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How to Know When Scrambled Eggs are Done – Read This!

How to Know When Scrambled Eggs are Done – Read This!

Eggs are an excellent and satisfying source of protein any time of day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

They are also low in calories considering the nutrients that are packed in those tiny shells- how do you like your eggs cooked?

If you are fond of scrambling eggs, there are some basic cooking tips that can help with a tastier, fluffier egg- including advice regarding overall cooking times.

How to know when scrambled eggs are done cooking?

Generally, scrambled eggs are done cooking when you see curds begin to thicken and form, and when you see no more liquid egg. Remember that eggs will continue to cook when you turn off the heat, so pull your eggs off the stove when the liquid is absorbed, but they are still glossy. If you prefer them browned and well-done, keep cooking.

How to Know When Scrambled Eggs are Done
How to Know When Scrambled Eggs are Done

Do you know how to tell when scrambled eggs are done? Keep reading to find out more!

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs make sense any time of day- with toast for a filling breakfast or scrambled with veggies for a quick, weeknight dinner.

Eggs are fairly low in calories, especially if you consider the many nutrients and fiber that are contained in each egg.

Eggs have found a place in many diets- and are a key source of protein in low-carb or keto lifestyles.

Eggs are low in calories and high in protein
Eggs are low in calories and high in protein

Some cooks add cream to their scrambled eggs, while other chefs only use butter.

Some whip air into the eggs first, while others simply stir in the pan until scrambled.

There are many different ways and recipes for scrambled eggs, and it can be as simple as eggs and a bit of water with a hot pan.

However, you choose to scramble your eggs, opt for a nonstick pan and a pinch of salt every time.

Scrambled eggs are done when the curds thicken
Scrambled eggs are done when the curds thicken

Cooking Scrambled Eggs

So, what is the secret to fluffy scrambled eggs? You know, the ones with tender eggy curds that melt in your mouth?

Some- including popular artist Dolly Parton- claim that adding a couple of spoonfuls of ice water to the eggs before scrambling is key.

Other chefs echo this method, at least as far as not adding additional fat to the eggs before or during cooking.

Chef Gordon Ramsay suggests using no added fat, but when you pull the pan of eggs off the heat, add a generous pat of butter to melt into the eggs before plating and serving.

For moist, fluffy eggs- try the following recipe.

  • Bring a nonstick pan to a medium-low heat. Scrambled eggs are most tender when cooked low and slow.
  • When the pan is hot, crack a couple of eggs into a dish (to make sure they are good) and give them a quick mix with a fork to scramble.
  • Pour into the hot pan and as a layer of egg cooks, push it around to create curds. Keep moving and turning the eggs until all the egg liquid has been absorbed or has disappeared. Remove the pan from the heat when the egg curds are glossy, add a pat of butter, sprinkle of salt, and grind of black pepper to serve.

If you prefer a dry, firm scrambled egg, continue to cook until the desired doneness.

Eggs that are browned in the cooking process have a tendency to be tough- which is not what you want with scrambled eggs.

Cook them too long or at too high a heat and they can become rubbery, too. Low and slow really is best for tender, succulent eggs.

There should be no more liquid egg. This is when scrambled eggs are done
There should be no more liquid egg. This is when scrambled eggs are done

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Know When Scrambled Eggs are Done

Are scrambled eggs supposed to be soft or hard?

A scrambled egg should be somewhere in the middle of dry, hard-cooked eggs and soft, ‘weepy’ eggs. Scrambled eggs are cooked when the liquid has been absorbed or cooked in the pan- though the degree of cooking after this point really depends on your personal preference.

How many calories are in an egg?

There are around 70 calories in a single egg, depending on the size.

What is the best way to order eggs if you like them well-done?

If you prefer your eggs well-done or browned, it makes sense to order your eggs scrambled hard. This will ensure that the egg is dry and firm, and likely there will be some browning on the exterior. This eliminates the issue of an undercooked yolk.

How do you know when eggs are done cooking?

It can be difficult to tell exactly when your eggs are done precisely without a kitchen thermometer. However, a good rule of thumb is that eggs are done when there is no more visible liquid egg in the pan. Also, eggs will continue to cook off the heat so many will cook their scrambled eggs slightly under, so they are not overcooked or browned when served.

How do you cook eggs so they are not overcooked?

Cook until egg whites are completely firm and the yolks are set. To induce all-over cooking, cover your pan.

What kind of toast is best with scrambled eggs?

A hearty, firm type of bread holds up well and is best with scrambled eggs, such as a homestyle white or multigrain toast. Also, a toasted English muffin or bagel complements scrambled eggs perfectly.

Conclusion About How to Know When Scrambled Eggs are Done

Do you like scrambled eggs? They can be very satisfying and an excellent source of protein, too.

Try these tips to cook your eggs perfectly- not too much and not too little- and so that you know when your scrambled eggs are done cooking.