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How Long Can You Keep Rice In A Rice Cooker? Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

How Long Can You Keep Rice In A Rice Cooker? Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Each year there are so many cases of food poisoning occurring from those who have eaten rice that was no longer good.

Rice is one of those foods that are prone to bacteria growth.

This can be noticed by the yellowing color that the rice may take on.

Rice cookers save us time cooking rice, vegetables or couscous and it is very easy to use.

Unfortunately, like other things, you cannot keep rice in the cooker for too long after cooking.

If you have rice that doesn’t look right, tastes different, or has a different texture, avoid it at all costs.

It truly isn’t worth it.

How Long Can You Keep Rice In A Rice Cooker?

Rice can stay in the cooker for about 8 hours with the warming function on. When the rice cooker is done, it will go onto the warming feature. This is when it is safe to eat, but it will be dry and rough. Rice in the cooker that is switched off should only be left inside the cooker for no more than 2 hours.

Keeping Left Over Rice

First of all, the best thing to do is to remove the rice from the cooker when it has finished cooking.

This will stop any bacteria from growing that can make you very sick.

If you have rice leftover, let it cool and then add it to a Ziploc bag or airtight container and place it into the fridge to preserve it for a few days.

The rice is safer in a cooler environment.

When you want to use the rice, it is best not to place it back into the rice cooker and restart it to heat it up.

You want the rice to retain its taste, texture, and moisture level.

Placing in the steamer will just dry the rice out too much.

Does Reheating Kill Bacteria?

Some people are led to believe that reheating rice will kill off any bacteria spores that are growing in the rice.

This isn’t true. Rice that has not been stored correctly will end up unsafe to eat.

Food needs to reach a certain level of heat to kill some bacteria, and reheating the rice doesn’t actually allow it to get to the right temperature.

How Long Will Rice Last In The Fridge?

Rice that has been cooked and stored right away can last for between 4 an 6 days.

The rice needs to be stored in a zip lock bag or a sealable container suitable for the fridge.

You want to make sure the rice is put in the fridge no more than an hour after cooking it.

Rice is best stored cooled and not hot right from the cooker.

Is Dry Rice Dangerous?

Rice that hasn’t been cooked yet is most likely contaminated with bacillus cereus, which is a soil-based bacteria.

These spores are capable can survive when the rice is cooked.

They are not harmful until they start to germinate.

If you leave the rice to sit at room temperature for more than two hours, the spores will start to germinate. Once this occurs and you consume the rice, you are going to get sick.

The common symptoms are vomiting, stomach pains, and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

Frequently Asked Question about Rice

How Long Can I Keep Rice In The Freezer?

The good news here is that the rice will last a long time when you freeze it.  If you store it correctly, the rice will last for up to six months. The rice can still be eaten after this time, but it won’t taste very nice.

How Will I Know Rice Is Bad?

It is important not to keep reheating rice once it is enough. If you do this more, it will allow for the bacteria to grow. Rice is bad when it tastes different, has a yellow color it really dry and hard, or is extra watery.