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How Much is a Bunch of Spinach? [Solved]  

How Much is a Bunch of Spinach? [Solved]  

How much is a bunch of spinach?

Most people have immediate access to millions of recipes from around the world.

Sometimes these recipes are straightforward and simple to read, other times, they come with confusing ingredient lists and frustrating instructions.

Some modern food bloggers use vague descriptions and measurements, which can make even the simplest recipe difficult to execute.

Thankfully, the rest of the internet noticed that some of us weren’t familiar with nondescript forms of measurement, and created content to help us reach a conclusion.

If you’ve ever found yourself halfway through an online recipe card, wondering how much is a bunch of spinach, you’re not alone, and we have an answer.

How Much is a Bunch of Spinach?

Typically, a bunch of spinach is around 11 ounces with stems and 6 ounces without. Most supermarkets sell spinach both in bags and in bunches, and it’s common for them to match their fresh bunch of spinach to the weight in the standard-size bag they sell. Remember when shopping, spinach is light, so a bunch is actually quite a bit. Also, spinach will shrink dramatically when you saute it, so if a recipe calls for one bunch, you might want to add another.

How Much is a Bunch of Spinach?
How Much is a Bunch of Spinach?

Cooking with a Bunch of Spinach

Cooking with a bunch of spinach is easier said than done.

First of all, you want to ensure that your recipe is actually calling for a bunch of spinach, which some bloggers and websites confuse with a handful.

Now, a handful of spinach is much less than a bunch, especially when cooked.

A good way to figure out how much spinach you’ll want to use in your recipe is to gauge the other ingredients.

This way, you can determine how much spinach you’ll want or need to use in conjunction.

Spinach is a wonderful way to add nutrients to any meal, especially when served raw.

So, when cooking, another aspect you’ll want to keep in mind is whether or not your recipe calls for a cooked bunch of spinach, or fresh and raw. These are very different volumes of spinach.

How to Measure a Bunch of Spinach

When you measure spinach, think in terms of ounces.

You might find yourself measuring out fresh spinach at the grocery store, or choosing a pre-packaged bag from the shelves.

If you’re measuring fresh, the produce aisle should have a scale or two.

Place your fresh spinach on the scale, and if the spinach has stems, look for 10 or 11 ounces to measure one bunch.

If the spinach doesn’t have stems, your bunch should be between 6 and 7 ounces.

If you’re not interested in using the scale, and you want to have your spinach washed and packaged (and who can blame you?), picking up a bag off the shelf is the right choice.

Spinach comes in different types of packaging, from plastic bags to clamshell containers.

Each of these containers will have different ounces on the label, meaning you might get more than a bunch, or less.

When I shop for a bunch of spinach, I personally like to purchase more than I think I need, and typically choose the large “family size” bag or container.

This way, I can measure out the amount I need on my scale at home, and I have extra if I want to add more to a specific recipe or to save for later.

Spinach is extremely versatile, so it’s not uncommon for shoppers to want to purchase more than a bunch.

A bunch of spinach is about 11 ounces with stems and 6 ounces without
A bunch of spinach is about 11 ounces with stems and 6 ounces without

The Cost of Spinach

Depending on where you shop, spinach is relatively inexpensive.

Purchasing organic will raise the price a little bit, as will the amount of spinach that you buy.

I recommend choosing organic spinach because, unlike other products, there usually isn’t too large of a price gap between non-organic and organic spinach.

If you don’t use a lot of spinach, it makes sense to buy it in smaller amounts.

In this case, I would definitely purchase it fresh, as the flavor is just a tad sweeter than the leaves that come in the back.

Also, you don’t have to stick to spinach in most recipes, even if that’s the leafy veggie the recipe calls for.

You can switch it up and purchase kale, arugula, or even a blend of the three, and you’ll find yourself in the same price range as purchasing spinach alone.

In general, a bunch of spinach costs between $3 and $6.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much is a Bunch of Spinach

Because certain recipes can be fickle, and too much or too little spinach can affect the flavors, there are many internet wanderers wondering how much spinach a bunch refers to.

How much spinach is considered a bunch?

When it comes to spinach, a bunch is between 6 and 11 ounces. You’ll have to measure fresh spinach on the scale at your local grocery store or purchase it from a pre-measured bag.

Will using more or less than a bunch of Spinach affect my recipe?

Spinach probably won’t make or break your recipe, but it might affect the flavor, especially if the recipe is spinach-based, such as spinach-stuffed chicken or a spinach soup. It depends on how much spinach you prefer, and some might say spinach is like chocolate chips. You measure with your heart.

Conclusion About How Much is a Bunch of Spinach

In general, there are no set rules that define a bunch of spinach.

However, it’s safe to say that a bunch is what you’ll find on your grocery store shelves, pre-measured, either packaged or fresh in the produce section.