How long to boil hot dogs

How Long to Boil Hot Dogs – 6 or 10 Minutes?

There have been some interesting debates regarding this important question. Some hot dog connoisseurs say 10 minutes and others firmly believe in 6 to 8 minutes.

A hot dog is precooked. This means that when you boil it, this is the best way to get it to the temperature you want. It is, ultimately your choice. Let’s take a peek at how long to boil hot dogs.

How Long to Boil Hot Dogs

The average time then to boil hot dogs is more or less 6 minutes. How long one should boil a hot dog is a personal choice. If you prefer a plump, soft hot dog, the boil time is less. Whereas a crispier hot dog will need a little longer.

The ideal length of time to boil hot dogs

Hot dogs have already been cooked before you buy them. So, all you are doing when you boil them is heating them up. If you have eaten a cold hot dog, you’ll agree that heating them up, or boiling them, just makes sense. They taste better too.

The average time to boil your hot dogs is, as mentioned, approximately 6 minutes. But be careful though, you can overcook them. 

This can cause them to split and can also make them being rather chewy. And, if you think about it, it won’t look very appealing either.   

What happens when you boil hot dogs

When hot dogs are placed in boiling water, a process called osmosis occurs. This is where the water molecules soak through the porous skin of the hot dog. What happens is that the water that enters the hot dog pushes the salts inside the hot dog out. This is how we get plump looking hot dogs. 

Some use this ‘plumpness’ as the sign that the boiled hot dog is ready to leave the pot. Remember not to overcook the hot dogs. Overcooking will change the texture and the color of the hot dog and can cause them to split. Hot dogs that have burst open are soft and mushy and not many people will want to eat them. 

How long to boil hot dogs

The answer to this question consider 2 different factors. These 2 factors are whether the hot dogs are frozen, or whether they are fresh from the store.  

For hot dogs that have been in the refrigerator and are chilled, they can be boiled for 6 minutes. Frozen hot dogs, on the other hand, will need at least 8 to 10 minutes of boiling time. 

A frozen hot dog is easy to cook. Thawing is unnecessary. Stick the hot dogs into boiling water for a few moments and they are ready to enjoy.

How long to boil hot dogs

Boiling hot dogs is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to heat through hot dogs. While the time needed to boil hot dogs is short, it may be helpful to prepare all the ingredients and supplies needed for a great meal before you boil the hot dogs. 

Toast the buns for the hot dogs, set out the relish you like best, be it mustard or ketchup, or both. 

When the hot dogs are boiled, all you’ll need to do is drain them, and then lay them in the bun. Add the relish of choice and Voila, the perfect meal!

How long to boil hot dogs 

Boiling hot dogs is not only for a great tasting sausage. Boiling them also ensures they are safe. They are made from different meats like beef and pork.  

Boiling hot dogs, whether to cook them, or reheat them, not only makes them taste great, but will also get rid of any potential bacteria. 

Stick to the general rule of boiling the hot dogs for 6 – 8 minutes and you can rest assured that the hot dogs are safe to eat. 

Size makes a difference

One other factor that plays a role in how long to boil hot dogs is the actual size or length of the hot dog. You can purchase hot dogs that are made in different sizes. From the tiny 2-inch cocktail weiners, right up the well-known foot-long hot dogs most commonly eaten at sporting events

The hot dog size that is the most popular in most homes is the standard 6-inch length. They’re available to purchasers in single packs of 10 hot dogs.    

Funnily enough, hot dog buns are sold in packs of 8. No-one knows why this is done.  

Obviously, the smaller the hot dog, the less time is need in which to boil them. So, even though a cocktail sized hot dog is precooked, it can be boiled for 2 -3 minutes to heat it through. 

The jumbo sized hot dogs need a little more time. They can be placed in boiling water for 6 or so minutes. The same times for hot dogs apply here, 6 – 8 minutes. 

How long to boil hot dogs

All told, how long to boil hot dogs does depend on a number factors like the size of the hot dog, or whether they are frozen or from a freshly opened package. 

Use the recommended time to boil your hot dogs, pop them onto the buns, choose your favorite relish and enjoy every moment!