are

After the required length of cooking time, the hot dogs are ready to eat. Remove them from the microwave.

Put them on the ready opened buns and then add your relish of choice.  

Be careful though, the hot dogs are hot. Escaping steam from the microwave can produce a nasty burn. It is best to use oven mitts when removing the cooked hot dogs from the microwave. 

Once the hot dogs have been removed from the microwave and placed on a plate, the complete hot dog can be assembled.

Toast the buns beforehand, choose the relish, and add the hot dogs. Easy, simple steps for a great meal!

Use the microwave to boil hot dogs

Boiling hot dogs can also be done in a microwave.

Boiling hot dogs in a microwave is quick to do and will result in an evenly cooked hot dog. 

Use a fork and prick a number of holes in the hot dog. Or, you can also slice the edge of the hot dog with a knife. This will prevent the hot dog from splitting during cooking. 

Place the hot dogs in a microwaveable bowl that has been filled three-quarters of the way with cold water.

The hot dogs must be fully covered by the water. 

The bowl with the water and the hot dogs is placed in the middle of the microwave plate. Run the microwave on high for roughly 1 minute.

The more hot dogs there are in the bowl, the longer the cooking time will be. 

The hot dogs are ready when they are warm or hot to the touch. Be cautious when touching the hot dogs – they are hot!

The bowl with the hot dogs is carefully removed from the microwave, and the water is drained.

Lay a couple of paper towels on a plate, ready for the hot dogs. Paper towels are great. They’ll pull off the extra moisture from the hot dogs. 

How to microwave hot dogs

It isn’t only hot dogs that benefit from cooking in a microwave. The buns for the hot dogs can be ‘toasted’ in the microwave too. It’s a super method to warm the buns before eating.

Some types of relish also benefit from a gentle warming before being used.

Homemade relishes with tomato, garlic and onion will taste even better after being warmed through. 

Add the hot dogs to the warm bun, along with generous dollops of relish, and enjoy!

Use the microwave to cook hot dogs

Cooking hot dogs for the best ever meal is as easy as popping them into the microwave. Choose the right cooking setting for the microwave.

Place the hot dogs in a microwaveable bowl filled nearly to the top with cold water and press start. Within a couple of seconds, the hot dogs are ready to be enjoyed.