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How To Make Pancakes In The Rice Cooker – 2 Different Ways!

How To Make Pancakes In The Rice Cooker – 2 Different Ways!

Most people think that a rice cooker only has just the one thing it does, which is cook rice.

The good old rice cooker can be used for so much more than just rice.

It just so happens that you can cook pancakes in the rice cooker that are giant in size and are beautiful and fluffy.

By the time it takes, to get everything out that you need, like the frying pan, the butter, and wait for it to heat up, you could already have them done.  

Even the ingredients and preparation for the pancakes is simple with easy clean-up. Bonus right!

How To Make Pancakes In The Rice Cooker?

First, you need to grease the rice cooker, then add the pancake mix. Start the machine on a single cycle. Go by half the amount of rice it can hold to help decide how much batter to add. Cook for a cycle between 30 to 40 minutes. Shorten this time if you have a small rice cooker.

The Japanese Pancake Way

The pancake is normally done on the hot frying pan and then served with beautiful butter, and fresh maple syrup.

When the pancakes are cooked in the rice cooker, they turn out more like Japanese pancakes.

The pancakes are extra fluffy, thick, and end up more like a cake than a pancake. They’re perfect with jam and maple syrup.

Getting The Basics

It is easy to make a pancake in the rice cooker and doesn’t require anything more than following a few simple instructions and operating your rice cooker.

Once you have your mixture whisk it all together until you get rid of all the lumps.

Lightly grease the inside pot and pour the mix into the rice cooker.

Press to start and begin a normal cycle. You can walk away and not worry until the machine is finished.

It should take rough 20 minutes if you have a rice cooker with the speed settings. If not, allow 30 to 40 minutes.

You can use a standard pancake mix with 100l of milk and 1 egg.

Whisk and cook; that is all there is to it.

These are best served warm so have your toppings, butter, and dinnerware ready to go while they are cooking.

Making Banana Pancakes In The Rice Cooker

Nothing tastes better in a hot cake than a banana. Adding bananas to create these pancakes is easy, and people will devour them.

First, you need to cover the bottom of the cooker with fresh slices of banana.

Over the banana, you want to add butter drizzled over. Beat your eggs in a mixing bowl until they look foamy, then mix everything else in.

Now, you can pour this over the bananas, ensuring you tap the bottom of the rice cooker to settle everything down and get rid of any air pockets.

For this recipe, you just need pancake mix, butter, 1 egg, ½ sliced banana, 110 ml milk, and toppings you want to add.

Adding A Japanese Touch

Adding a Japanese touch to your pancakes is an easy way and is done by adding powdered green tea to the mixture.

This gives you pancakes a nice taste and earthy color.

Just make it the same as you would normally using a pancake mix, butter, 100ml milk, 1 egg but add in 2 tbsp of green tea powder.

Using Your Rice Cooker Like A Frying Pan

Did you know you can use your rice cooker like a frying pan?

To do this, you need to crack the eggs into a mixing bowl and beat them. Now add in the dry ingredients.

You don’t need to be mixing at this stage.

Melt your butter, then add that and the milk to the mixture. Stir very gently but ensuring you don’t really mix it in and try to keep dry clumps of the mixture.

Yes, I know this sounds strange, but if your pancake batter is mixed thoroughly and is complexly smooth, the pancakes will be tough and not fluffy.

Pre-warm the rice cooker and ensure the pan is greased to stop your pancakes from sticking.

Pour ¼ cup of batter into the hot rice cooker pot.

How much you add will determine what the size of your pancake is going to be.

Until you get the consistency right, it is best to start with less then add more as you go.

Keep the lid open and cook the pancakes for two minutes or until you see a good number of bubbles on the surface of the pancake.

When you see this, flip the pancake gently and cook the opposite side.

If you like your pancake cooked more, leave it for another 30 seconds or less if you feel they are too done to your liking.


The first rice cooker emerged in 1955 in Japan.

Ever since that time, they have evolved into wonderful machines that can cook more than just right easily and without much hassle.

Some people cook beans, steam their veggies, and even bring dehydrated food back to life.

It seems there is just so much more you can do with your rice cooker. You can even cook pancakes in two different types, two different ways.

That is the rice cooker’s wow factor, but it doesn’t stop there.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to prepare Pancakes in a Rice Cooker

Should I Make Pancakes With milk Or Water?

Milk will add some flavor, and the fat in the milk will help produce moist pancakes. Water will give you a thinner pancake with no added flavor.

What Else Can I Add To The Pancakes?

What you can add to pancakes is endless, from plain butter to peanut butter, fruit, chocolate chips, maple syrup, and even candy crumbles. Experimenting is fun.