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How Much Is A Bunch of Bananas? #1 Definitive Answer

How Much Is A Bunch of Bananas? #1 Definitive Answer

Most likely, you’ve heard the phrase ‘bunch of bananas’, but what you probably don’t know is that it’s highly misleading.

Naturally, when you think of a bunch of bananas, a cluster comes to mind, but you may be surprised to learn that banana bunches aren’t the clusters that you regularly buy from your local grocery store.

So, how much is a bunch of bananas?

While you would probably grab an average-sized cluster from the produce section whenever a banana bunch is included in your grocery list, you certainly wouldn’t want to order actual banana bunches from your local orchard unless you come prepared with a pick-up truck and plan on selling them.

How Much Is A Bunch of Bananas?

A bunch of bananas consists of three to twenty hands, which is equal to hundreds of bananas. Each individual banana is known as a finger, and clusters of ten to twenty bananas are called a hand. Most people mistakenly assume that a bunch of bananas is equal to a small cluster, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

How Much Is A Bunch Of Bananas?
How Much Is A Bunch Of Bananas?

How Many Bananas Are In A Bunch?

The small clusters of bananas at your local grocery store are actually called hands, not bunches. Each hand of bananas consists of ten to twenty bananas, but they are often divided into the smaller hands – consisting of only four to six bananas – that most people buy from their local grocery stores.

A bunch of bananas can consist of anywhere between three to twenty hands, although some farmers consider a bunch of bananas to be equal to nine hands. Each banana may consist of up to a whopping two hundred bananas.

However, many consumers and retailers alike mistakenly refer to small hands of bananas as bunches. While this may seem to be a natural and harmless assumption, you definitely wouldn’t want to order a bunch of bananas from an orchard or wholesale retailer who is more familiar with the actual meaning of banana bunches.

Small clusters of bananas at the grocery store are called
Small clusters of bananas at the grocery store are called “hands”.

Measurement Conversions For Bunches of Bananas

You’ll certainly never come across a recipe that calls for an entire bunch of bananas, so the good news is that you’ll also never need to worry about converting banana bunches into cups or pints per say.

However, there are some general measurement conversions for bunches of bananas. Each banana is known as a finger, and there are ten to twenty fingers on each hand of bananas- unless the bananas have been divided into smaller-sized hands for easier picking and selling.

Banana bunches consist of three to twenty hands or as many as two hundred fingers. If you really want to try to break it down into cups, it takes three whole bananas to make one cup of mashed bananas and one and a half bananas for a cup of sliced bananas.

So, a full-sized bunch of two hundred bananas would net you 66 cups of mashed bananas or 133 cups of sliced bananas. But you would need to open a restaurant to use that many bananas!

Each “bunch” of bananas can contain anywhere from three to twenty “hands”, which could consist of up to 200 bananas!

Cost of a Bunch of Bananas

It’s been reported that banana sales are increasing, and even if that data changes, bananas are still a good investment to make as they are a fruit that has been and always will be loved by many.

But it’s really hard to find information on the actual cost of banana bunches without reaching out to a wholesale retailer, possibly one overseas in China or India. However, you can buy banana trees for as little as $24.75 each, bringing you endless bunches of bananas.

Bananas are relatively affordable, even though the actual price has been known to fluctuate slightly with the economy. That said, bananas usually cost between 58 to 62 cents per pound.

It may not sound as though you’ll profit much, but given the popularity of bananas, you may very well be able to put a few extra bucks in your pocket by selling bananas.

Nutritional Content of Banana Bunches

Most health websites list nutritional value based on single servings, so it goes without saying that it’s next to impossible to provide the nutritional content of banana bunches unless you multiply the given content by two hundred.

But that would probably be pointless, as nobody in their right mind would eat two hundred bananas!

Even so, an article about bananas wouldn’t be complete without including the many health benefits of bananas. Each banana contains a mere 112 calories and is rich in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium.

Bananas are also known to stabilize blood sugar when unripened and can aid in weight loss because they tend to make you feel fuller.

Additionally, bananas are believed to support both heart and digestive health. If nothing else, you can use this as a selling point if you decide to invest in bunches of bananas.

Bananas are low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium.
Bananas are low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium.

When to Buy Bananas By the Bunch

Chances are that you already thought you were buying bananas by the bunch until you came across this article. But the reality is that nobody would ever dream of buying a bunch of bananas unless they are a retailer or own a restaurant.

If you do happen to own a restaurant, banana bunches may be a good investment as there are an endless number of recipes that call for bananas.

You may even be able to draw in new customers by adding savory banana pudding or banana bread to your dessert menu.

And if you own a grocery store chain, you definitely need to invest in bananas. Even some small convenience stores have started to sell bananas because they are a popular and healthy snack.

Surprisingly, many people will grab a couple of bananas and a tank of gas for a healthy snack on the go.

Buying a bunch of bananas only makes sense if you need them by the bulk, for instance if you own a grocery store chain.
Buying a bunch of bananas only makes sense if you need the bulk, for instance, if you own a restaurant or grocery store chain.

Conclusion On How Much Is A Bunch of Bananas?

It’s a common misconception that bunches of bananas are simply small banana clusters available for purchase at your local grocery store. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Banana bunches actually consist of hundreds of bananas.

So, the next time you write out your grocery list, you can be more accurate and list a small handful of bananas rather than a bunch. If nothing else, knowing this tidbit of information may make you look like a genius if you were ever to engage in a trivia contest.

Frequently Asked Questions To How Much Is A Bunch Of Bananas?

How Long Does It Take For A Bunch of Bananas to Grow?

If you decide to invest in your own banana trees, it will take four to six months for the initial flowers to develop into full-sized bunches of bananas that are mature enough for harvest.

How Heavy Is a Bunch of Bananas?

An average-sized hand of bananas, containing six to nine fingers, weighs about three pounds. That said, a full-sized bunch of two hundred bananas would weigh over sixty pounds.