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Can You Eat Silver? The Shocking Truth!

Can You Eat Silver? The Shocking Truth!

Silver is one of the rare earth metals and is also somewhat expensive. Although silver isn’t as expensive as gold, it may be considered expensive compared to other metals.

Besides naturally occurring as metal, silver may occur naturally in some consumable foods such as mushrooms, grains, milk, and fish.

Can You Eat Silver?

Silver is an edible metal, and there are no specific threats traceable to an individual. However, if consumed in metallic form, the silver is not absorbed in the body. It is believed that eaten or inhaled silver could be excreted from a human body within a week. Although silver is consumable even in large quantities, too much eating of the metal can turn human skin bluish.

Can You Eat Silver?
Can You Eat Silver?

How Important Is Silver in My Body?

Although I may not encourage people to take silver in the form of metal as we know it, consumption through natural or additive means is advisable.

That is because the mineral has few health benefits to the human body. From my short expert research on the importance of silver to our body, here are some key benefits to note.

  • Immune boosting: Silver has antibacterial properties, making it suitable for enhancing one’s immune system. Besides the antibacterial properties, silver has also been said to aid in
    • Fighting body infections
    • Preventing flu and cold
    • Boosting wound healing
    • The management of arthritis and cancer
Silver has antibacterial properties, boosts immune system and fights infection.
Silver has antibacterial properties, boosts immune system and fights infection.

How is Silver Used in the Food Industry?

There are several ways silver has been used in the food industry. Some of these uses are for industrial manufacturing and home use.

Here are some ways silver has significantly contributed to the food industry.

  • Color additive: Silver has been used for industrial processing as an additive to foods to enhance their color.
  • Coating of confectionaries: Silver has been a key ingredient when coating dry fruits, sugar balls, cardamom, sweets, and betel nuts.
Silver is used to make sugar balls for decoration, and as a coating of dried fruits and nuts and other confectionery.
Silver is used to make sugar balls for decoration, and as a coating of dried fruits and nuts and other confectionery.

Why Do Skin Turn Bluish If I Consume Too Much Silver

When someone eats silver, it reacts with the stomach acid changing to silver salt that could get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Then it could end up on the skin. When consumed in large quantities and when a person is exposed to sunlight, the salt reverses back to silver, turning the skin and eyes blue.

How Long Does it Take for the Skin to Turn from Blue Back to Its Original Color?

Depending on how much silver one has consumed, the change in skin back to normal may take days, months, or years.

My advice would be not to eat any more silver during this period because it would only extend the period of your blue-colored skin. The bluish color will not end at once but gradually over time.

Can I Get Treatment For Blue Skin Coloration After Overeating Silver?

If your skin has turned blue due to too much silver consumption, some treatment can be accorded. However, turning back will still be gradual and not quickened.

Some of the medical techniques applied to treat the blue skin coloration orchestrated by consuming too much silver include

  • Sunscreen: The technique involves using a specially made lotion to prevent sun rays from directly hitting the skin. That limits further blue coloration of the skin.
  • Hydroquinone treatment: The approach helps curb the quantity of silver that appears on the skin, thus making the skin appear better.
  • Laser therapy: Although there is no medical consensus on its use, laser therapy has also shown effectiveness in restoring skin pigmentation in some instances. As such, it could help reduce the blue color. Thus, the skin begins to show its normal color in some people.
  • Make-up: This is not a treatment but just a cover-up of one’s skin with cosmetics that resemble normal skin. While this will neither limit nor end the blue coloration, it gives a person confidence to interact publicly without worrying about what people think. As such, it is a type of mental therapy for people scared of being in public due to bluish skin.

Is Silver Used In Oral Administered Medicine?

Silver medicine administered through the mouth has traditionally been done in many countries worldwide. Although banned in some countries, several nations, particularly in Asia.

Besides, some companies have developed colloidal silver pills as supplements apart from conventional medicine. These supplements have been used to:

  • Ease chest congestion
  • Prevent viral infections
  • Treat viral diseases
  • Boost the immune system

Nevertheless, in countries like the United States, government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration ruled these colloidal silver supplements or drugs weren’t safe. As such, it discourages people from using the pills.

Colloidal silver supplements have been deemed unsafe by the FDA.
Colloidal silver supplements have been deemed unsafe by the FDA.

What Foods Contain Silver Naturally?

Despite the blue coloration of consuming silver directly, it is essential to note that silver occurring naturally in foods does not pose such a skin threat. That’s probably because the amount of silver in these foods is negligible.

Some foods that naturally contain silver traces include:

Milk, mushroom, whole grains and fish contain small amounts of silver naturally.
Milk, mushroom, whole grains and fish contain small amounts of silver naturally.

Why Are Silver Made Utensils Preferred?

Silver is an excellent antibacterial and antimicrobial agent. As such, utensils made of silver are preferable as they prevent the food from getting contaminated even before consumption.

That is not the only reason they are preferred. Other reasons are that they clean easily and fast and appear attractive due to their color.

Frequently Asked Questions to Can You Eat Silver?

Is Eating Silver Harmful to My Health?

Eating silver in its natural forms may not be harmful, but it is not helpful. There is no strong use of silver as a metal in the body.

Why Does My Skin Turn Blue After Eating Silver?

The skin will turn blue after overeating silver and then getting exposed to sunlight. It may take days, months, or years for the normal skin pigmentation to restore, depending on the amount of silver consumed.

Are There Foods That Contain Silver?

Several foods contain small traces of silver that occur naturally in them. Unlike consuming silver directly, consuming this food will not cause bluish skin. They include fish, whole grains, mushrooms, milk and others.

Conclusion to Can You Eat Silver?

Silver is edible and is naturally occurring in small amounts in food like mushrooms, fish, milk, and whole grains. It is also used in the food industry as an additive or supplement. It is not advisable though, to take silver in its metal form or consume too much as it may turn the skin blue.