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How To Freeze Lobster Tail – Preserving The Flavors!

Lobster tails are delicious, but unfortunately, their price tag isn’t.

Most people like me can’t help but bulk up when we see lobster on sale.

Now we cannot eat them for every meal or cook them up and eat all at once, can we?

Instead of doing that, you can preserve the lobster tails for the times you really feel like eating it.

How do we do that, I hear you asking! Freeze them, of course.

How To Freeze Lobster Tail?

To freeze the lobster tail safely, put it in a large pot of salt brine and heat to 212 degrees F. Once reached, you can remove the lobster and run it under cold water for about 15 minutes. Now go ahead and remove the tail and seal in a moisture vapor-free bag or wrap.

Can Lobster In The Shell Be Frozen

When it comes to freezing lobster, it isn’t just as easy as chucking it in the freezer and walking away.

You need to take certain measures to ensure the lobster is frozen in the best condition.

Doing so will ensure you have a fresh, soft, and full-flavored, thawed piece of lobster.

For the best results, blanch your lobster in brine. This can be made with half a cup of salt but it must be the non-oxidized type with 2 quarts of water added.

Bring this mixture to a boil and ensure that all the salt has been dissolved.

You can now put the tails in the water for a minute, then take them back out and transfer them to cold water with added ice.

The lobster should be allowed to soak for about 20 minutes.

This will ensure they don’t cook any further. Once they have done their time, take them out and dry them.

The tails can now be placed in freezer bags that are completely airtight and ensure you squeeze all the air out of the bag.

Label the bag with the contents, and the date, then wrap it in another freezer bag.

Wrapping twice allows an extra layer of protection.

How To Freeze Lobster Out Of The Shell

If you would like to remove the meat from the shell before you freeze it, you can.

You will need to follow the process as the above states.

Except once they have finished soaking in the cold ice bath, you will need to take the meat out of the shells and place it in freezer-safe bags.

Lobster that is already been taken out of the shell is good for 3 to 6 months.

Are There Other Ways To Freeze Lobster Tail?

There are different ways you can freeze lobster tails, and many are just personal preferences.

Some like to follow the same instructions that have been given above but instead, the lobster is wrapped in paper napkins, which will stop the bags from puncturing.

Personally, my favorite is freezing the lobster as an ice cube. All you are doing is preserving the tails in ice which will stop them from drying out.

To do this, all you need to do is clean and trim your lobsters. Make sure you de-vein the tails.

Now place them in a container suitable for freezing and fill it with water.

Then pop your lid on and put it in the freezer. This will help the lobsters stay fresh like the day they were bought.

Vacuum sealing the lobster is a good idea, and it’s a perfect way to preserve the lobster tails.

All you need to do is put the tails in a freezer bag that has been lined with paper towels and then seal with the machine and freeze.

Is It Possible To Freeze Dead Lobster?

You can freeze dead lobster tails if they have not been dead for more than two hours.

Any longer and bacteria will already be thriving, and toxins will be spreading through its body.

If your lobster is left at room temperature even while alive, by the time it dies, it will already have bacteria growing.

If your lobster has been in the fridge dead for no longer than a few hours, you can boil them up and then freeze them right away.

To prevent food poisoning, the lobster tail should always be cooked before freezing.

The toxins and bacteria can cause severe symptoms like cramping, vomiting, and migraines.

In some people, these symptoms can be fatal. Just a few extra steps taken to freeze dead lobster correctly to ensure everyone is safe.

How Long Can Lobster Tails Be Frozen For?

The opinions here will differ. Some say between 3 to 6 months, and others say 9 to 12 months.

I believe being prepped correctly and stored properly in the freezer; it will still remain fresh for up to 12 months.

The quality of the meat might be reduced, but it is still eatable. The only reason the meat quality will be reduced is the meat will get freezer burn when stored too long.

It won’t hurt you; it just doesn’t look too exciting, and the quality might be different.


There is no need to cook up all the lobster you brought at the sale and make yourself bloated eating it all at once.

Save it and use it when you can really enjoy it.

Freezing lobster is a great idea, so you have some on hand when you are craving a good feed or when those fussy visitors turn up for dinner.

Now you know the correct way to prepare and freeze lobster tails, you will have them on hand all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lobster Tail

How to Thaw Lobster Tails?

Always ensure you defrost your lobster tails in the fridge and let them defrost for 24 hrs. After that, you can steam them for 8 mins for a quick meal.

How Much Meat Does A Lobster Tail Have?

There are about 6 ounces of meat in a one-pound Maine lobster tail. In a New Zealand claw-less, there are about 7 ½ ounces.