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How To Make Scrambled Eggs Without Butter – This is How!

How To Make Scrambled Eggs Without Butter – This is How!

Scrambled eggs are tasty and work for both the main meal and for a light breakfast or snack.

Scrambled eggs can be paired with many things, from salads to bacon and onion.

The good thing about scrambled eggs is the fact there are so many varieties to make them and things that you can add and take out.

Scrambled eggs are often made with butter, but what if you wanted to take the butter out? Can it be substituted?

How To Make Scrambled Eggs Without Butter?

To make scrambled eggs without butter use substitutes such as olive oil, canola cooking spray, sunflower oil, and even coconut oil.

What Is Butter?

Butter is a dairy product that is made with protein and fat components of churned creams.

At room temperature, butter is a semi-solid emulsion that contains around 80% of butterfat.

Butter can be melted as a condiment, or it can be used as a spread at room temperature and added to sauce recipes, baking, and even pan-frying.

Butter is mostly made from cow’s milk, but it can be made from other mammals.

Is Butter Unhealthy?

Butter does contain beneficial compounds and nutrients such as conjugated linoleic acid and butyrate.

It is high in fat and can put people at risk of high cholesterol, obesity, and heart problems.

Butter has a high-calorie count and should only be enjoyed every now and again.

If you use butter often or spread your toast with butter when you have eggs, then substitute the butter in your eggs is a good idea.

This will ensure you are not consuming too much butter.

Canola Cooking Spray

Canola is one of those oils that has a high smoke point which makes it a great option for frying scrambled eggs.

It has a neutral taste, so it won’t alter the taste of the eggs much.

Sunflower Oil

The good thing about sunflower oil is the fact it is gluten and cholesterol-free.

The oil works as a great option for a butter substitute and won’t change the flavor of the eggs at all.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great choice for cooking scrambled eggs in low or medium heat.

The good thing about olive oil is it adds a buttery flavor that you might miss when you take the butter out.

Bacon Fat

Some like to use bacon fat as it adds that bacon flavor that pairs so well with eggs.

Using bacon oil will add a bacon-smoked flavor to your eggs that isn’t overpowering.

Duck Fat

You can use duck fat as a substitute for butter in eggs, but it will add a complete flavor of its own.

Duck fat has a very rich flavor, and due to the high smoke point, it is safe to fry at high temps without burning.

Making Scrambled Eggs Without The Butter

The first step is to whisk your eggs into a bowl. You don’t want to over whisk as this can make the eggs rubbery and tasteless.

When cooking scrambled eggs, you don’t want the eggs on too high as you will get the same result, rubbery and tasteless eggs.

Frying them on low heat is the key to keeping them fluffy and moist.

When cooking, you want to swirl the eggs until you can see little curdles appearing. From here, you need to sweep the eggs. Swirling and sweeping will help you to achieve larger curdles and moist eggs.

Carrying Over Your Eggs

The eggs need to look runny and wet in some places. If you don’t stop cooking at this point, you are going to overcook the eggs.

Turn the heat off to the eggs as soon as they have started to set. The eggs can remain in the pan to continue cooking without the high heat, which will dry them out.

Scrambled Eggs Variety

Play around with scrambled eggs to create different flavors, so they don’t taste the same each time.

Apart from the plain old pepper and salt, there are so many things you can add to make them tastier and different.

Here are some of my favorites:

Add milk and cheese to the eggs for a creamier texture. You can use shredded parmesan, goat cheese, fets cheese, and cheddar cheese. Chuck in some spinach with your cheese they pair well.

For a more filling meal, you can add chorizos or bacon pieces to the eggs while they are cooking.

If you like to flavor with herbs, parsley, thyme, and oregano work well to produce a very earthy flavor to the eggs.

Add scallions or chives to finish the eggs off. They will not only taste good but look delicious too.

Crumbled feta cheese and dill work well to garnish the scrambled eggs.

Pair your scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes that have been lightly sauteed in fresh garlic.

Are you an avocado lover? Me to! Stuff your avos with scrambled eggs for a delicious and healthy meal.


Scrambled eggs are tasty and beautiful when they are just fluffy and moist.

Just because you are not eating butter doesn’t mean you have to give up scrambled eggs altogether.

Swapping butter for a different oil or cooking the eggs a different way means you can still enjoy them with their same great taste.

Adding a few herbs, spices, or other ingredients can add beautiful flavors that you won’t even miss the butter flavor.

What flavors can you create with your scrambled eggs? The possibilities are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scrambled Eggs Without Butter

What Oil Is Best For Scrambled Eggs?

When you are swapping butter for oil when cooking scrambled eggs try and use olive oil or other fruity oils like avocado oil or grapeseed oil.

Will My Scrambled Eggs Still Be Fluffy Without Butter?

It isn’t butter that makes them fluffy it is how long you whisk for and how well you cook them. If you cook the eggs properly and without butter, they will still turn out moist and fluffy.