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How To Core Strawberries – #1 Best Suggestions

How To Core Strawberries – #1 Best Suggestions

How to core strawberries? There is nothing more frustrating than having to hull strawberries if your recipe calls for strawberry tarts or if they are just snacks that you want to eat.

The following methods are a safe and easy way for you to core a strawberry.

How To Core Strawberries

In order to “core” a strawberry, start by slicing from the side towards the middle of the strawberry. Once you’ve reached the center, continue cutting the strawberry around the green cap. The plug needs to be removed. 

Core Strawberries

Strawberry leaves and stems must be removed before adding them to a dish.

My method of doing this used to be to simply slice the top half of the berry off, but I took an opportunity to think about how this wastes quite a bit of the fruit.

I actually found out that you can core strawberries by removing only the leafy parts and the pale core, and this method only takes a few minutes to accomplish.

When you use a knifeless cooking system, you will not need to worry about your kids cutting themselves.

You can easily and safely hull strawberries with a straw by following these simple directions.

Coring Strawberries With A Straw

What is the best way to hull a large number of strawberries within a short timeframe?

So, let’s grab a straw! You will never prepare strawberries the same way again once you try this fruity food hack.

It’s fun and also safe to try this activity with kids – using just a drinking straw and a little wrist action.

A straw will be needed to perform this hack, as well as a heap of berries with the green stalks still attached.

With one hand, grip your straw firmly in place, the other will hold the strawberry.

To push through the strawberries, carefully arrange your straw so that it is at the bottom of the fruit.

Once the straw is placed at the bottom, push very gently until you come to the green leaves of the fruit.

Now that you have cored your berry completely, all the green leaves will be in the straw.

In one push, you should be able to pull the leaves and stalk from the stem.

It is the end of your strawberry-hulling endeavor.

Repeat the hulling process over and over, or you’ll never get your whole punnet hulled. Then eat your way through it.

Coring A Strawberry With A Knife

If you want to use a more original method of coring strawberries, then you need to consider using a sharp knife.

However, this method is more time-consuming than the previous one.

 Being that you are going to be handling a knife, you must take extra care to avoid cutting yourself.

Strawberry calyxes can be removed with a pairing knife.

The berries must be washed before beginning.

Make sure they are well dried.

This is important as a wet strawberry can be slippery. A slippery surface and a knife don’t pair well. 

Hold the knife with your dominant hand if you want maximum control

Using the knife in a way you are not accustomed to and holding the knife in your weaker hand will almost certainly result in cutting yourself.

Even though your knife is snug against the hull, you should ensure that it is secure enough to work safely.

The more precise you are with this method, the less waste you can expect to get in the next step.

Circumambulate the hull in a full circle while holding the knife in place

Instead of moving the knife while you hold the berry, move the berry first. You will also be less likely to slip when using the knife. Use a sharper or smaller knife for this task if you are having difficulty.

The strawberry’s hull should be removed

After you have fully spun the strawberry, the hull should be easy to remove. If it does not work, spin it again. 

To hull or hollow out your next strawberry, make sure you clean your knife beforehand

Be sure to keep your knife clean in order to prevent problems caused by excess strawberry mush when you are preparing the next berry.

Tips And Tricks For Coring Your Strawberries

Following is some advice to make hulling your strawberries easier:

There’s no better straw for this than the tallest Simply poke the strawberry hulls out over your garbage with a skewer if your straw becomes filled with strawberry cores.

Starbucks straws are the go!

There is a large diameter to them, and some are quite hard, so they don’t require more than one shot to push the whole hull out.

When you order a large or tall drink, you get a smaller straw size.

I recommend you try that if you have a smaller strawberry.

You can use a skewer to poke strawberry cores out of your straw if it gets full.

You can also pull out the core from the straw by grasping the leaves if they are still attached and then pulling the core right out with your fingers.

If you pull the leafy bit off the strawberry, it’ll be easier to make sure all of the white core is removed.

Conclusion About How to Core Strawberries

What are you waiting for? Let’s start coring those juicy strawberries!

To prepare strawberries for hulling, wash them first before you hull them using either one of the two methods above.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coring Strawberries

What Is The Point Of Hulling a Strawberry?

The purpose of hulling a strawberry is to remove the leaf and hard core of the strawberry.

What Do We Call The Top Of The Strawberry?

The green leaf part of the berry is known as a calyx.