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How to Keep Fried Fish Warm? Nice One!

How to Keep Fried Fish Warm? Nice One!

Frying fish is not necessarily difficult to do, but it can be labor-intensive.

That is, you can make it easier with an assembly line of sorts when frying fish, whether one pound or ten.

Since the mess from frying can also be laborious, it makes sense to fry a bit extra and avoid having to go through the process again.

For this reason, you want to come up with a way to keep your fried fish warm, yet still crispy, while frying the rest or waiting to eat.

How to Keep Fried Fish Warm?

To keep fried fish warm put them on a wire rack and sheet pan in a warm, 200-degree F oven. The rack serves to get rid of any excess oil that could make the crispy coating on the fish turn soggy. Also, it allows steam to escape rather than trap moisture under the fish pieces, also leading to a limp coating.

Want to know how to keep fried fish warm? Keep reading to learn more!

Facts About Fried Fish

There is an old saying that both house guests and fish begin to smell in three days.

When it comes to fish, freshness is everything.

Experts recommend that you always consume leftover fried fish within three days of when it was prepared to be safe.

When frying fish, work in small batches, too.

Do not try to cook it all at once or it will lower the temperature of the cooking oil and cause your fish to be greasy and limp. Just cook two or three pieces of fish at a time.

After transferring the fish from the frying pan to a paper towel-lined plate, gently dab any oil that you see on the top of your fish.

As for how to keep it warm after cooking, a baking rack is your best friend in this scenario.

First, layer a sheet pan with a paper towel and then place the rack on top.

This will allow the fish to drain every last bit of oil, while also cooling completely.

This also prevents the chance that moisture will accumulate under each piece of fried fish- condensation from cooking- and cause your crispy coating to turn soggy and limp.

Preheat the oven to 250-degrees F for keeping the fish warm during the time it takes to cook the rest of your filets or steaks.

It is also advisable to place paper- either parchment or a paper bag- over the top of the fish when you get ready to store it.

Again, tent this paper loosely to prevent condensation in the fridge and try to eat within 24 hours for the best flavor possible.

Reheating and Warming Fried Fish

Reheating or warming your fried fish is another task that requires care and consideration.

Fried fish goes soggy at the first introduction of moisture- so keep it out of the fridge!

If you do need to store cooked fish in the fridge and notice that the coating is less than crisp, heat it up in a 300-degree F oven to heat through and try to brown up the crispy coating on the outside of your fish.

Some common ways to try and reheat or warm fried fish include these suggestions.

  • Reheat fried fish in the microwave. Heating in the microwave is fast but less than ideal as the coating on your fish will likely be soggy when done.
  • You could reheat fried fish in an air fryer, at a fairly low setting for just a few minutes- watch the time to prevent burning. Also, too long in an air fryer will likely result in dried out cooked fish.
  • Reheat in a warm oven, but not too hot. This can take the longest of these methods but will treat the breading or coating on your fish the most gingerly and gently to preserve crispness.

Fried fish is a tricky one to try and transport to parties or potlucks.

The coating can become limp or fall off the fish altogether! If you have ever experienced trying to transport fried foods like fries or chicken fingers from your favorite take-out to home, you may have noticed that it is simply not as good as when it first comes from the fryer.

If you plan to transport your fried fish, use a foil pan, and line it with paper before putting the fish in a single layer inside.

Add a foil cover but make some holes in it so that steam can escape without compromising your fish.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Keep Fried Fish Warm

What is the best recipe for frying fish?

Dredging fish is perhaps the best way to fry fish. Season flour with your choice of spices and plenty of salt and dredge the fish. Next, dip the fish in a beaten egg to create a glue for the final coating to stick to. Finally, dip in seasoned breadcrumbs and fry in hot oil for at least five minutes per side, until done.

What is the best coating for frying fish?

seasoned flour, then a beaten egg, and finally in breadcrumbs. This creates a crisp coating that adheres well to the fish during cooking.

What is the best fish to cook in the oven?

The best fish to cook in the oven are sturdier varieties, like swordfish or halibut steaks. Use a high heat, 425°F, and dredge your fish before baking. Make sure to use a cooking spray to prevent sticking.


Is it time for a fish fry at your house?

Use these tips to keep your fried fish warm while you do other things- and enjoy delicious, crispy fish when you are ready to eat!