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How Do I Use a Chinese Soup Spoon?

The 8 major regional cuisines in China are Sichuan, Cantonese, Hunan, Cantonese, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Anhui according to Lee Kum Kee.

All of these cuisines have soups as part of their repertoire.

In Chinese cuisine, you are often eating soups with chopsticks and a soup spoon.

But how do I use a Chinese soup spoon?

Spoons are important in Asian culture.

They are used for eating, naturally, but also in traditional Chinese medicine through ‘guasha’.

The latter purpose of a spoon involves scraping the skin to get rid of chronic aches and pain.

Additionally, Chinese spoon massage is attributed to a more youthful appearance and healthy glow, with fewer lines and circles around the eyes.

How Do I Use a Chinese Soup Spoon?

Culinarily, the Chinese soup spoon is used in conjunction with chopsticks. The chopsticks are held in the dominant hand with the spoon in the other. Use the spoon to move around noodles and protein, while also sipping broths and liquids from the tapered end of the spoon.

How Do I Use a Chinese Soup Spoon
How Do I Use a Chinese Soup Spoon

Do you know the right way to use a Chinese spoon? Keep reading to learn more!

Japanese or Chinese Soup Spoon

The Japanese or Chinese soup spoon- sometimes called a duck spoon- is an intriguing-looking utensil.

First, the shape is uniquely different, with a flat bottom that allows it to sit independently on the table, on the side of a dish, or on a tray.

The Chinese spoon appears more ornamental than practical with its short, stubby handle and decorative design or pattern- but do not be fooled.

The Chinese soup spoon is extremely useful and pairs perfectly with your favorite chopsticks to eat any kind of fare- from soup to chicken feet- with style and grace.

Next, the soup spoon is not made from metal or even plastic as Western eating implements often are but rather is made from ceramic, clay, stoneware, or porcelain.

Traditional spoons are made of durable, but usually breakable- except for melamine spoons which can break but are very resilient.

Most Chinese soup spoons can be safely washed in your home’s dishwasher but be wary of putting them in the microwave.

Over time, this can affect the coating and finish of your soup spoon.

How Do I Use a Chinese Soup Spoon?

Think about the shape and size of a Chinese soup spoon- this allows plenty of room for both noodles and broth, whereas a Western teaspoon does not.

It is actually a very clever implement that is perfect for noodle soups and broths, but also for appetizers and wings when you need a way to transfer the bones and waste back to your plate.

Consider these tips for how to use a Chinese soup spoon properly.

  • The material of a Chinese soup spoon is less apt to burn your hands- or mouth- when eating piping hot soup or broth. These spoons are far less heat-retaining than a regular metal soup spoon or teaspoon so they are cooler to the touch.
  • Use the Chinese soup spoon so that it is comfortable for you to use with a pair of chopsticks, there really is no wrong way to do it. Typically, you would hold the spoon with your index finger in the prefabricated groove along the length of the handle. This should provide stability and you would place your thumb under the handle for support. Drink and sip juice or broth from the side of the deep bowl of the spoon, and nibble noodles or meat from the tapered front end of the spoon. Do what feels comfortable to you and however you can get the food to your mouth effectively.
  • Hold your pair of chopsticks in the hand that you are most comfortable with, your dominant hand. Place the Chinese soup spoon in the other hand- using the chopsticks to move noodles and food into the bowl of the spoon. Lower the spoon into the bowl for juice or broth and enjoy!
  • Some diners also enjoy using their Chinese soup spoon to hold condiments, such as spicy chili oil or siracha sauce. This provides a place and a way to dip bites in neatly, without it being administered directly to your entire bowl or dish of food. For instance, you can dip your chopsticks and noodles into something spicy between bites, if you wish.

Remember that in Chinese culture, slurping your soup is considered bad manners.

Practice sipping broth and eating soup from the Chinese soup spoon- without making slurping sounds- and use the chopsticks to help deliver noodles into your mouth!

Practice will definitely make this art a lot easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Do I Use a Chinese Soup Spoon

What is a Chinese soup spoon called?

The Chinese soup spoon is also called a Japanese spoon or a duck spoon. This utensil is a ceramic spoon with a short handle and flat bottom. The spoon’s bowl is deeper than a regular American teaspoon or soup spoon.

What is Chinese egg drop soup?

Chinese egg drop soup is a traditional dish made from chicken broth with an egg beaten until stringy and wispy. Sometimes tofu, ground pepper, and green onions are added, too.

Is Chinese soup healthy?

Generally speaking, Chinese fare is considered healthy as many of the most popular dishes contain vegetables, lots of leafy greens, and very little meat. Since most Asian-style soups are broth-based, they are also lighter and healthier, too.

Conclusion About How Do I Use a Chinese Soup Spoon

Japanese or Chinese soup spoons are more than a decorative dining bauble for the table.

These implements are important in many different areas of Asian culture, but primarily culinarily.

Use these tips to properly use and enjoy your Chinese soup spoons, but try using them with a pair of chopsticks, ideally- just as you would use a fork and knife at Western mealtime tables.