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How To Cook Millet In The Rice Cooker – An Easy Process

Do you love millet and own a rice cooker? That’s great news!

The rice cooker offers so much more than just cooking rice in it.

Pancakes, vegetables, beans, millet, and much more can be cooked in the rice cooker.

If you haven’t been cooking millet in the rice cooker, you are missing out.

The best thing about rice cookers is the fact you can set them to cook, and they don’t need to be supervised.

Millet cooks well in the rice cooker and actually cooks faster than long grain rice.

Millet is easy for the stomach to digest, and it is very high in protein.

Millet works well with meat and is preferred on the side with pot roast or lamb.

The grain can be baked into eggs and even added to soups and stews. Or served as dessert with hot milk and sugar.

Are you interested to know how to cook millet in the rice cooker? We’ll show you how.

How To Cook Millet In The Rice Cooker

To cook millet in the rice cooker, rinse it first. Then add one cup of millet to 2 cups of water. Turn on the cooker and let the millet cook for 20 minutes.

What Is Millet?

Millet is actually a grain that belongs in the family of grass.

Millet has been used for cooking for many years in a variety of ways. The good thing about millet is it suits those who are celiac or have a sensitivity to wheat.

Millet makes a great addition to main and side dishes and works well to replace rice and pasta.

Is Millet Good For You?

Millet is good for those who may have problems eating grains.

Millet has the right vitamins and amino acids that your body needs.

By eating millet, you are giving your body energy that will last the whole day.

Millet can be eaten in large amounts due to it having a very low glycemic index which runs better than rice.

You won’t suffer the sluggish feeling, gas, and bloating that comes from other types of grains.

The Best Rice Cooker For Millet

There are many rice cookers out there. Some of the old-fashioned ones work well alongside the modern features. Is there one particular type better for cooking millet?

Panasonic rice cookers are a good choice.

The top-selling cookers that you find are mostly created by Panasonic.

How To Cook Millet In The Rice Cooker

To cook millet in the rice cooker, you need to rinse 1 cup of millet in fresh water.

Due to the size of the millet, it won’t need to cook as long as other grains will.

Put 2 cups of water into your cooker, then add one cup of millet in. Give it a good stir and add some salt for taste if you prefer.

Turn on the cooker and set it for a basic, normal cook, which should go for 20 minutes.

Millet doesn’t need any longer than 20 minutes, and it can go mushy if left to cook for too long.

You want your millet to have a slight force to the bite and not be too chewy.

Millet holds shape very well, and when it is done, don’t leave it in the cooker for too long.

If you prefer millet overdone then just leave it in longer and keep checking for the doneness that you like.

Which Is Better Rice Or Millet?

If you like both rice and millet and wondering if there is a better choice, let’s help you out there.
When it comes to foods being good for you, it goes with the intake.

Sometimes what is healthy for you isn’t in large amounts.

Millet has pros and cons, and so does rice. Both are good for you in their own way. If going for either, try and chose organic millet or rice as it doesn’t contain pesticides.

Rice has health benefits, sure, but if you have diabetes or suffer from obesity, then millet is the better choice.

Protein content: millet is rich in fiber and protein.

Rice doesn’t contain much protein but is very high in carbohydrates. In this case, millet is better for you.

Dietary fiber: Both millet and rice have plenty of fiber.

Millet, however, has more dietary fiber than rice which makes it suitable for those wanting to lost weight.


Millet can be quite bland, and it is one of those things you don’t like instantly.

You either like it or hate it. Millet is very boring eaten on its own but can be a great addition to plenty of dishes.

People have even attempted to make rice pudding from millet in the rice cooker, and it turned out well.

If you are thinking of swapping out rice for a while just to get a fresh change, then millet is the right choice.

The fact you can cook it in the rice cooker is just another reason to add it to your diet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cooking Millet in a Rice Cooker

Do I Need To Soak Millet Before Cooking?

You don’t have to soak millet. Just give the millet a good rinse before cooking is all that it needs.

Can You Cook Millet In Broth To Enhance The Flavor?

You can cook millet in broth to add flavor. You can swap the same quantity of water when cooking and use broth instead to help enhance the bland flavor of the millet.