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How Long Do Carrots Last – #1 Best Answer!

Storing carrots is not easy.

More than once have I had carrots in my fridge that started to become mushy and I wondered how long do carrots last.

So let’s have a look at how to extend the shelf life of a fresh carrot.

How Long Do Carrots Last?

Carrots last 3 to 4 weeks when properly stored in the fridge.  If you have cooked the carrots, they’ll only last between 3 to 5 days max in the fridge. In the fridge, carrots last about two to three weeks if you slice or chop them raw.

Storing Carrots The Right Way

How to store Carrots in the Fridge

Can carrots be stored for a long time? Yes, but only in the right place and under the right conditions.

The shelf life of carrots is actually much longer than you might imagine.

As far as storage is concerned, you will need to store the carrots in the refrigerator, and how you do, might make a big difference.

Having said that, using food storage bags or bowls covered in food wraps, will allow you to extend the shelf life of your carrots.

It does not matter if the carrots are already shredded or if you are storing the whole carrot.

In order to store carrots, remove all excess air from the container and close it tightly.

This is a mistake I probably made more than once.

When storing carrots I usually just put them somewhere on a shelf in the fridge but was not covering or protecting them at all in the past.

Using food wraps or storage bowls is essential for longer-lasting and fresher carrots. This will make all the difference.

Just How Do We Freeze Carrots?

Would you like to keep your orange vegetables fresh for as long as possible?

Do you love carrot cake, and do you want to have the main ingredient on hand for whenever you want to make it?

So if you’re sick of throwing your carrots in the bin, freeze them!

It will be necessary to blanch carrots first before freezing them to prevent harmful bacteria from growing. You can easily freeze carrots by following these steps.

Thawing Out Your Carrots

What happens next once you’ve broken open a bag of frozen carrots?

Frozen carrots can either be added directly to almost any recipe.

But it is also possible to defrost carrots using a microwave.

For this use a cold setting or your microwave.

However, this process will usually leave them mushy and this defrosting process is not needed.

Some other ways to defrost carrots without using a microwave include boiling, baking, or slow cooking.

You can thaw your carrots naturally in the refrigerator.

But this will take a few hours, so it’s best to start the process the night before.

You can also soak your carrot bag in cold water for about 30 minutes.

After about thirty minutes, change the water until your vegetables are thawed.

In order to get the best results with this method, make sure that carrot slices aren’t left outside for more than two hours at temperatures above 40°F.

How To Tell If My Carrots Are Bad?

Slimy carrots, in comparison to their solid and crunchy form, are unsettling.

If you eat carrots during this stage, you can get sick.

They should be discarded.

Carrots have gone bad if they are rubbery. Despite being still edible, their taste and texture will not be great at this stage.

This type of carrot should be reserved for softer dishes, such as carrot soup.

A fungus called Alternaria radicina can cause black rot, which appears as black spots on carrots.

In addition to being caused by high temperatures, it can also develop because of prolonged wetness.

It may also be caused by dirt.

After washing them or cutting off the dark spots, you should be able to consume them still.

But once carrots appear slimy, get rid of them.


Storing carrots is no wizardry. Put them in the freezer and cover them in sealed bags or storage containers and they will remain fresh for multiple weeks.

Freezing carrots is also possible and although not necessary, there are many different ways to thaw carrots such as using water, the microwave, or using a fridge for it.

Enjoy this beta carotene-rich food!

Frequently Asked Questions About How Long Do Carrots Last

What is the Best Way To Store Your Carrots?

The best way to store carrots it to use water as a storage medium. Keeping carrots in the refrigerator this way will make them last for up to a month. Alternatively, keep them wrapped in a wet kitchen towel in the vegetable box of your fridge.

Why Are Carrots In Bags Often Wet?

The wetness in a carrot bag is addded to ensure carrots stay fresh. It is filtered tap water. The water helps the vegetable remain hydrated. However, you can place a kitchen towel in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator to soak up the moisture.