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How To Cook Pre-Cooked Frozen Lobster Claws – For The Best Taste

Lobster that has been precooked, then frozen and heated, can be a moist and delicious dining experience.

Other times the meat in the claws can be tasteless and quite dry. 

You might have a leftover lobster claw that you precooked and is now sitting in the freezer, and you need tips on how to cook it, we can help.

How To Cook Pre-Cooked Frozen Lobster Claws?

To cook pre-cooked frozen lobster claws start with defrosting them. Wrap the claws in foil and place them on an oven tray and cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook in the oven for about 15 minutes, then serve hot.

Cooking Lobster In The Oven

The oven method for cooking pre-cooked frozen is a favorite.

The key is to use gentle heat, which is why many prefer this method.

Once the meat has been pre-cooked, it is best to heat in the oven with the claw shell on and in lobster stock, butter, or a marinating sauce.

The best way to steam lobster is to preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (177 degrees Celsius) and place the claws on a nonstick tray.

You need liquid In the dish, such as a marinating sauce, butter, or some stock, to help retain moisture.

Heat the claws in the oven for about 10 minutes, but different ovens will slightly differ.

Take the claws out of the oven and serve straight away.

Reheating Your Lobster On The Stove

If you like the idea of reheating your lobster on the stovetop, there is an easy way.

To do this, you need to ensure that you take the lobster out of the shell.

Choose a skillet or saucepan that will fit the lobster claws in nicely.

Select a nice stock for lobster, such as chicken or lobster stock.

You can add butter to the pan if you wish. Bring the stock to a simmering point which normally takes around 10 minutes.

Now you can add your butter if you like. Heat until it is warmed right through.

Reheating Lobster With The Grill

If you love cooking up a bbq on the grill, don’t forget to add your lobster.

That’s right, you can grill lobster too.

First, preheat the grill, then, using olive oil, coat the lobster claw, and add your seasoning of choice.

If the lobster is still in the shell, you can heat it with the shell side facing down and remember not to flip.

This will seal in the flavor. Grill the lobster until it has heated right through.

Using The Microwave To Reheat Lobster Claws

The microwave is good for those quick meals you want to heat up but without the mess of pots and pans.

Unfortunately, the microwave is not the best option for heating lobster claws and is last on the list of recommendations.

To do this, you want to make sure the lobster has been removed from its shell, then wrap in it moist paper napkins.

You can heat for 3 to 5 minutes until you can feel the lobster is hot. Unwarp from the napkins and serve right away.

Reheating Frozen Lobster Tips

It doesn’t matter whether the lobster is cooked or raw when it is thawing out.

It needs to be done gradually inside the fridge. If you need it defrosted fast, you can pop the lobster into a sealed bag and then pop it into a bowl of water and then into the fridge.

If you want to defrost it right there and then, the microwave is the option using the defrost setting.

However, defrosting in the microwave can dry the meat out.

You don’t always have to heat lobster it can be eaten cold for a change.

You can throw in some herbs, shallots, celery, and lobster meat topped with mayo and warm butter, and you have a lobster salad.

Like a bit of tang? Add a few squeezes of lemon juice.

Tips For Disconnecting The Claws To Freeze

To remove the claws, you want to twist the front legs off your lobster first.

If this isn’t easy, you can opt to cut them off with good sharp kitchen scissors.

Now bend the pincher until it snaps.

Remove the shell. For the next part, you can use a nutcracker or lobster cracking tool on the base of the claw and apply pressure until you hear the shell breaking.

Go ahead and open the shell and take out the claw meat. The crackers can also be used on the knuckle area so you can get a small amount of meat out.

If you struggle with the knuckles, a good tip is to use a skewer to pull the meat out.


Now that you know exactly how to reheat cooked frozen lobster claws, there is no reason not to enjoy them whenever you want.

For a light meal or just a snack, lobster thaws really well and makes a great meal.

Ensure you freeze and cook it properly, and you won’t have any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Precooked Lobster

What Does Precooked Lobster Mean?

Precooked means it has already been cooked, so once frozen, it only has to be thawed and reheated. This makes the process quicker and easier.

What Is The Best Way To Reheat Precooked Frozen Lobster?

Steaming is the best way. It retains moisture and flavor, so you don’t get dry and tasteless meat.