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Can You Eat Tomato Paste Raw? Read This!

Can You Eat Tomato Paste Raw? Read This!

I have always wondered if you can eat tomato paste raw.

Can you eat tomato paste raw?

You can eat tomato paste raw. Tomato paste has been processed and cooked to remove moisture, producing a thick, concentrated product. It sustains cooking during the manufacture, and there is nothing unsafe about eating tomato paste raw.

It is recommended, however, that you heat and combine tomato paste with other liquids or fare for a more palatable flavor and taste, as it is pretty strong and may have a sour aftertaste.

Can You Eat Tomato Paste Raw?
Can You Eat Tomato Paste Raw?

Should you eat raw tomato paste?

How is Tomato Paste Made

According to Eating Well, tomato paste is a very concentrated tomato sauce made by cooking down tomatoes for a long time.

The skins and seeds are strained away, and the tomatoes are cooked even more.

The result is a thick, fiery red paste that imparts a rich, robust, and slow-cooked flavor to whatever you add.

Most tomato pastes in the store contain spices or seasonings besides a bit of salt.

Tomato paste is strong with a sour aftertaste
Tomato paste is strong with a sour aftertaste

Some may contain stabilizers to ensure the paste doesn’t separate.

The product is then widely packaged in tiny cans and tubes for culinary use by cooks.

You would think that eating tomato paste might taste good, but it requires adding some fat and heat for a palatable flavor.

Since it is so concentrated and tomatoes are so acidic, there is a bit of a sour aftertaste when you eat tomato paste right out of the can.

Warmed with some olive oil, you have a tasty and simple sauce that can be used on anything.

There is nothing unsafe about eating tomato paste raw
There is nothing unsafe about eating tomato paste raw

Tomato Paste vs. Tomato Sauce

Tomato paste is often used in making tomato sauce, giving the sauce a rich, slow-cooked flavor.

Tomato paste is much thicker and more concentrated than a simple sauce.

You can easily make a tomato sauce from a bit of tomato paste, add fat, like olive oil, and heat.

Cooking tomato sauce down, however, does not necessarily result in or double tomato paste.

Tomato paste can be eaten raw
Tomato paste can be eaten raw

Eating tomato sauce directly out of the can would be more palatable than eating tomato paste in this manner due to the processing and cooking of each product.

The convenience of tubed tomato paste makes it a must-have in the kitchen pantry.

The tomato paste should last for years as long as the container, can, or tube is tightly sealed, unopened, and stored in a cool, dry place.

Tomato paste is best heated with other liquids
Tomato paste is best heated with other liquids

Eating tomato paste

Eating tomato paste is not enjoyable because it is very thick and has a concentrated flavor. It may be hard to swallow, and the taste can be intense.

As tomato paste is reduced and made by cooking tomatoes for multiple hours, it is very concentrated. It is used for soups, sauces, and stews.

It is best eaten with other ingredients, such as olive oil, vinegar, or water. Mix it into juices and smoothies for additional nutrients and flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tomato paste?

Tomato paste is a thick tomato concentrate that is made primarily of tomatoes that have been cooked for a long time. The skins and seeds are strained before the tomatoes are cooked, resulting in a thick, red paste. Tomato paste gives dishes, recipes, and foods a rich, robust flavor.

Why is tomato paste better for you than raw tomatoes?

The lycopene- a type of carotene- in tomatoes becomes more concentrated when it has been cooked, so tomato paste has a high level of this important nutrient.

Is it safe to eat raw tomato paste?

Eating tomato paste directly out of the can or tube without heating it is safe. Remember, the tomatoes are cooked when they are processed into a paste. Eating tomato paste without heating or preparing it in any way may not taste that great, as it can have a sour aftertaste.

How long do you cook tomato paste?

You can cook and change tomato paste in just a couple of minutes over medium heat. Add fat to a couple of spoons or squirts of tomato paste in a hot pan and stir. The liquid should darken in less than five minutes. Toss with noodles or drizzle on crusty bread.

How do you know when tomato paste is cooked?

Tomato paste is less vibrant red when it has been cooked. It is typically a very bold, bright red color when it is in the can or tube.

Do you add water to tomato paste?

To enhance flavor, you can add tomato paste to dishes, sauces, and stews. Since it is so concentrated, you can add water to dilute and turn it into a basic tomato sauce. Add spices and seasonings to this sauce and stir before serving.

How to make homemade tomato sauce less watery?

Add a spoonful or squirt of tomato paste to thicken a watery tomato sauce. You can also use thickening agents like cornstarch or a roux- made from flour and butter if needed. You may also simply need to simmer the watery sauce a bit longer to thicken it.

Conclusion About Can You Eat Tomato Paste Raw

So, can you eat raw tomato paste from a can or tube? Sure, you can- but do you want to?

Instead, at the very least, heat a bit of oil in a saucepan and add a spoon or squirt of tomato paste.

Stir and season for a light and flavorful pasta sauce in a hurry!

There are so many ways to enjoy and make the most of tomato paste; eating it raw is not one of them- though it is perfectly safe.