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Do Smoothies Have Ice Cream? #1 Definitive Answer

Do Smoothies Have Ice Cream? #1 Definitive Answer

Smoothies can be so yummy and enticing with your favorite fruits or vegetables blended. It can be an added routine to your daily diet. They can be consumed at breakfast or lunch.

Did you know that some people use it as a meal substitute as well? Well, yes they do! 

You might be wondering if that is healthy. First of all, using it as a meal substitute can help with weight loss. But it is also healthy to do so.

If you choose a smoothie filled with healthy ingredients, it can have real benefits, providing you with vitamins and nutrients that you might need for the day.

Do Smoothies Have Ice Cream?

Smoothies don’t necessarily have to have ice cream in them. It depends on your personal preferences. But usually, smoothies are made without ice cream.

Do Smoothies Have Ice Cream?
Do Smoothies Have Ice Cream?

Ice creams are known to be added to a milkshake as one of the key ingredients. It can also be added to your smoothie if you like. But that is not the general recipe.

Well, the good thing is, while making smoothies, you can be creative. The ingredients could be customized to your nutritional needs and your taste.

Let’s find out more about this wonderful drink!

What Makes a Smoothie, A Smoothie

A smoothie is a beverage with a thick and creamy consistency. It is made using a blender with various ingredients mixed. 

Some of the main ingredients used in a smoothie are fruits, vegetables, yogurts, nuts, seeds, juices, milk or water, spices, protein powder, ice, etc. 

It all depends on the nutrients that you need and your taste. This is one of the best features of smoothies that you can get creative with it and make it however you like. 

A smoothie is a thick, creamy beverage made with a blender.
A smoothie is a thick, creamy beverage made with a blender.

Let’s Explore the Types of Smoothies

As it is understood that smoothies consist of two main ingredients for their required form – liquid and a base. 

There are three main types of smoothies. Fruit smoothie, protein smoothie, and a green smoothie.

There is a big overlap between all three of them. The overlap is due to the customizable nature of the smoothie. 

Let’s dive in and learn more about these types!

1. Fruit Smoothie

It consists of one or more than one types of fruit mixed and blended. The medium of the blend can be fruit juice, milk, or ice cream (if you prefer).

2. Protein Smoothie

A protein smoothie has a mixture of either fruit or vegetable with one protein source. Protein sources could be protein powder, silken tofu, cottage cheese, yogurt (mainly Greek yogurt), etc.

3. Green Smoothie

As the name might indicate, green smoothie consists of vegetables. The fun thing about a leafy green smoothie is that even though it consists mainly of vegetables, fruits can also be added for some sweetness.

The medium for blending is the same for a leafy green smoothie. It is mostly water, juice, or milk.

Green vegetables give green smoothies its color.
Green vegetables give green smoothies its color.

Ice Cream In A Smoothie – Is It A Healthy Choice?

Even though ice cream is not an important or one of the main ingredients in a smoothie, it is still preferred and used by some people.

Ice cream smoothies can be rich in taste, and be very creamy and appetizing. But, is it healthy though? Not really!

As I’ve mentioned before that it can be very rich in vitamins and nutrients. But adding ice cream to it won’t be a healthy choice, although, it can be quite yummy if you prefer it that way.

Can You Replace Ice Cream With Healthy Ingredients In A Smoothie?

Ice cream can easily be replaced with other much healthier and low-calorie ingredients. 

While it is okay to add ice cream to your smoothie, still it can be a guilt-inducing beverage for some people. So here are some healthy replacements that can let you enjoy your smoothie guilt-free.

Some of the replacements are yogurt, frozen fruit, cottage cheese, and milk. 


Milk is one of the most general parts of a smoothie, it can give a smooth and creamy flavor even though it is not like ice cream.

One of the best ways to use milk as an ice-cream substitution is to freeze the milk which gives the same effect as ice cream when blended with fruits.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is not as common. But it does add a creamy texture to your smoothie.

Although, if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy the taste of cottage cheese, you can conceal it with low-caloric cocoa powder and vanilla extract

Frozen Fruits

If you want to replace ice cream with some frozen fruits, then berries are the best option. They are rich in flavor and sweetness that could make your smoothie ‘mouth-watering delicious’.

With fruits, you have the advantage of freezing them and using them long-term in your smoothies.


Yogurt can make your smoothie extra creamy with minimum calories. The taste might be different, but not in a bad sense. To achieve the same consistency as ice cream, it is best to freeze the yogurt before using it in the mixture.

Yogurt can make your smoothies healthier.
Yogurt can make your smoothies healthier.

Is Ice Cream the Ingredient That Separates Smoothies From a Milkshake?

Essentially, yes. But there is more to it than just ice cream to help you identify. 

Let me tell you some differences to help you spot or separate a smoothie from a milkshake.

The color difference between the two can help you spot the difference. If it is vivid in color, then it is a smoothie. The added fruits preserve bright colors without the addition of ice cream (as it is in milkshakes).

Next comes the texture, ice cream gives a creamy texture and flavor to milkshakes. But keep in mind that there are ingredients that can help you replace ice cream in a smoothie to give a creamy consistency.

One other difference might be the whipped cream. Smoothies don’t have it, while we often see it in milkshakes.

Ice cream and whipped cream gives milkshake a creamy and indulgent texture.
Ice cream and whipped cream give milkshakes a creamy and indulgent texture.

Frequently Asked Questions to Do Smoothies Have Ice Cream?

What to Do if The Smoothie Is Too Thick or Thin?

If the smoothie is too thick you can add more liquid, like milk or juice to it. If it is too thin, you can add frozen strawberries to it.

What Are Some Of The Health Benefits of Smoothies?

It can help you consume more fruits than before with its quick recipes. It can also help you in your weight loss journey if you are substituting it with a meal as it easily handles the cravings and makes you feel full.

Conclusion to Do Smoothies Have Ice Cream?

Ice cream is not the main ingredient in smoothies, although, it is in a milkshake. One of the main differences between the two is the use of ‘ice cream’.

However, because of the creative and customizable nature of smoothies, ice cream can be added to the mixture to give it a creamy texture and sweet taste. But you can replace ice cream with other healthier and low-calorie ingredients.